30 Year Old 10 Years Implants Want Them out

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So Iv made a decision to get rid of my implants,...

So Iv made a decision to get rid of my implants, Iv been reading non stop the articles on here, I really don't want an uplift, if I don't need 1, Iv got a consultation booked with sphire on mom and the hospital group next sun, Iv loved having them but I'm sick of worrying something might happen, they need replacing now so Iv thought sod it get rid and the more Iv read the more I feel positive, just looking to hear from people who have been to any of these places for this procedure and what I need to ask at the consultation xxx

Nervous but Excited, 10year Implants Coming out

Hi ladies, so I made the decision to have my implants out, Iv not had any major issues, 1s hanging lower now and a few dents, I'm not happy with them and after seeing the after pics on here it's made my decision easier, just wondering what questions I should be asking etc at my consultation, it's next sun, Iv herd it's difficult 2 find a surgeon in uk so Iv emailed a few others Incase this one doesn't work out x

A little scared

Really nervous now, I have a consultation tomorrow with a nurse and then sun with a surgeon, I know it's right but scared what they will look like after, how many ladies had uplifts or internal lifts or just let their breast do its own thing?


With implants, do you think I will likely need a lift?

Spire hospital

Had a consultation with the nurse at spire hospital, she was really lovely and told me all about the procedure, she said she's not herd of an internal uplift the only way would be to do a norm uplift which I don't want, has any one been to the spire hospital?
She said they normally say if it ain't broke don't fix it, but I know in my heart that they need to come out, been having some discomfort in my right breast which is the one that has dropped and rippled, I am nervous of the results but this app has given me hope x

Broken implant

So met with a surgeon today at the hospital group, he confirmed my implant is properly ruptured making my decision even easier, how ever I think I will be having them removed at spire hospital as I felt a lot more welcome and they actually talked to me, it was very much head down what I want done and price, at spire I can be a day patient with the hospital group it's over night in Birmingham, the price is more with them to, I just felt better with spire so I have emailed them to say I want to get it booked, hoping it will be beginning sept as I'm away before so can't do it before otherwise I'd have them out tomorrow.
My other half is keeping quiet, Iv tried to ask how he feels but he doesn't say a lot, I know he's prob as worried as me as to what they will look like, also he knows he can't say a lot, I just wish he'd say something lol, has anyone else's partners been like that?

Date is booked

Date is booked, 5 weeks today, ????


2 weeks and 2 days to go till I'm implant free, getting nervous, had a massive freak out the other day thinking maybe I should just leave them, but woke up and the one I'm convinced is ruptured was flat and uncomfortable so reminded me why Their coming out, it's just getting really real now ????

Then and now

Before implants and now 10years with implants

Had pre op

Had my pre op assessment today with the nurse, just gotta wait now, she is so lovely and makes me feel so reassured that I'll be looked after, she said she's never really had someone come back after saying they want to put them back in or want extra work doing, so feeling hopeful xx

1 week to go

This time next week I will be free ???? so many mixed emotions but just want it done now x


For some reason Iv completely missed my period, 2 rest show I'm not up the duff which I would of been shocked if I was lol, I'm thinking maybe I'm stressing and worry more than I realised about Mondays outcome than I realise, ????
Iv also started a new job and they know im off for a week but I haven't told them why, but it's quite a physical job so I'm stressing over what to say about the op Coz I'm not gonna wanna over do it, I'm only in on the ties and fri the following week so not too bad, but I can't lift what I have been there's no way,

1sleep left

Can't believe tomorrow these will be out of me and I will be all me again, not gonna lie I'm absolutely shitting my pants lol, thank you all for sharing your stories and giving me the courage to make this decision, x


Last day of these, you can see the rippling and dents,

Pic day 1

Just woke up had a quick peek x


There's a little bit to work with

Day 2

Day 2, looking a bit sorry for themselves

Day 4

Day 8

Day 8, happy so far, still very flat in upper poles, hoping they will fluff up at some point, off for a dressing change today x

My Scars are so neat

My Scars are so neat

2 weeks

Wow can't believe it's been 2 weeks, still flat at top but I can see changes all the time so hopeful it will carry on improving but I'm really happy with my decision to explant, Iv had an emotional week don't even know why really just burst into tears for no good reason, still haven't revealed my new look to my partner yet, he's scared lol, plus Id rather it just happen than me stand there for him to gawk at haha, good luck to all the ladies about to or considering explant, it's a crazy journey but it's so nice to be me again, Iv had no pain in my breasts like I was having when the implants were in, I had trouble sleeping after which may explain the emotional side but that was due to having to sleep on my back, any way good luck all and thank you all for your support xxx

3 weeks

At 3 weeks Iv noticed so much change still, they are so much firmer they feel like real boobs lol, I'm so happy, I thought at 2 weeks that was as good as they'd get but this week they have really firmed up, I let my partner see them for the 1st time, normally I closed the door when I moisturised but I left the door open so he just walked in and saw rather than both stand there doing the big reveal lol

Got measured

Had a little shock today, thought id go get measured see what I had to work with, I was expecting to be a b/c but they measured me as a 30DD lol got knows how that's possible or why I felt the need for implants in the 1st place

8 weeks explant

So 8 weeks in and oh so happy with my decision, I feel so much more confident than I ever thought I would, I can't believe I didn't go through with it before.
I had my first massage on holiday and wow, who knew it could feel so good to lay on your front, all those years of discomfort, don't get me wrong I never suffered with some of the problems people have just have 2 rocks on your chest isn't relaxing.
I wore my bikinis and felt good, it was very stressful finding bikinis in October especially when I was still healing, but I wore a strapless 1 and halter neck, I even went out 1 evening braless, it felt amazing.
I was really worried what my partner would think, and he did admit he missed the larger boobs but if they made me unhappy he was glad I got rid, he proved further how little he cared about them by asking me to marry him, which of course I said yes, so all my fears there were well and truest put to rest,
Good luck to all you ladies going through this journey, it's a whirlwind of emotions but so worth it xxx
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