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Hi all, Looking for some advice, I have been to...

Hi all,
Looking for some advice, I have been to see my surgeon he advised 400cc implants which we have agreed to but now I am not sure wether to go 350cc in case they look too big. I am having over the muscle.
Stats are 5'4 size 6 to 8 (uk) top size 8-10 bottom (uk) 55kg currently 32a, work out 6 days a week, cardio and weights.
Can anyone who is same sort of stats help me with before & after photos and your experiences please? your help is very much appreciated

400cc, over the muscle, mentor implants

Hi ladies,
Thought I'd do a blog for those of you who are looking to getting a BA or are having one and are undecided what to go for.
So my stats are, 5 foot 4, 55kg, quite small top half, small waiste, big hips.
I'm very much into my fitness, running, weights and spinning, I do something at least every day.
So yesterday was the day I got my implants.
I went with the Harley Medical Group in Birmingham who have been great throughout the whole process.
I was told to get to the hospital for 12.30 on my email a few days before, but as it happened they rang me yesterday morning and asked to get there for 11.30. They operate in Preston or London, I decided Preston as it's closer to me (1 hour drive mind :( )
Got to the hospital, got settled in my room, had to take a urine sample and get changed into very fetching paper pants and a gown and robe and some stockings, the nurse said these are to be worn until I am mobile after the op.
Another nurse came in, asked questions, ie when I last eaten, if I had any jewellery, piercings, fillings etc. Then I had my blood pressure and temperature taken.
My surgeon came in, I had Gopel Madehev, he is so lovely, I would full recommended. He shook my hand then gave me a hug as I was so nervous. He drew on me, and my husband joked does he sign his work so he put his signature on me!
The anethetist came to see me and explained he'll put an IV in my hand and then I'll be out.
This is my first ever op, I had been nervous for days, to the point of tears and I can promise it is not at all bad.
A man nurse came to take me down to the theatre at 12.30, he knew I was nervous and put his arm around me on the way which I thought was very sweet.
I got onto the bed, the iv got put into my hand, I had a mask over my face breathed in a couple of times and then woke up in recovery. All done in less than 45 mins. I went in at 1 and was out by just before 1.45 and back in my room my 2.10.
I was so sleepy and light headed. I felt like I couldn't breathe very well as it is so tight.
I managed to drink lots of water and have a some toast and a wee by about 3.30.
My face was so itchy, the nurse said this was to do with the morphine.
I had some codeine at 3 to help the pain.
We left the hospital about 5 ish and got home for 8. I took some Ibroprofen as soon as I got in. And then before I went to sleep about 11 I had codine and some for of antibiotic.
I will update you on today's progress later on. But so far I'm a very sore, it feel's like I've done 1000 press ups every day for a week haha.
Sorry for the long blog, trying to get in as much detail as I can for you!!

Day 2 and 3

So yesterday was hard, very sore, tight and swollen.
Had a funny turn after I had a bit of a bath from middle down. Felt sick and light headed but was OK after five min's or so. I also keep going shivery and my teeth clatter together which isn't very nice. Kept up with the meds, slept on the sofa quite well, my husband went out for his Xmas meal so I went up to my sister's for babysitting lol.
Felt stiff by the time I left hers, took my antibiotic's and slept all night.
Woke up this morning in so much pain, took my antibiotics and codeine and had a little sleep, felt a bit better when I woke back up. Had another rubbish wash and washed my hair.
Managed to do my make up and put on my surgical socks.
Had a little walk round the supermarket and went to see the in laws for an hour. Got back home and just fell asleep on the sofa for two hours. Proper took it out of me.
I haven't moved much since or took anymore painkillers since 4.30 (it's now 9.15) so it is most definitely easing off.
Still not much of an appetite and my stomach is quite bloated.
I'll update in another couple of day's.
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Day 4 - Christmas day

Merry Christmas everyone!!
Managed to sleep in bed up right rather than on the sofa last night.
I haven't taken any codeine today, only ibroprofen 3 times.
I'm still quite stiff, I get shooting pains every now and then and I'm very itchy. Think that's where I'm heeling. I get a gurgle every now and then.
I managed to bathe myself today but not wash my hair. Hubby had to do that for me. And I put on make up and straightened my hair.
Went for a little walk after dinner but felt very out of breathe. Was only a ten min walk.
Haven't managed to go have a bowel movement since the op so my stomach is hard and bloated, I've resorted to senekot to help push things along!!
I'll check in again tomorrow.

Day 5

The senekot worked. That's all I need to add there.
Another stiff day, did the usual bath and husband washed hair.
Only needed two lots of Ibroprofen no codeine.
Was a busy day, had to go to the in laws for buffet. To be honest, wasn't in high spirits, I just wanted to go home and rest. Once we eventually got home I had a little cry, just feeling like I am a burdon on people and the moment. It's not nice not being fully independent.
Tomorrow should be a better day!!

Two weeks

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, felt a bit down due to the pain, not sleeping well and feeling bloated.
But two weeks on I feel so much better.
Not so much in pain, more uncomfortable sort of feeling. I can take the band off today and also the dressings which I am looking forward too. The band seems to make it more uncomfortable.
Still sleeping on my back in a half recliner position, they seem to swell up in the night.
I went back to work two days ago and also back into driving. Have to use two hand's to get it into reverse and find it difficult to put it into 5th gear. But every day is a better day.
Work is fine as I work at a desk, only thing I can't seem to do is use the hole punch.
No one has noticed so that's good :)
Can't wait to feel normal again but I'm getting there.
I'll update in a few more days
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