36 yrs, 5'6 and 135lb. 365cc HP anatomical silicone unders

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Hey, I'm 36 and am married with three young...

Hey, I'm 36 and am married with three young children. I breastfed all three kids for about a year each and it's taken a toll! I've decided to do something for myself and get my boobs fixed up. I'm 5'6, 135lbs and about a 32AA. In reality, I'm so flat that no bra really fits me anymore. I was small but perky pre kids and a small C while breastfeeding. I'm hoping to achieve a full C or small D after surgery. My consultation. Is booked for Monday 9 Nov and my surgery is pencilled in for 24 November. My children are still young so everything from the consultation through to the surgery and recovery is going to take some planning out. My hubby is super busy with work so I am unsure how much help he is going to be around the house.

Consultation day!

I have my consultation this afternoon! It's been an exercise in planning, getting childcare and driving to the city for our appointment. I'm feeling nervous and excited! My 2 year scratched my chest this morning so I will have a nice mark in the photos. My husband is coming with me and I'm thinking it might be embarrassing having to men looking and talking about my lack of breasts.

Sizing help needed!

I had my consultation and it went great. The Dr completely understood why I wanted a ba and is supportive. He is know for saying to women that they don't need surgery because they have beautiful breasts already. Well he didn't say that to me! He only said I don't need to have surgery unless I want to but he will support me ha ha. My husband came with me and I think it really settled his nerves about the whole op. Anyway, we tried on sizers and they all felt massive compared to the nothing that I naturally have. Because I am relatively tall and have broad shoulders, we ended up at 330 pretty quickly. I thought it looked good but later looked at the pic my husband took and the size looks small! So wondering if the 360 might be better. I don't want huge boobs, just something natural and in proportion. We agreed under the muscle is best as I have little breast tissue. So I need to confirm the size but all the forms are completed for the op on the 24th! I really can't believe I'm going to go through with this. I'm still worried about people finding out and judging me. I don't know anyone with a BA and expect people would be shocked!

Some before pics

Thought I'd better add a before pic. I really can't believe how flat I am after kids! Babies really do take a toll on your body. Taking these pics has actually helped cement my decision to have the BA ???? Oh and my nipples have gone really inverted since breastfeeding so I am having them corrected at the same time.

330 sizer

Here is a pic with the 330cc sizer. I felt like I was enormous at the time but it looks small in the pic. I did like this size but started thinking about the 360cc since they say you lose some going under the muscle. I made a rice sizer at home (1 1/2 cups of rice). Not sure if I worked it out right but I felt way way too large. Urgh, it's so confusing!

Planning, planning

I have been wondering the best way to get my surgery done without disrupting the children's schedules and husband's work. Have decided to take a bus to the city the night before surgery and get my sister to drop me off the next morning. Husband has two days off work so will have the kids Tuesday and Wednesday. My sister is driving me home the next day (Wednesday) after surgery. We have no one to leave the children with so its easier if I go alone. It will be hard being away from my two year old overnight for two nights, she's a mummy's girl and I haven't left her before! Husband is back at work Thursday and Friday but will do the school run at least. Hoping the pain isn't too bad and that I can manage the children by myself. Maybe a few tv days? That would be a treat for them. Will get hubby to make the children's lunch before he goes to work to help me. Any suggestions about coping with small children after surgery?


My surgeon rung me last night and said that he had been reviewing my measurements and before pics and has decided I need to have anatomical implants. He does almost exclusively round over the muscle and now here I am having anatomical and under the muscle. Trust me to be a difficult case! I don't know how I feel about anatomical. I wonder if the risk of rotation is that real in modern implants? Hopefully not! My husband said at least he's doing research and spending time thinking about how to get the best results for me. He rang me himself too which is nice. So, has anyone had anatomical implants that they can tell me about and reassure me??

Shopping done!

My surgery is on Tuesday. That seems so soon! I dragged the kids out and managed to buy some front button pjs and a few soft bras for after the surgery since my ps doesn't provide one. I really wanted a new hoodie but we ended up in the toy store instead... My poor 2 year old is teething and I was up to her loads last night. Poor thing will have hubby for two nights next week and he usually doesn't hear her. I feel sad that I won't be there is pull her blankets up so she doesn't get cold. Hubby thinks she will learn if you leave them off. So annoying, she's only two and not long out of the cot. I need to write a list of notes for him on the kids routines while I'm away. Funny when I think about how much he doesn't know!

It's tomorrow!

Eek, my surgery is tomorrow! I'm on a cleaning frenzy at home and have all the beds stripped and am trying to tidy the house (with my two year old helper). I'm taking a bus to the city tonight where my sister is picking me up and will take me to the hospital tomorrow. My hubby is looking after the children at home. It would be nice if he could come but it was too hard with three little ones and their schedules (school etc). I need to pack my bag but keep forgetting what I need...argh. So exciting and nervous all at once. My kids are getting loved and squished today as I keep thinking about what if something bad were to happen. But everything should go fine and my biggest issue is likely to be recovering while still taking care of my kids.

Here we go!

I'm sitting here nursing a coffee as I have just stuffed myself in preparation for my 6 hours nil by mouth. I didn't sleep so well, had a late night chatting with my sister and then couldn't settle. I kept rolling into my stomach and thinking it would be the last time I did this for a while! I'm also used to being with my family and having a room to myself was very quiet and strange.

I am feeling pretty freaked out that I'm actually going to go through with the surgery. It seems a bit surreal! Hoping to chat with my kids this morning by phone and then do some birthday and Christmas shopping to pass the time. Wish me luck!!

The other side!

