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I've been thinking about having botox for the past...

I've been thinking about having botox for the past year but had to wait as I was still breastfeeding my youngest son. He's been weaned since last August but it took me a while to finally pluck up the courage to do it, I have a couple of lines on my forehead, the one above my right eyebrow is quite deep and I think it makes me look old. Before I went I was really concerned about eyebrow droopiness and sagging eyes as I've read some horror stories about that, but my practitioner assured me that wouldn't happen. She injected between my brows (although I didn't have any lines there), and on both sides of my forehead, I don't know how much botox was used but I don't think it was very much. Almost instantly I felt a heaviness in my brow but was told this was just because I'd been injected into muscles and that feeling would wear off.
Over the next 24 hours the heaviness persisted and I started to think that maybe my brows were lower and my eyelids a bit looser, but my husband assured me I looked normal(!), so maybe I was just being paranoid.
On the evening of day 2 I had a really good look at myself while I was getting ready for bed and I wasn't happy with what I saw. The lower middle part of my forehead was smooth and frozen, and my eyebrows were far too arched, I looked quite sinister, and when I raised my eyebrows horrible curved lines formed above the outer edge of each brow, and a wird flabby wrinkle appeared at the top of my forehead. I was quite upset and text my practitioner, but when she called me the nect day she said it was very early days and it would settle down, and if it didn't she could place some small injection on the outer forehead to correct the angry brows.
Over the next couple of days that heavy feeling persisted and the angry brows stayed angry, but the fleshy wrinkle disappeared and I was left with a frozen forehead in the middle but still had movement and lines an the outside...not a good look.
Today is day 7 and I have just spoken to my practitioner and made an appointment to see her tomorrow. I'm really regretting having botox and never want to have it again, but I can't stand the thought of looking like this for months so will have a correcting injection tomorrow. Hopefully the effect will be that my brows go back to normal, I probably won't have any expression in my forehead at all but that will better than this weird unbalanced set of lines and furrows that occur whenever I animate my face in any way! I absolutely hate the solid, heavy feeling I have in my forehead, and my eyes feel really tired all the time. I'm much more self conscious of it than I ever was about my lines. I'm so worried that I look as if I've had bad botox...I would rather look old and natural!

Had top up today, day 8...

My lovely practitioner actually came to my home today after I text her and told her about my angry brows. She was calm and matter of fact about it, and reassured me that putting a 'little touch' of botox either side would relax those outer brows and give me the result I wanted. I opted not to have any numbing cream today and it didn't hurt at all...she got me to raise my eyebrows and felt my forehead to locate the very end of the muscle and marked it out on both sides before injecting at those 2 points, and she also but a bit in near the top of my forehead. Nothing untoward had happened so far, and there are no marks at all left by the needles, I will post back in 2 days when I should hopefully be able to tell if my spock eyebrows have gone!

15 days after 1st botox

Just a quick update...there's been no improvement in my angry brows since my top up a week ago, but I have had concerns about my brow on the left side seeming lower where it meets my eyelid. This seems to be worse when I'm tired. On the whole I really wish I'd never had botox, the deep line on the right side of my forehead is still there so it hasn't had the desired effect, but now I hate the way my forehead moves when I smile or raise my eyebrows, it just looks completely unnatural and I can't wait for it to wear off.

Still not great...

I still have too much movement in my left eyebrow, the right is not so bad since my top up injection but the left still looks really high when I first wake up, it does improve after I've been up for a while but it's still uneven compared to the other one, and when I raise my eyebrows I get the horrible lines above both outer brows, which really weird as the centre of my forehead doesn't move at all. Have my follow up appointment on the 24th Jan.

2 1/2 months in and wishing it would hurry up and wear off!

Thsi experience just keeps getting worse and worse!! Over the past few weeks the lines around and under my eyes have got a lot worse, it's got to the point now where I don't want to smile because I look so old, I didn't have any lines around my eyes before so it is definitely a byproduct of having my forehead botoxed. I removed all of my previous photos because of the nasty and malicious comments I got by a certain twisted individual, but I wish I hadn't now as I'd like to show you the difference. the good news is that I have a lot more movement in my forehead now so maybe it is starting to wear off. It's crazy to think that I only put myslef through this because of one lousy line in my forehead which only actually disappeared for about 2 weeks! Now it's back and I have really wrinkly old looking eyes, if you are reading this because you have a niggly line in your forehead, grow some bangs instead and save yourself a load of heartache!!
Licensed nurse practitioner

My practitioner is a midwife and RN who also does botox in a beauty salon...she is licensed to administer and prescribe botox and has been doing it for several years.

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