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I've had my implants in for 9 years and after...

I've had my implants in for 9 years and after discovering I had PIP implants and after the birth of my first child, I decided it was the right time for me to have them removed.

My main concern is the recovery time and how this will affect my caring for my baby due to not being able to lift her and hold her.... For how long I'm not sure but as a mother I decided that I needed to be as much in control of my body and health as I possibly can be so I want to have this procedure for me, her and our future as a family.

Getting ready for my op.

Only two days to go now til Wednesdays surgery! I'm feeling apprehensive and also nervous as well as a little excited. Any one have any tips on how to keep comfortable immediately after surgery when you come home? All advice is most welcome.

One more sleep until surgery

Just been packing my bags for hospital tomorrow doesn't quite feel real yet but am getting nervous now. Trying to keep myself busy today before we travel down tonight. Getting everything in place so my little one has all she needs while I'm recovering!! And I do too! Just want it all to be over now.

Implants gone!! The new me has arrived!!

Hi all,

Am home now after yesterday's op! Feeling ok, a bit sore as can be expected but not too bad! My surgeon said if went well and both my implants were intact which is a huge relief after having PIPs for 9 years!! So that was great news.

I'm all strapped down at the moment so can't really see the results but I resisted the urge to touch them as soon as I woke up!! It's very very strange just to touch your chest area and feel nothing so if you're having this procedure soon and are very attached to your boobs I would say wait a bit until you look down and touch just as its quite a shock at first especially with all the bandages flattening everything down! It does feel liberating though and am so glad it's done and I'm free of them!

They brought me my implants after surgery and they were much much heavier and bigger than i remember! Very strange to think they were inside me all this time!

Had an ok nights sleep just feel like I did 4 hours of push up yesterday!! My little 11 month old had an ok night without her mama but been hard no to be able to hold and cuddle her properly this morning!

Will post another update once I take of my bandages tomorrow morning and check out the new me in the flesh!!

Thanks to each and everyone of you for your messages of support And encouragement! I couldn't have done it without you guys!

By the way...

I feel like I should write about some of the reasons behind why I had implants in the first place;

I've always been a curvy size 10-12 with big hips and bum and a little waist! :) I felt out of proportion with my 34B chest and like I just didn't seem to 'balance out' right.

My breast size had fluctuated as my weight did as a teen and at 21 made the choice to have implants. It was very much my choice but looking back had I had the right people around me saying no you don't need it would I have still done it? Maybe. But who knows. My husband certainly would have told me I looked great the way I was (I hope! Ha ha) so maybe I didn't need them after all! But I went ahead and I can honestly say until I found I had PIPs they were the best thing I had done. I looks after them really well and they have always felt part of me but as soon as I realised I had the PIP implants I knew they would be gone soon and I would never have implants again!

My health my life and my family are just too important to me, a choice/ consideration I didn't have in my 20's, and I wanted to be in control of my body and health as much as I possibly can be. Perhaps we don't know as much about implants and their safety as we thought we did but regardless it was just a risk I didn't want to take again so I went for straight removal knowing once they were gone I didn't need worry Any more. And post op day one I know I was right not to replace them.

This all should have probably been written in my first post but i don't think i had the confidence to say it all then but seeing the responses and support on this site gave me the confidence to open up and share my story .

Thanks all. And thanks for reading.

And the bandages are off!

So I took off my bandages today and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how I looked! Yes they were squashed and wrinkly and all a bit folded over!! And yes they looked small! But they are small and MINE!! And that felt great! :)

I have my sports bra on and am convinced that if I walked down the street no one would bat an eyelid!

Still sore but a little more comfortable now I'm out of all the strapping! Hoping each day will be a little better :)

Struggling to sleep

Have struggled to sleep now the last two nights :( i always sleep on my front so sleeping propped up is proving tough and I seem to have really restless legs! Did anyone else find this?? Can hear my little one chatting away too and miss not being able to go to her. I'm getting quite a lot of soreness around my back and shoulders but think that's cos I'm tensing up all the time instinctively trying to protect my tender area... Must try to relax my muscles!

Hoping tonight's a little better. Day 3 post op now...a week until I have my stitches out now.

Day 4 Post Op! And itchy!

Hi all,

Had a much better nights sleep last night, think this is because I was up and about more during the day so didn't have such restless legs!

I've started to really itch though! All over my boobs and stitches!!! So I'm hoping this is a good sign that everything is starting to heal ...I saw from a few reviews that others have had this too... How long did it seem to last?

It's little ones first day at nursery tomorrow so really anxious about how I will cope getting her there without any lifting! I have a friend coming to help though and I'm just hoping she gets on ok as I won't be able I pick her up and cuddle her!! :(

I seem to have a bit more movement this morning and don't seem to be quite as stiff... Moving my arms is more comfortable and seems to be coming much more naturally but still can't raise them too high. Not sure of this is because I am nervous to try or if my body actually won't let me...!

