21 Year Old, 255cc Teardrop Under the Muscle to Hopefully Go for Desired C Cup - Liverpool, GB

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Hi I thought I would write this review as over the...

Hi I thought I would write this review as over the last 6 weeks of booking my BA I have found this website to be my best friend and I hope that I can help another person the way this website helped my during my process. So I am 21 with no children, I am very petite and barely fitted a size A bra. I had many debates over implant size were they going to be to big or to small? But I went ahead with my surgeon and we agreed on 255cc teardrop silicone implants behind the muscle due to being so thin! TODAY - was the day I went for my surgery I have decided to stay the night in hospital for extra care and comfort, I was super nervous for surgery and when I woke up I was in some moderate pain of stinging and stretching this was soon sorted out in recovery, just some simple morphine. I have since been given paracetamol, ibuprofen and tramadol to keep my pain under control! Breasts are so swollen but cannot wait to see end results, I think they are definitely the right size for me! Breast area just feels tight but nothing like I expected I expected more pain than I'm in it's just discomfort. I say if you consider this treatment to go ahead ladies, be brave and do it for you! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me, I am here to help anyone who was in my shoes previously with nerves etc etc. Here are some before photots and post op on surgery day!

before and 1 day post op

here is a post op picture and a picture when I got home the day after surgery so far I am happy with results as they are they suitable size for my petite body. I am still on pain meds and feel more stiff than yesterday I'm hoping the tightness settled soon enough and the pain eases a little more

Before surgery

1 day post op finally uploaded

After trouble of uploading the picture I hope this uploads

Post op

Before BA, so flat chested

So happy I went through with it, so flat chested before I went through with this! Can't wait to see results properly in a few weeks. Here is a before picture - if it uploads !!!

Hunching with the tightness!?!?

Hi everyone, so I had my BA on Thursday so I am now 3/4 days post op, I am more or less off my pain meds as they weren't making me feel much different and I was a little sick from them. They just made me feel groggy, I am a little nervous as I feel some pain sometimes and it feels hard, I suppose this is normal though right?! I just hope it's supposed to feel this way! Most of all I am finding myself hunched over quiet abit instead of standing normal as this is easing the stretching feeling in my skin?! Has anyone else felt themselves hunching over a lot? I'm pretty pleased to be off pain meds almost though after day 3 that's pretty impressive right!! They were sending me dulally!! I just can't wait for them to be healed already I am the most impatient person ever!!! Please let me know your experiences

5 days post op!!!

So I'm beginning to feel like the boobs are apart of my own body now, I am still feeling sick and maybe having a bit of boob greed now. This is probably normal for everybody who has gone through with a BA right? I'm hoping that when the dressings and stuff are off and I can see them properly that I am fully satisfied. I do like them just maybe think I could of gone a little bigger. The worst part of this whole process is the sizing for deffinate

2 weeks tomorrow WOW

I can't believe I had my operation 2 weeks ago tomorrow! Time is seriously flying by in the recovery process, I am still getting boob greed but rather happy with my result when I look at what I was like before! Can't wait to be able to go for a bra fitting as I am still unaware of what size my boobs are now. To any young girls who may read my posts and debate a boob job I recommend it to you highly if you want to feel more confident in yourself! I got back behind the wheel in the drivers seat a few days ago, not looking forward to work again on the weekend and I have now started my breast excercises. Nurse said my scars were the best scars they have seen all day yesterday and I get reviewed again in 3 months, happy healing everybody !! Here is a picture I took today post op 13 days with 255cc teardrop implants behind the muscle!

UK BA's this is worth a read cheap sports bra!

Hi girls, so all along I struggled to find a sports bra leading up to my BA. I figured I wouldn't really be able to lift anything over my head for a while so I searched for a sports bra with a clasp at the back. I eventually found one in sports direct for around £15.99. I was looking for ones which zipped up at the front originally, the other day my mum came home with a sports bra from ASDA it zipps up right down the middle at the front for only £8 and support feels good! It's worth going to have a look for one if you are struggling!!

3 months later !

So I am now 3 months on since my BA and I am so happy with results, I'm not measuring at a D so all round I am happy! Sometimes I wish I had gone a little bigger but then I remember what I was like before and I think wow! Having a BA was by far the best thing I have ever done for myself, at 21 I knew it was time since wanting one for around 6 years! I had my 3 month review on Tuesday, he was extremely happy with my recovery & now I have literally no scarring at all! I do seasons working abroad and I can't wait to get into a bikini, good luck to all the ladies having their BA's this month, it's worth it & to anyone debating a BA don't let the hesitation turn you down, you will gain so much confidence when you get one!
Liverpool Plastic Surgeon

Amazing man, makes your feel comfortable and keeps you up to date with what he is doing. Takes his time through tall surgeries to give you the best outcome you require.

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