Had Implants Replaced and in Constant Pain, Plus Very Bad Results, Want Them Removed but Scared - Any Advice - UK

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Hi I originally had a breast augmentation 8...


I originally had a breast augmentation 8 years ago under the muscle with round saline implants, they were rippling terribly, at the beginning of this year I wasn't sure what the implants were eg PIP but I had another breast augmentation 22nd August 2012 and they told me the above info.

With this new augmentation I went with teardrop saline again under the muscle, at first I noticed that the right breast had a couple of bulges at the top and dents.

(Basically I now know that the reason for this is because the pocket is too close to the breast bone, the pocket has been opened up too much so there is excess skin, which is basically resting on the implant so the implant bulges out at the top then dents underneath - or at least this is what I've worked out from what I've been told. I have searched and searched but have found no one else that has had this - so I'm quite lost.)

After the seeing my surgeon with the problem originally he basically said that there's not a lot that can be done and that he had had to do a lot of work on the breast as the breast wall had been too far over the breast bone from my last augmentation, he said he had never seen anything like it in his life. He was very unhelpful and kept saying not much can be done really, He said at least you look ok with a bra on though, I burst into tears while I was there and then he said you never know over time it may get better, he mentioned putting pressure on top of the breast and the centre/cleavage with an implant stabilizer.

I did go back again because I was in alot of pain still 5 weeks after surgery but to be honest I feel my surgeon really isn't helpful, he acts all positive saying the results are really good and give it time and that the pain is more than likely the nervous but I really believe it's the implant - you know your own body and can feel when something is wrong and the pain is where the implant is bulging out and near the breast bone.

Anyway I have given it time, 6 months in fact and I am still in a lot of pain and the results are rubbish, I am going back on Thursday and I just do not know what to do, I'm to the point where I'm in pain all the time and it's exhausting and I just feel I want them out so I can be pain free and get on with my life, the problem is I'm worried how I will look if I have them removed but then part of me thinks well I look rubbish with them in anyway, so if I look rubbish with them out what will it matter as at least I wont be in pain, also I have no money to pay for removal myself, also don't really feel confident with this surgeon doing removal as results from his previous work on me haven't turned out well at all and another thing is that to get them removed means time off work which is quite difficult for me.

Is there anyone who can offer some advice - I have no one to talk to as nobody knows I've had this done.

I tried taking pics but in the pics I've taken you cannot see the dents as the light shines to bright to see the dent but the pic still shows how awful they look and which breast I am talking about, around the top of the implant and the clevage part its really solid.

Thanks for your replies. I do feel that removing...

Thanks for your replies. I do feel that removing them will be for the best but obviously am worried of how I will look after, who isnt. When I first went to this surgeon I asked about removal of my first implants and he said it wouldn't look good and advised me against it. I am reluctant to have him remove them as I worry he may do a rubbish job. Ideally if I get them taken out I'd like to get them taken out by a ps who has done it before and with good results so they can advise whats best for me and get good results, especially as I am told that I have very little breast tissue (although current ps said that, so how true it is - who knows, I have a lot of rippling though so probably, I dont remember being completely flat chested though, I was tiny but not completely flat) but how do I find one of these good surgeons. My current surgeon was recommended by my doctor, so I thought I would be in good hands.

Hi All Thanks for taking the time to reply. So...

Hi All

Thanks for taking the time to reply. So I have been back to my surgeon for him to have a look at me, he says he doesn't know why I am in pain.

He was being positive about the way I look saying he couldn't see anything wrong and I looked good, the results were good - even the nurse was agreeing with him, he was asking me to point out what was wrong looks wise. Seriously feel like I am going insane - I have taken more pictures and will post them for your opinions as this is not in my imagination - the implants bulges out and there are dents in places, this may not be visible constantly but put it this way I would never be able to wear a low cut top as it shows most of the time unless I pull my shoulders back as far as they will go or am in certain light and then you can't see it, but you can feel it all the time. Hope this is all making sense.

So anyway I am not sure what to do I said to him I am so fed up with the pain etc that I'm to the point where I feel it may be better for the implants to come out - he said if I felt that way there may be a chance that I can have them taken out for free on the nhs but it will literally be a case that I will be opened up, implants out and stitched up, nothing else, he said a lift at the same time is not a good idea and said there would be no need to remove anything but the implants. He said how I will look after is unknown as the pocket was removed from the breast bone, there's no knowing what the result will be but he has always said the results from having implants taken out looks bad.

I really feel lost to be quite honest and am not sure what to do, I have added some more pics so let me know what you thihk and if its my imagination - any advice would be good.
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