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I just hope to be more comfortable in and out of...

I just hope to be more comfortable in and out of my clothes. I want to be able to buy shirts off the rack that are not so large they look like potato sacks, and bras that I can actually try on before purchasing, that don't poke, bind, pinch, creep or sag. Do you know that song "do your ears hang low"? That is how I feel about my boobs. And the tummy... well 2 kids, large babies, and 60 pounds weight gain since I was 18 have taken their toll. I've lost 12 and continue to loose, but it's slow. Even if I lost down to the 120's I'd still have a pooch so it's discouraging.


You know that last month of pregnancy, when you know this is all coming to an end. Your belly will go down and you will stop running into stuff and be in your old clothes again (or hopefully). That's kinda how I feel right now. When I can't reach something because my boobs are in the way, or when I'm at the store, and I say to myself "no shopping for clothes until after" it reminds me of that last month of pregnancy. I'm so anxious, and fearful at the same time.

Mammogram done

Had to get my mammogram today since it was almost time anyway. One more step towards the goal. Next Wednesday is my pre-op. Hubby does not want me to do this, had a roller-coaster discussion tonight. Still struggling with the decision. I'm ready, but he's not. Can't exactly pin him down on why. This makes the decision even harder.

I'm gonna be a grandma!

I got great news, my son and his wife are expecting, and it will be my first grand baby. Now I'm all worried about dying and never seeing my grandchild. I know it's ridiculous, but I guess I need to worry about something.

Hubby and I had a great talk and I think he will do fine, I'm not worried about him right now. On Wednesday I have my pre-op with my Doctor and will update then.

Had my pre-op consultation today

All went well, signed tons of paperwork, paid 1/3 and got my prescriptions and photos taken. They answered all my questions and concerns. Just another step closer. Next stop is for an EKG. 3 more weeks!!!! Starting to get excited.

mammogram normal, one more step closer

got my results from my mammogram that I needed before the procedure. It's normal and surprise, most of my breast tissue is fat! That's good in one way, but wow, do I really need so much fat there???? it's better than being dense for health reasons. So goodbye to 1# of fat there and who knows how much more in my tummy. Counting down to the 4th.

EKG and blood work done, One more step closer 21 days and counting

EKG and blood work done, One more step closer 21 days and counting, starting to get excited.

some better before photos

Had hubby take these

and now i'm sick,

I was exposed to strep throat on Saturday at a funeral, and I've been under the weather ever since. But I don't think it's strep, I think it's allergies. but when I get allergies that make me feel sick it almost always progresses to an upper respiratory infection and takes forever to clear up. So I decided to call my PS and ask for a Zpak. She did not hesitate to call one in for me and asked me to call back if I start running a fever. I sure hope this does not cause my procedures to be postponed. AHHHHHH!

Week of ups and downs

This week has been marked with lots of doubts, but I'm still moving forward. I appear to be on the mend from my illness, which was probably allergies. I have lost about 15 pounds in the last year, and someone saw me today and said I look like I've taken years off not just pounds. I was so surprised to hear these words, I'm not good with compliments. I still feel so fat and unattractive, but I'm realizing that I'm probably not as gross as I feel that I am. I'm trying to work on my self esteem issues and I'm not going to depend on this surgery for that. Even if I decided I diddn't need it for cosmetic reasons, there are so many health reasons to have it done. The BR/BL is an absolute necessity IMHO and if they go down the tummy has to go down too. Once my muscles are repaired, I hope to relieve the back and hip pain as well as maybe the stress incontinence I seem to have. Getting older is so much fun. In two weeks, I'll be home and recovering if all goes well. It's so hard to wait.

Feeling better and ready to get this show on the road

I've decided to focus on the positive instead of be fearful for the negatives of what is coming up. In 2 weeks I'll be home and healing and hopefully the worst will be over with. I'm getting excited, and trying to keep myself busy. This waiting is so hard. On the bright side, My cold or allergies of whatever is at the tail end, and never developed into anything serious. On Wednesday I've got an Appt to look at before/after photos, I had to do a special request for these, and will be meeting with a cosmetic consultant and not the doctor. I will also pay my last installment. June 4th can't come quickly enough.


The other night, I went and raided my old girdle drawer, yep I have a couple of those torture devices. It's been years since I put it on and I'm many pounds heavier. But I wanted to see a kind of preview of how I might look in a few weeks. I was able to hook it up which was a miracle in itself. Threw a shirt on top of it and some pants and marveled at what flat looks like. I like what I saw, and it wasn't really all that flat. Still had the pooch poking out the bottom.Hopefully real life will be much better. Tick Tock Tick Tock, Can't wait for June 4.

