25 Mother of Two Kids - UAE, Dubai

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Hello everyone I am so excited to share me journey...

hello everyone
I am so excited to share me journey with you guys i always wanted this surgery since i had my first beautiful baby 4 years ago. I had a nice body i still do, but i need to feel more confident about some parts of my body as we all want. I am going to have liposuction in the belly area and thighs. Fat transfer to my side Hips i am not sure what it's called. My doctor has suggested a mini tummy tuck which will makes my skin tight and better condition i am not sure if i can accept the scar over the stretch marks. I really appreciate your support. Will keep this page updated.


hello everyone i had my procedure today i was so afraid and excited at the same time, i feel very slight pain not much i walk i stand but my bCk little hurts but i am fine my family supports me and help me in taking care of my two kids. I had local ansethesia with medication made me feel relaxed and sleepy. Here are some pictures

Day 4

So i am in my 4th day post lipo, no pain just discomfort. I had shower today i don't i see much difference. I hope it's just swollen and it will go down.

One week

No difference. Hate this feeling, even my hips which had fat transplant not changed. ????

Almost 3 weeks,

hi every1. So far i am not really satisfied with the result but all i can do is waiting. I walk everyday try to eat healthy food. Please tell me what u guys think.
Dr Riad Roomi

He seems friendly and an experienced doctor in his field, i kept asking a lot of questions and his answers were very clear

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