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Hi , for years I have have wanted a 'boob job 'as...

Hi , for years I have have wanted a 'boob job 'as they say ... Finally have the opportunity so taking it! Have my pre op tomorrow nervous/excited at the same time! Any advice and reassurance welcomed! I have read many stories in here and you all seem so supportive would love to be part of the Real self community!

Pre Op appointment

So had my Pre op assessment today! Nurse did the usual asked loads of health questions and took blood pressure, weight , height etc. Excited now it all seems real my op is on the 24th of this month going to enjoy my holiday with my family then get ready for my new boobs!!!

Pre op nerves

So it's nearly time for my op! Feeling nervous ... Trying to find a comfortable suitable bra for afterwards any suggestions much appreciated xxxx

Pre op pics

So I my current size is a 32a with a padded bra! Hopefully I will be a full 32c with high profile 300cc round implants !!! Excited!!

I have boobs!!

I finally made it through surgery!
I arrived at hospital at 7.30am and was due in surgery first about 9.00am. It all happened so fast!
I was measured for stockings and wore my gown, met briefly with an anesthetist and then my sergeon I originally decided on 240cc but asks for 300cc and that was no problem .. I was walked down to theatre and before I knew it I was out.
For some reason I took ages to come around I was so uncomfortable from the breathing tube in my throat that was the most painful bit for a while. After surgery the nurse helped me with my bra to my horror it would not fit so my partner went to m&s and changed to bigger size currently in a 36c I used to have a 32a so hopefully the swelling will go down.
My right boob is more tender and gurgles (a lot) very strange but all normal and they are soft too! Looking forward to going home and resting xxx

Post op pics

So swelling went down pretty quickly ... Wasn't expecting them to be so big ! Had to wear a 36c currently in a 34d.

My advice is to take a bigger band width as I was only expecting to wear 32c !!

They are dropping nicely and scars have healed so please so far xx

32 D

Couldn't resist going to try on bras to cheer me up so fed up of my sports bra! I was a 32 a previously .... Tried on a 34c the cups were snug but the back was slack to went down to a 32 and up to a D !!! A 32D!!! It was a tight fit though wasn't expecting that at all. Not sure wether I needed to go up a another cup size though as there seemed to be a lot of boob on show ....


Wow so much has changed in just 4 weeks they actually look kinda natural now yay! They are so soft and rounded now instead of high and pointy I am in love with them xxx

6 week update

So it's been 6 weeks since my op!
So pleased with my new boobs! Had loads of compliments. Everything seems to have settle down with occasional squishy noises lol healed well too .
A few pics of bikini shopping for my hols excited ;)
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