Day after tomorrow

Getting more and more anxious by the day. To help this I'm forcing myself not to think about it. I'm spending time with family and friends, getting things gathered and tieing up loose ends. Laundry is done, groceries are purchased, temporary help at work is trained (kinda). I really feel very accomplished, it's nice to be caught up for once.

Now for healing

I'm done will write more when I get home. Attaching a photo.

Healing day 1

What a wonderful blessing for me that the nurse caring for me overnight night has had this Same procedure herself. Just a little something extra God did for me. today has been a bit harder. I am hurting down the middle but I can deal with it. I don't like how the med makes my head swim but it's better than pain. Hubby is being a great help , don't know what I'd do without him.I get a shower tomorrow, I'm sure that will feel both good and bad but looking forward to it. Hang in there everyone, we can do this,

Getting clean feels so good

Hubby and I spent the morning washing me and getting me all situated. First I gave pain meds 20 mins st start working . It all went well. Washed hair. Sponged body, clean face and clothes make a huge difference. The process went real well. He is being a fantastic caregiver I am so blessed . Here are a few pics he took during the process .

Recovery day 2

Day 4

day 4 thoughts.

today I had a short careful shower, and took a short car ride with hubby. Mid day I started hurting so I took more pain meds and slept and slept. Then I took an ibuprofen and found that it helped a lot and I was able to delay my next pain med for another hour. walking is getting easier, as is getting up and down from the chair. Each day is a little better. it still hurts a lot to cough. Have not had a BM yet, but I don't feel backed up either, so I'm just gonna relax about that. Hope all of you are doing great too, and healing up nicely.

Post of appt tomorrow,hopefully no more drains`

I'm doing great on all fronts except the BM. Still waiting, and waiting. OTC meds are working better than the prescrip pain meds. With hubbies help, I did a load of laundry today. It's all good so far, hope my appt goes well.

Still progressing nicely

I'm only taking pain meds at night now. Last night my back got in spasm from staying in one position too long. Had to get up and asked hubby to rub it out. I also changed from the recliner to the bed, with stacks of pillows and a wedge. This worked nicely for the rest of the night. Showered by myself this morning, it's so nice not having the drains. All incisions look good, I am oosing in one area, but I would imagine this is normal. I still like what I see and can't wait to see how everything settles. I'm so surprised to be as far along as I am in the healing process and it's only been 6 days.

Don't eat reclined

I just had a horrible experience. I'm innocently sitting in my recliner, eating my lunch and reading RS comments. When I felt that dreaded tickle in the back of my throat. I'm struggling to get the recliner in the upright position, foot rest stuck on something underneath the chair. No extra pillow handy and it starts. A full fledged I'm choking coughing fit. Hubby sees my struggle, tries to get me upright and forward. I'm choking out words like Pillow and Drink and can't stop the incessant coughing. Tears running down my eyes, one spasm following another, can't breath deep, just cough, cough, cough and Oh how my abdomen is hating this. Finally able to calm things down a bit, a piece of mint candy has now soothed my throat and made the tickle/cough subside. I sure hope I didn't rip something. Now that was the worst pain so far, but it's over. I wonder what a sneeze feels like???

Swell he'll has arrived

Not a great day

Looking back since sx I can see that I am doing much better. I think that I thought, based on my early progress that I would be further along by now, that is probably where I made my mistake. TT area is healing nicely, I am swollen and puffy but I know that will go down so I try not to think about it, It's not that uncomfortable. I am standing mostly strait and am able to go out. Hubby and I even went to a movie and out to dinner today. The BR area is another story. Since having the drains removed the breasts continue to swell and the skin feels so tight and uncomfortable. Is it pain, I'm not sure, if I bump them yes, pain, but it's mostly just super uncomfortable. I just hope it goes down soon. On the upside, I'm almost walking up right, I'm off of all prescription pain meds and the digestion is working more normally. I've gone out to a movie and to a couple of restaurants. all in all, progress, I just wish it was faster.

I had a great night's sleep

It's amazing what a good nights sleep can do. Woke up feeling great. Still swollen but feeling much better. I'm off all prescription pain meds and the digestion is working much better now. Then I went to turn on my phone and apparently my water glass condensation, creeped into my phone last night and killed it. I've been needing to upgrade for awhile, but then when I went downstairs to get online, Our internet was down. It ended up being down all day and I was also all day with no phone so I felt really disconnected. finally talked hubby iinto taking me to get a new phone in the evening and internet is finally working again. Only problem is it's 1:30 am and I'm wide awake. I guess the nice nap I had this afternoon wasn't the best idea. Oh well, I'm feeling better so It's all OK. Hope everyone else is healing well out there.