It's done and I can't quite believe it! Surgery ended up being delayed by a few hours but all went well and I'm resting up in bed now. Overnighting in hospital and home tomorrow. I'm feeling really good ATM, with some nausea if I get up but great lying done. I just had the most amazing cheese and crackers, first food in over 12 hrs and it rocked! Will try and sleep now and will do a proper update later. Boobs looking amazing! I can't believe I have boobs, eek!

Update on Surgery Day!

On surgery day I spent the morning shopping with my sister and then checked into the hospital at midday. The surgeon was running late so my surgery was delayed until 3pm. I got really nervous waiting around and had a wee cry when my sister left. My surgeon arrived, marked me up and asked if I had any questions. Then we were off! I fell asleep quickly in theatre and then woke up in recovery. I spent the night in hospital so was taken back to my room to recover. I saw the surgeon around 8pm and he said all went well! He said his theatre nurses are harsh critics and they said he had done a fab job! A good endorsement lol. I got up for the loo around 9pm and immediately got extremely nauseous. I got an anti nausea tablet and then my food arrived. I had been so hungry but now felt so sick. I ended up eating just cheese and crackers while lying down and they were amazing!! I had lots of pain overnight but got pain meds every few hours which helped a lot. I'd been warned by the nurse to keep the pain at around a 2-3 (out of 10) to keep it under control. I didn't sleep much but felt okay when they woke me at 6.30am. I got a shower, a visit from the surgeon, booked my follow up for Monday, a bag of pain meds and a huge breakfast before checking out. We did some shopping on the way home and I felt fine other than not wanting to bend too much. I had a nap around 3-5pm and then an early night. All in all, it was a very good result!

Doing fine on day two

Day two post op. I'm back home and resting with my two year old. I have only taken voltaren and paracetamol today. My boobs are high and tight. They seem quite far apart and cone shaped, I'm hoping this will change! I have some swelling and my boobs make squelchy sounds when I move my arms in a certain way. My surgeon has me leaning forward and pressing my boobs together with my arms for a minute once a day. I am wearing a very stretchy soft bra and he suggested pulling the band up and sitting it on the top of my boobs for half the day. This hurts after a bit so I'm just doing it occasionally. He said that the muscles will be trying to push my implants up and out and this will help counter that. I am ignoring the housework but have managed the laundry. I even hung some on the clothesline by standing on a chair so I didn't have to raise my arms too high. I am amazed at my arm mobility. I had expected to have more trouble but I can do most things, even my hair.

Appearance and all my taping!

A pic showing all the taping I have going on. I get it off on Monday. It is so high up on my chest I can't cover it with a top. So I'm having to hibernate at home. I had my nipples corrected too and they have a sponge ring and tape over them so are very projected and strange looking.

My belly is very swollen looking and round which is a little odd. I am quite sore down around the bottom of my ribs on my left side. I know the crease had to be lowered on this side to be even with my right crease so that may be why.

I am feeling pretty good for three days post op. Just trying to take it easy. I have my two youngest children here with me so I'm having fun playing without the pressure of doing housework!

PO day 4

Today was fine. I am completely off the pain relief now. I took some paracetamol at breakfast but nothing else. I'm still trying to take it easy as boobs are quite tight feeling and sore if I extend too far with my arms. Washed my hair today for the first time since Tuesday. I'm not allowed to get my nipple dressings wet so had my shower and then washed my hair with my head upside down in the water and my body wrapped in a towel. It was a bit awkward but worth it! My belly swelling has increased and I struggled to do up my jeans. My right boob has lots of fluid moving around when you press on it. I'm hoping this eases soon. I'm a bit sore tonight but I expect that is from doing too much today. I had to make my son a birthday cake, and also made cupcakes, waffles and our dinner.

My boob taping is beginning to pull away under my arms which is a bit sore. I can't wait to get it off! It's so sticky, I'm hoping the nurse has a plan other than just ripping it off! I have a two hour drive to get to my post op appointment on Monday. It looks like I'm going to have to drive it myself, with two small children. Not ideal but I can't see another option. Hubby doesn't think he can get the time off work. Fingers crossed I'm up to the drive!

PO day 5

Im feeling so naughty because I just ripped off all my boob taping. It's been driving me nuts cause my skin doesn't respond well to plasters and it was high on my chest and under my arms. My post op appointment is tomorrow so I'm only a day early! Such a relief although now I'm missing all that firm support!! Might have to hunt out a tighter bra.

I foolishly got sunburnt today so have nice red arms and neck to match my now plaster free but red chest. Hope some of it has gone by morning!

I'm curious to ask my ps about why he used HP implants. I expected him to use moderate! I'm sure he had a good reason. It's taking a bit to get used to, these perky boobs! I'm hoping they will reduce a bit as they seem to stick right out atm. It's such a difference from my old flat chest. I'm on the school run tomorrow so will hide in a hoodie and hope no one notices my new additions!

Post op check with PS

So I had my post op checkup with the PS yesterday. To get to the appointment I had to drive a four hour round trip with two small children. Needless to say, I am exhausted today! And also a bit sore. Hopefully it won't set me back in my recovery. My surgeon didn't seem worried that I had driven. Apparently all is healing great and most of my swelling had gone. My implants are still a little high but good for One week post op. I got the dressing removed from my nipples and they are healing great too. I'm a bit freaked about how big and pointy they are. Anyone know when your nipples settle down after surgery. How am I supposed to hide these puppies? I have heaps of bruising, will try to remember to take a photo to show you all. Strangely I have bruising on my left hip/tummy. Any idea what would have caused this? I'm trying to rest up today to recover from the drive yesterday. This involves eating too much. I've emailed some questions that I forgot to ask to my nurse. These include around the bras I should wear and when I can exercise. Hopefully she answers soon. One cool thing is that I'm cleared to swim in two weeks!


I have lots of bruising! Here is a pic of some of it. I have bruises in so many places, including along my left hip (odd). I hope my boobs start to look pretty soon!
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