Silicone high profile Implants, overs, 415cc 48 125lbs 5'3 was 32b now a 32DD

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I am hoping to be a large C small D. I am going...

I am hoping to be a large C small D. I am going for a pre- op tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous!!
I will post more tomorrow about it. I am suppose to get a lift I am hoping to just get the Benelli lift but I heard that stretches out your nipple complex. I was hoping to avoid scars but three Dr.s told me to get a lift. So I guess I can't get out of it without getting poor results so I will get that done....


i went in today i was very honest about what I wanted and I showed the Dr a picture of a lady on this site that I like, Angel2006 So now she understands what I want! YAY... so Im getting 400cc to 450cc overs and no lift. I think I'm boarderline so I didn't want to get a lift yet. Im booked for September 28!! excited...

Pre op

Pre op

I know I'm bigger on one side but we will put one implant slightly bigger on the smaller breast

Wish boobs

My wish boobs !!

5 days until boobies!!!

Hi I'm getting really excited and nervous! It's really going to happen. I've paid in full. I'm just needing to fill prescriptions now and do my pre op lab work. I really hope they turn out nice!

Surgery today!!

I'm off to surgery soon. I'm nervous !! I hope it turns out the way I want. I was told I'd be in surgery from 1230 to 4. That seems like a long time. I hope it's not that long since I'm only getting implants over the muscle. I am very worried about not getting a lift. I guess I can always go back and get one done. The pharmacy would not fill out one of my prescriptions for hydromorphene because I did not bring the prescption to them within five days ?!? That's weird so now I have to get another one filled out today. I hope I don't need to use that anyway and the Tylenol 3s will be good enough. I bought a new bra yesterday but I'm not sure what size I'll be so I might have to return it. I got a 32D. It felt like it almost fit. Anyhow. I think I'll post after surgery.

All done

I'm excited. I don't know what size I am yet as I'm all bandaged. I am happy with what I can see so far.

Day three got the bandages off!!

Hi I'm pretty happy with what I see. I like that I took the bandages off and got to finally see them. I feel better now that I have showered. I put the surgical bra on it kind of moved one boob over and now it feels a little hot?!? Not sure why.

Few more pictures

Here are some more. I'm glad I didn't do a lift I don't think I needed one.

Side by side pic

Here's a good before and after view

Day 5

Feeling a lot better. I'm still not allowed to do much that's hard when you feel like you can. I'm only taking anitobics and a few extra strength Tylenol now.

Felling great off medication

I'm bored I want to do more but I'm worried I might over do it. What have other ladies done at this point five days postop?

Surgical bra

Well it's been a week since surgery everything is going smoothly. I am still taking Tylenol here and there when I feel I'm a little sore. I think the main thing that bothers me is the surgical bra. I find it very uncomfortable. It kind of digs into where my stitches are. I do have gause between the bra and my stitches but boy I sure can't wait until I can get out of this thing. My boobs are still pretty firm and in place. They only really move if I lay down I don't think they have moved in the first week very much. I hope this is okay. My nipples are numb. I hoping they come together a little more when they drop. I can't wait to get back to the gym. I'm so worried though about the first time I workout. How that's going feel as I like to work with heavy weights. Going shopping tomorrow for some new bras and clothes and I'm excited to see my new shape in clothes.

32DD from LA Senza

Just a few pictures

Did I go to big ????

My man is kind of freaking me out at times. He says what have you done. I laugh at him. But now I wondering if I did. I told him it's not like returning clothes you can't just change the size! More surgery and more money. I squished them together today and looks like you can see the implant pop up a bit. Weird. Otherwise they are still tight and firm. I know I've read a lot about dropping and fluffing but I feel like I wish they would hurry up and change.

Feeling great

Been a month now my scars are almost gone they healed so well. I was told to start my massage now. That felt fine. I'm still a little sensitive on my nipples but to squeeze them feels fine. Here are my latest pictures.

Scar healing nicely

One month after scar pic

Feeling like they are part of me now

I have most of my sensitively back they are starting to feel like part of me now. I'm a 32ddd. I think I might go down a cup size though as I gained weight from not working out and now I'm losing.

My breast feel natural and I think look natural

No problems healing well. I work out all the time now. I do keep my sports bra on or regular bra all the time as I worry about skin stretching. I have a comfortable sports bra so I sleep in it.

One year post op

Almost one year post op. Still loving my results. I do still have numbness under my breasts not sure if that will come back?
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