BL/BA November 2013, Plan to have TT Oct 2014

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I am very excited, as having hated my breasts for...

I am very excited, as having hated my breasts for 19 years, I am finally having an uplift with implants. I am 5.2" and currently weigh around 9st. I went up to 13 st at 9 months pregnant and lost the excess weight within about 6 months. I then breastfed and my breasts have never been the same since. My breasts are droopy and lack volume.

I am so self conscious about them that I rarely let my partner see me naked. So, I'm booked in and have paid my deposit. 13 days and counting. I'll try and upload a couple of 'before' pics that I have just taken.

6 days pre!!

I have 6 days until my surgery. I spoke with my PS the other day just to clarify that I was not going to have a very high profile. I want something more natural looking. She has confirmed that she did get this from our first consultation and has ordered implants that will give me a moderate top line. I have bern taking Arnica to reduce the likelihood of bruising. I thought I'd be more nervous but only feel excited. I have thought about this for so long. Can't wait to buy new underwear! ;-)

Pre-op today

Sitting in the waiting room for my pre-op appt. Feeling a little anxioys now..., it's really happening!

Pre-op done today - 2 full days to go!!!

So, had my pre-op today. All is well. The staff were great and the hospital is lovely. My PS uses a private hospital about 20 minutes from my home. Other PS's use it too. I was re-assured by the fact that when asked who my PS was by two of the nursing staff separately, they both said that my PS is one if the best, a perfectionist'. I feel happy that I have made the decision to have my BL/BA done after all these years and that I have chosen well...

24hrs to go!!'

Well, nearly there.! Last full day with the droop sisters. Going to try and relax. Bag packed and mentally ready.

More pre pics

Have taken a few more pics from different views. As you will see, my stomach needs doing too, after 3 children. Plan TT next year. I look great in clothes, just not so great out of them.

More pre's

Ok, this is it!!!! Today's the day

Well, I've been awake since 5 am! In 4 hours I'll be in my way to the hospital. Bag is packed, easy to put on outfit packed fir the journey home tomorrow. I'm finally going to get new boobs that I'm nit ashamed of. Will take a couple more pics in clothes this morning to use for comparison afterwards..... Time for my last bit if food. Slice if toast will do, not too hungry... Nerves

Not 1 day pre?!??

Showing as 1 day pre but not. Surgery today

Favourite dresses!, no bra!!

More pics in dresses before I go. Would like some comparison pics after surgery

Last set of pre-op pics

What a sight...

It's done :-)

Hello everyone, I had my surgery yesterday at 5pm. I had to wait much longer than anticipated. My PS has all patients in at the same time and I was last on her list. I was starving and felt weak and headachy by the time I went it. Anyway, I am so relieved as I was worried about having the general anaesthetic. Apart from a sore throat and really feeling tired, there are no negatives of the anaesthetic. I am having to stay in until this evening (instead of what should have been 11am) as my drains are still draining.

Pain-wise I have taken regular pain relief, so have not had any pain really. Can't wait to actually see the girls. I have a sports bra on and am not sure if I have a bandage..., can't see any bandages, so may be able to take pics later.

All in all, I am moving much better than I thought I would. I had help from a nurse to get up for a wee 5hrs ago at 7am but was able to move about quite well half hour ago, use the loo and have a strip wash.

I am having a little nausea, so my appetite is not good. I have been over eating fir the past two weeks and have done no exercise, so it won't do me any harm to cut down... Can't wait until I can start exercise and yoga again, so that I can get in shape. I'll take some pics when I can and upload them. Thanks to everyone that has sent me support and best wishes

Here they are!! :-)

1 day post op. Just decided to brave ut and take a look. Very pleased with size and profile. They will drop a little, so should be perfecr. Just hope I heal well and scars arw good over time. Just glad the surgery is over.

One more 1 day post pic

Left side

Two days post op

Still in hospital. Will definitely be discharged today. My drains were still draining but have now been taken out. It wasn't as bad as I expected. I am only on paracetamol (Tylenol in US). I feel good in myself, much better than I thought I would. No pain now and feeling great. I'm mobile and have no nausea or dizziness at all. Can't wait to get back to my own bed...., if I'm not too tired when I get home, may try some clothes on. Keen to see what I look like.

Sensitive skin

Has anyone else had this problem? I am 6 days post op and the skin on the inner side and top if my right breast is so sensitive. The skin can sometimes feel hot and my cold hands are soothing.

I also have some awful bruising, breast pain (mostly on the right). I seemed to start off so well but 6 days in and feeling a little rough :-(

Post op appt

Had my post op appt yesterday (11 days post op). Everything is looking good. Was my first opportunity to see how I was healing. My PS has used glue and some internal stitching, so it very neat and smooth. There is still some blood as part if the glue but this will wash away in time. The only stitch I can see us one under my right boob. All of the bruising has gone and the skin sensitivity is much improved.

I had been advised by my Aesthetic Nurse (she does my facials) to ask fir Micropore Tape. In her previoys job as a PS nurse she had seen many post op boobs and she said that those that had used the tape fir 6 weeks and then bio oil had really good reduced scar results. So, I was pleased when I went and was given this tape. Another thing that my PS did was to make me keep the dressing on until my post op (11days for me but usuallt 7 days). I had my surgery on a Friday and she was in surgery the Friday after, so I had to wait until Monday. This means that the wound is not open ti the elements and had time to heal under the dressing. I could not get the dressings wet though so couldn't have a shower but had careful shallow baths. Yesterday's shower was the best shower that I have ever had!! :-).