Hoping to get out today for a bit with husband and little one... Nothing too strenuous!!! :)

Feeling more normal today!

First day I've really been able to get around and feel more like my old self today! Still have limited movement but been the best day so far! And little one got on so well at nursery I was so proud and felt so happy I'd made the choice to have the surgery!

I also met a lady today who had a mastectomy and reconstruction due to breast cancer which she has now thankfully beaten and overcome! I told her about my surgery and she said "I know how you feel". I almost felt ashamed!! But she was so so kind and brave I thought of the lovely supportive women I have encountered on this site who rally together in support no matter what our stories. I was so humbled and it really put into perspective how I'd felt about my body my whole life before and during implants and coming to terms with my new body now. I feel so blessed to have my health that all the other issues pale into insignificance! So so relieved and happy to be free of the implants!!!!

This time last week...

.... I was so anxious and worried about my surgery! I could hardly sleep and had really weird dreams!! Can't believe that was a whole week ago now! Everyday since I've been so happy I made the decision to explant!!

To all those having surgery soon, it will all be over and done with before you know it :)

Stitches out tomorrow! Yay!

Hi everyone,

Last two days have been real progress here! I basically feel back to normal now and beside being able to reach up high to grab things from the shelf and the lifting I kind of feel back to normal with a full range of movement! :)

I think I had been holding my self so stiff for fear of damaging myself I made all my shoulders and back muscles ache like crazy!! But as I relax more thats starting to go.

I had the first bit of pain I've had though yesterday. It was a kind of stinging/burning twinge in my left breast, it came and went on and off for about an hour and then seemed to pass but I think it's normal to have these while everything shifts back into place. It wasn't so bad I need pain relief though so that was good.

Will let you know how it goes at the clinic tomorrow once the stitches are out! Can't wait! These dressings are starting To make me so itchy! I have quite sensitive skin and the adhesive on them is really starting to irritate me now! Also looking forward to a proper shower as haven't been allowed to have one yet!!

Stitches out - hooray!

Had my stitches out and feel so much better now they're out and the dressings are off! :)

Scars are really neat and in the crease so you can hardly see them at all. I'm so so happy with how my breasts are looking :) they're already less wrinkly and besides being a little flat up top they are looking good!

The itching has subsided and it felt amazing to be able to have a proper shower!

The nurse said I'm able to drive now and should just listen to my body in terms of what I can do. I asked about picking up my little one and she said that I should wait a couple more days but to bend down to pick her up and hold her close so I'm not using my arms and chest just my legs ... But I can sit her on my knee for cuddles!!! :)

Will be the first time I am dressing up tomorrow for my little ones birthday so I will have to have a think about outfits for my new shape!:)

All fashion advice welcome!

Two weeks post now - loving natural life!

Hey all,

Just over two weeks post op now... How time flies! And felt like I (hopefully) turned a corner in recovery today!

It's the first real day today where I went about my usual things and wasn't constantly thinking about my boobs - well more precisely mu surgery! and where I couldn't feel twinges or soreness :) I was also to pick up my little one well and have a really big cuddle with her :) it was wonderful!!!!!

Going to take it easy this evening as I don't want to overdo it but today felt almost back to normal!

I am totally loving being implant free! My clothes look and fit great, I feel better About myself and my shape and everyone's saying how much I suit these naturals better! :) if only I could have seen all this before!!! But we live and learn and I learned that quite frankly, naturals the way for me :)

Two months post op!

Time has just flown by and I have to say I have never felt happier in my own skin. I am still loving my 'new' old boobs and have to say I dont regret the decision to have them out one bit. I know I made the right choice for me. I am so used to them now I can hardly remember what they were like with implants in!! I am also glad I went for the straight removal rather than replacement as I had worried so much after finding out I had PIP's its just such a weight off my shoulders.

As the weather gets more wintery I am enjoying discovering that my winter wardrobe accomadtes my new figure perfectly and I've not had to make any adjustments to my clothes at all. I am dressing just the same as I did with implnats in and all my clothes fit just fine.

I havent been to get measured and fitted for a bra yet but I will do possibly in the new year. I am still wearing some comfy seamless bras and they are doing the job perfectly! I am going on holiday in December so am looking forward to seeing how my bikinis fit and making some new purchases so I feel good on the beach! Its all well and good under clothes but I will perhaps not be so brave about revealing by new body on a beach in a bikini although I think I am actually more worried about by post baby figure rather than the boobs!!

I will let you all know how it goes....! In the meantime good luck to all of you who have upcoming surgery...all the best and I know everyone on this site is rooting for you!
Mr D Chantarasak

Cannot speak highly enough about my surgeon. A thorough, caring and knowledgeable surgeon who I trusted implicity to perform my surgery. He did a wonderful job and I will be ever thankful to him.

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