22, Small frame, 250cc mentor round implants

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Hello! So I have wanted BA since I can remember,...

So I have wanted BA since I can remember, I have always been told to wait and wait till I developed more but it never happened. I'm quite concepts about my chest I hardly ever wear tight clothes and when I'm in bikinis I always look like I've got a hunch as I bring my shoulders in :( So I'm going for it finally! I'm 22, healthy, and ready for BA!!

My stats-
5ft 4
Size 6/8 (depending on store)
Usually wear a 32b but I don't fill it,
I should really wear 30 but I don't want my bras to look as small as the 30 does.

So I had my first consultation in July 2014, (I had a UK based surgeon)
He made me feel so comfortable and I knew straight away I'd be safe in his hands.
I eventually went for the 235cc mentor high profile as my nipples are low on my breasts and I need more volume at the top. I am having dual plane implants.
Surgery was booked on my first consultation for Thursday 8th July!!! Woo

Second consultation 280's ??

So I went for my second consultation in September, I tried on some more sizers and decided to go for 250cc but now I'm debating to go bigger? As I want to be a full C I'm not sure 280's will give me this! Argh I'm just going over and over numbers and reviews trying to make my decision! So difficult!

More before pics

Last consultation done!

So I had my last consultation yesterday! My surgeon decided that he is going to get 250cc and 275cc and see which suits me the best! I'm happy to let him make that decision as he knows what he is doing! I'm just counting down the days now ... 20 to go :):)

Any recommendations on a sports brA?

Can anyone recommend a post surgery bra? / sports bra! I'm struggling ha!

High profile?

So instead of being fixated on cc's I and now onto the profile of implant!!
I'm on countdown till my surgery only 7 days to go now but I was set on high profile but now I'm wondering would moderate plus look better!
I don't have measurements of my bdw!
Anyone got high profiles or moderate plus on a similar size?

Surgery all done

Surgery all done!
Went In for 12:30 Thursday 8th January!
My time for procedure was 2:30 pm Didn't set off to theatre till about 3:15pm. I did struggle Thursday night after anesthetic and morphine with sickness but once everything wore off I was okay! 2 days post surgery and I'm feeling happy!


Im currently on day 5 after surgery! Feeling good, having lots of rest and sleep! Loving my new boobs, at the minute they are looking slightly un-even but I've come to realise my boobs are always going to be odd as they we're slightly off before but who cares atleast now I've got boobies :) yayyyyy

Here is and updated version of my pictures


I am posting loads of pics as I struggled to find someone with similar stats and cc size as I was going for :)
Also I liked to see process pictures so I'm doing the same for similar people to me x
Dr rhodes

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