One small issue though, my right nipple seems to have ended up in the bottom left if the aerola and turns diwn slightly. I asked my PS about this and she said that I should wait to see how things settle but that surgery was not something that could be done with such precision. I accept that but just feel that she stitched in a little to much aerola on one side than the other. My boyfriend says that they look great and says that no-one else is going to see them. He is right, so I suppose, I just need to chill.

Anyway, I am due back to work tomorrow but think I might just take another day. Really struggling with tiredness as sleep in not as settled as usual. Still sleeping on my back, which is odd for me. Thanks for all the encouragement, really feel like I'm over the worst.

Definitely going to have TT!!!

Now that I am 12 days post op on my BA/BL, I am more determined to have my tummy done too. I will have to save up for it, plus I like the idea of recovering during August in the garden, so plan to have TT done mid to end July and then have August at home, before going back to work in September when my little one starts school. When I look at my boobs, I am so pleased but my tummy does not match!!! Going to start researching now. 8 months to go, yaaaaay.

Itchy incisions

Hello everyone. I am 16 days post op and have noticed that my incisions at the bottom of both breasts has started to feel sore and itchy in the last couple of days. Has anyone else had this?

3 weeks post up update with pics

Hi everyone, so I am 3 weeks in and am really pleased with my results. My PS recommends that I wear the Micropore tape for 3 months, so will not do any scar treatments until then. I have bought silicone strips, silicone gel and Bio Oil in readiness though. My incisions are still itching at times and quite sore. I took the tape off a couple of days ago and took some pics. My left nipple is perfect..., forgot to take pic though. My right pic, still needs a little healing. On my left breast, the vertical incision was leaking a little clear fluid but clear is good I think. So, wasn't too bad when I took the tape off but looking forward to them healing fully and been able to see what my scars are like. Determined to do scar treatment and massage to improve the long term outcome.

Desperate to exercise and go back to yoga. I have put on about 7lbs since surgery. Just not as active and comfort eating. Can start back at yoga, 6 wks post surgery, which will be 27th December. Although I will have a house full of family on the 26th overnight and breakfast, I an going back to yoga on 27th!!!

So, overall, I've accepted that I am still going to experience some soreness and tenderness and it is likely to take me a few more weeks to feel like myself again. I am still really pleased with my new boobs.!!! Oh yes, I have a pic in a new 34D bra, yay.. Gone from 34B to 34D!!! :-)

24 day post pics.

My tape was itching me something awful today so I decided to change it after work. The scars are looking a little better than my first tape change 4 days ago. Much happier with the look. Itching and burning sensation driving me to distraction though!

Submitted too soon


Dropped a little

Oh yeah, the girls have dropped a tiny bit. I'm pleased about that as were riding high. A little more and I'll be very pleased indeed. Most drop over the first few months anyway and I'm 24 days in.

8 weeks post op

Hello everyone. It's been a while since I updated. I have been busy with a new job and Christmas. I have taken some new pics, the same as I took pre op. i am still using the tape but am pleased with the scars so far. My PS says 3 months of tape and then scar cream etc. the itching that I had fir weeks has gone, except when I exert myself, say after my first session back at the gym and yoga. I am still wearing the sports bra day and night as recommended by my PS. She says it takes the strain off the scars. Hope you are all doing well.

Hard boobs

Hi everyone, it's been 3 months since my BL/BA. I will be taken my tape of for the final time over the next couple of days and starting to use my scar treatments and silicone strips. Question: my boobs are still quite hard! Is this why people massage and what is the effects? Any other ideas on how to soften

TT Consultation booked

Hi everyone. Have not been on Realseklf for months. My boobs have settled after my BL/BA. I will post a pic. The left one has dropped a little more than the right but I'm sure the right one will catch up in time. I still have some scarring despite using the tape but I suspected that this would happen, given my brown skin. I have started to use oil with Vit A.

I have been back at the gym and yoga for months now. Was somewhat painful at first. Just take it easy when you go back to activity. I went back at 6 weeks post op.


This has been my first summer with new boobs. For the first time in 23 years, I have been able to wear backless or low back tops and dresses as I do not need to wear a bra. It has been fantastic for me, particularly on holiday.

Anyway, I have now booked my TT consultation for 31st July, with a view to plan my TT for the autumn. I have booked a Caribbean cruise for January 2015, so what my stomach settled by then. I am really excited as Now that I have had my mommy boobs done, my mommy tummy looks worse. Can't wait to get rid of that extra pitchy bit and excess skin.

Will keep you posted


Can't wait to get rid of poutchy bit...

Current pics

BL-BA at 8 months

Stomach pre TT

TT Consultation today

Had my TT consultation today. Found out that I need muscle repair as my an muscles had separated during pregnancy. I will go back to chat things through with a nurse next Thursday but happy so far with what I've heard.

I know that the TT will be more painful than my BL/BA so am as prepared (as I can be) for the pain.

I plan for the beginning of October which will be just under 11 months since by boob surgery. I am very excited about it and will finally have the stomach to match the rest of my body. I have got myself a personal trainer and have gone down from 39% body fat and 131lbs to 30% fat and 124lbs. Aiming for 120lbs and 25% fat by my surgery, then maintain that. So will update once I have a definite date. :-)
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