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Hello everyone! I was unsure about doing a review...

Hello everyone!
I was unsure about doing a review on here but youve all been so helpful and interesting to read i decided to do one!
My stats
120 pounds
5 foot 4
currently about a 32B

So ive just booked my surgery for the 10th of April, just under 2 weeks and im very excited, a little nervous due to the fact i have never had anaesthetic before but mostly excited.
I had my consultation on the 26th and before hand i had 'decided' on between 300-350 cc's, high profile, areola incision, under the muscle. My surgeon then suggested 340 or 360 cc's which scared me at first but after trying on sizers seemed nicely in proportion to my body (i do have a bum ha). He said the under the breast crease would be the best option, just due to the fact its simpler and there is less risk of damage to the nipple, i really wasnt too bothered about this so thats fine by me.
He did suggest overs as i do have a bit of breast tissue to cover the implant and he thought that would give me better cleavage, but after alot of internet searches i decided i really did want unders. My breasts arnt too far apart and i do want a natural look and a natural cleavage.

Any of you girls got similar stats to me and have similar imlants, id love to see some pictures!
I will upload some of my own when i manage to take some decent, undistinguishable ones!

pre op

I have my date for my pre op for next week, just 2 days before my op, where i will find out what time i will be having my op, i was told it would be afternoon/evening time and i would be kept in over night and then discharged at 10 am the next morning.
Im surprisingly not nervous... give it a week im sure that will change ha.
I have uploaded some pre op pictures, i did take a topless one but it was just so unflattering i didnt have the balls to put it on ha, as you can see from my pictures i have some breast tissue but not alot. I have been wearing a 34 A/B but at my consultation i was told i was told i was a 32 chest so id imagine i should be a 32B right now. My PS said 340/360cc HP silicone impants should take me upto a 32D which would proportion nicely to the rest of my body.
Im not too sure as to what goes on at the preop appointments and i do have quite a way to travel for it so if anyone knows what i should be expecting please let me know! :)


wow- this has come around so quickly! i dont think it has really hit me yet as i have no nerves at all, hopefully it will stay this way!
so yesterday i was supposed to go for my pre-op appointment but the day before (7th) the pre-op lady rang me and said that seen as though i am travelling in (2 hours on the train) there was no real need for me to come up yesterday. instead im going up 2 hours earlier tomorrow to get a MRSA swab and urine sample etc etc. my op is in the afternoon, think around 3/4 and i will be staying in overnight. im already hungry thinking about how long im going to have to fast for tomorrow, filling myself up today to say the least haha!
just looking forward to being back home on friday now and it all being done with.
ill update you all, possibly with pictures, either tomorrow evening if i feel well enough, or friday.
See ya on the other side girls!

Surgery done!

Surgery done! It really wasn't too bad tbh, I wasn't supposed to arrive until 1:15 pm but i hadn't had my preop done the few days earlier so I come down at 10 instead. I don't think they actually booked me a specific pre op appointment as they seemed to be quite confused as to what I was doing there so early but it wasn't really a problem as I was shown to my room and nurses were popping in and out taking my pre op info, it helped these there was plenty on the telly too! By the time my original check in time came it all moved really fast, I was already in my gown and socks from the nurses and by 1:30 I'd already seen the anestisioligist and my PS who had drawn me up ready for surgery. I was the first one on the list which I was happy about. By 1:45 I was walking down to theatre and by 2 I was under. The anesthetic was fine, it was my main worry as I hadn't head surgery before but it just felt a really tingling feeling throughout my body and I sort of felt if spreading to my throat and then I was gone. Unlike lots of people I have read about it wasn't really and eyes closed/eyes open situation for me. I'm pretty sure I dreamed and when I was bought around I was given some oxygen and was talking nonsense for a few mins. I was taken to recovery for an hour or so, that was fine, I was finally given a drink of water haha. After this I was taken back to my room. As for the pain it was more of an incredibly tight, heavy feeling on my chest. It hurts when you move your arms too fast or try to adjust your position but when you get settled (and they give you drugs) it's not oo bad, I'd say about a 4 on the scale when settled but nearer to a 6/7 when you try to move. I had nausea thankfully until i stood up for the first time to go the toilet, I went a bit dizzy, felt sweaty and sick but that passed after I'd payed down in bed for a few mins. Sleeping wasn't too bad, I only got about 6 hours but I nodded off before then too, it is a bit awkward with the drains in and getting Cody is a hassle so you really just have to settle where you fall hahah. As for size my PS changed his mind in surgery, he's originally suggested between 340 and 360 ccs, but on the day he'd said 330 would be better under the muscle, I was happy with this as I was quite worried about going too big, you can always push up but you can't really hide them if they're too big ha. After surgery he told me I had 300cc, high profile, silicone, under the muscle. From the looking down angle (the only way I've seen them so far) I'm really pleased, they're a nice size, not too big not too small, I can see abit of cleavage and side boob which I am way happy about. I am getting my drains removed in a couple of hours and am expecting to be discharged at bout 10/11, (it's 6:30 now, the birds singing outside woke me up, not the worst way to wake up:)) ATM I am just looking forward to getting home and getting myself comfy in bed or on the sofa, but we are a 2 hour drive away so I have a while to wait now. Hope everyone else is doing good, sorry for my essay just wanted to say everything I thought might have helped my preop! Speak soon girlies.

post op day 2

hey guys!
well as everyone says each day does get better and better, i am only 2 days post op, still in some pain but nothing too bad, its still difficult getting out of bed and sitting up and things and i do still have t rex arms but i can feel everything getting easier as the days go on. Im trying not to take much pain medication. I havnt taken any of the codeine i was given, i have taken the paracetamol here and there and the diclofeniac for inflammation. but as of this morning i havnt even taken paracetamol (doesnt seem to do much anyway). The swelling seems to be going down a bit and am really happy with the size, but i havnt taken the bra off yet, im a bit nervous as to how im going to get it back on ha. ive been washing myself with sponges, soap and baby wipes, havnt had a proper bath or shower yet but i intend to get one tomorrow and take the bra off tomorrow and have a little peek, fingers crossed ahah.
my post op appointment is on the 16th, so 6 days after my op, looking forward to that because after that its really done isnt it, just got to sit back and relax and wait for them to start feeling normal!

just over three weeks!

hello all, sorry for being so MIA. But i am now three weeks, 2 days post op and loving my new boobies. they have dropped into a more natural position and id say i am about 90& back to normal now, however my right nipple is a little numb and my left is waaay super-sensitive, so much so it kind of hurts to touch so hopefully that will go soon. i had my last appointment with my surgeon on wednesday just been and he cleared me to start wearing anything, underwires, bikinis, braless etc which i was surprised about at only three weeks, but my scars are healing very well and my implant size wasnt way big (300 cc) so maybe that had something to do with it. i bought two bras, one very lightly padded with underwire and one padded and push up with underwire. the pushup one doesnt really look right yet as my boobs dont move totally naturally yet so i wont be wearing that one for a while, but the other underwired ones been fine. it gets a little uncomfortable at times and i find myself pulling it down a bit away from my scars occasionally but i think thats just paranoia more than anything. it is so nice being able to see them in normal bras though rather than sports bras. i was sized at a 34C borderline D which i am really happy about, and the way they sit in the 34C bra at the moment is really comfortable but i can imagine if they drop and fluff anymore they will probably be a D, id imagine ill need a D in the more padded or push up bras in the future aswell as they do not really sit right in them at the moment so im avoiding wearing them for a few more weeks.
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