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Here I am finally ready to start my review and...

Here I am finally ready to start my review and journey with surgery. I'm a 33yr old mother of a cool nerdy 15 yr girl, I work in activities in a retirement community and I'm a gym freak. Im here because in 2012 I started my weight loss journy losing about 80lbs in 1 year through prayer, exercise, and healthy eating. After getting to 170lbs I started to get discouraged because of my hanging belly and sagging breast (lose skin). I consulted with a few Drs but honestly its so expensive to live in Newport Beach or socal period my budget was for 5000 $. My supervisor then told me years ago she had a breast reduction at UCLA also my nephew had great dental work by students so I scheduled my appointment and waited 1month for my consult. I will post my consultation this week because its a 2parter but so far I'm happy with the decision I'm making and getting a team of people for my tummy tuck for 4200 $.


I heard back from ucla yesterday I was told my surgery date of april 9th has been put on hold. I was so upset the resident has some other academic work to complete before he can continue with more surgery. I just had my mind set this was gonna be it and I've scheduled time off and told people smh. My first choice for my makeover was Dr. Carmina Cardenas in Tijuana my only issue was taking off from my 15yr old for several days she has school and I don't have anyone locally I trust that much to leave her with. Dr. Cardenas work is amazing she knows how to shape you perfectly and her office is less than 2 hours from my home. I sent a email and called I got a quick response from her assistant Loan she said they are behind on the workload but the Dr herself would go over my email and pics and give me a call. I'm just waiting hopefully I will be able to go in June the day after my daughters last day of school.

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I love this app exactly what I'm looking for.

Dr. Carmina Cardenas, Tijuana

Ok after waiting to hear back from ucla I stayed active in researching more options. A few consults, high quotes, and less than impressive pics later I'm firm on my ps now. I had a great conversation with Dr. Cardenas she was great in understanding what I want and don't want. I explained the bbl was not in my mind at all but she said my butt was a good shape and she could do it for smoothing out the cellulite and shaping purposes it would be consertive. I liked that along with the care she has before and after I'm sooo pleased with all I've seen her do the incision scars are amazing. My quote came out at 6200$ for ett with muscle repair, lipo of my upper&lower back, flanks, a little to my waist and inner thighs and a bbl plus the bcrh 135 $ or 120 if I have a buddy. Im single so Im taking on a scond job until my date. I worked so hard at losing weight so this will just polish off my journey

Deposit paid

Date is set for July 1st I will start working towards saving an additional 3000 $.

New car... new body??

So I've been hanging on to my benz since 2003 and it went to car heaven last week. I've been working out, eating right and saving when my engine blew I was shocked. Luckily I have great credit and got a new car a camry for a good price and rates but I didn't want to go thus route until next year. I'm going to use my car tho for the next few weeks ubering to make some more money I want my body dammit. I soooo wish she took care credit or any credit but Im gonna fight to make this work. I also don't want to cut out anything bbl or recovery house time but time is moving fast. Praying for favor.

New homeowner

I Just wanted to do a quick update and thank all the ladies who shared there journey with me. I didn't get my surgery because besides a new car I had the opportunity to buy my first home . I'm so thankful its been a blessed 2014 BUT Im back on my savings plan to reschedule at least 6 months from now.
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