Swelling day 12

Belly button stitches removed

Just got back from a Post Op appt. She removed steristrips and replaced them with new ones. Also BB stitches are out. I go back in 4 weeks. I think I'm going to go back to work on a short day basis tomorrow. Had the doc take a photo with the steristrips out.

My nest

This is my current perch. The chair is a recliner. I've got my computer on the rolling table that I found at a garage sale for $5. Side tables hold all sorts of things I need from a back scratcher to a reaching tool and of course remotes for the TV.

spreadsheet of progress

Surgery date was June 4. Procedure was Breast Reduction, Lift and Tummy Tuck with muscle repair and side lipo. This is a general chart of my daily progress through day 18 post op. Thought it might help someone. My progress should not be considered typical. Every person is different. I'm a fairly healthy and moderately active (not athletic) age 50 mom of 2 grown sons. surgery date weight 146, after 1 year of weight loss. Day 18 weight 139. Hope this helps someone

This time with the photo

Surgery date was June 4. Procedure was Breast Reduction, Lift and Tummy Tuck with muscle repair and side lipo. This is a general chart of my daily progress through day 18 post op. Thought it might help someone. My progress should not be considered typical. Every person is different. I'm a fairly healthy and moderately active (not athletic) age 50 mom of 2 grown sons. surgery date weight 146, after 1 year of weight loss. Day 18 weight 139. Hope this helps someone

3 weeks update photos

Swollen belly, reduced bruising, pain decreasing, energy increasing, still tire easily and need otc pain meds regularly for aches .

Progress continues

At this point I'll be one month PO in about 3 days. I'm back on my old schedule pretty much, but with much needed rest periods throughout the day. Sleeping well, and able to "fake it" around people and not act too stiff etc. Looks to me like I've got some real swelling in the TT area and that is kinda depressing, but I keep reminding myself where I've come from, and that this swelling is normal. The boobs are, the most uncomfortable part, at this point. They are swollen, tight and my bras rub on them, even though I'm wearing very very comfortable stretchy bras. they are just so tender that anything rubbing is very irritating. They are hard on the bottom, and swollen out the sides and my arms rub them as I move. The inside and top are softening up though. Right now I'm bra-less and they are not hanging down at all and that is such a wonderful feeling. No more boob sweat, and shoulder pain. I can kinda sleep on my side, but I'm still more comfortable on my back, with a pillow under my knees. I've done a little clothing shopping, and It's wonderful to be able to fit into everything I try on. I find that I'm not buying a lot because I'm not looking for the needle in the haystack and just getting something because it fits. I love being able to grab a medium off the rack and have it look good on me. I'm so glad I did this, just a little impatient for the final results.

1 month today

1 month today. Photo below shows before then just after and one month post. As you can see swelling is increasing still at this point when compared to the first post photo

6 weeks

had my 6 weeks appt today. No more tape, no more binder. I think I'll use it if I'm doing something strenuous just to feel more comfortable. She does not need to see me again till October, unless I need her. Said I might have some spitting stitches and I should call their office if that happens. I am about 90% back regarding activity level. It is still hard to reach the second shelf in my cabinets due to the BR. Sometimes at night I turn a funny way and I feel it. Sometimes after sitting or eating I have trouble standing up strait. Usually going to the bathroom will help with that. Still swollen and she said that may take a few month, but I'm already seeing some of my hourglass shape returning. I have an itchy rash under each boob that may be from tape. I'm treating it with creams I have at home but may have to call the doc if it does not clear up soon. I'm so glad to be on this side of the recovery and so glad I did this. Shopping is so much fun now.

don't expect to be back to your old self by 6 weeks

6 weeks and don't expected to be completely healed yet. so I was cleared on Tuesday which was just a few days shy of 6 weeks exactly. I had all tape removed and am able to go without the binder. Those two things put me back just a bit. Where the tape was I may have a dermatitis that is real itchy or it might just be healing. My mid section where the muscle repair was is very tender, and some movements are hard. The binder kinda protected that before, but I don't want to become dependent on it so I'm not wearing it unless I'm doing something strenuous like mild yard work. Please realize you'll have tenderness for some time to come. One other thing that is kind of annoying, is that if I eat or drink too much I get real uncomfortable. Last night we went to dinner and I had a lot of water. When I got up from the table I could hardly stand up strait and it felt like all my dinner was pushing up on my lungs which may have been exactly what was going on. Once home I peed about 4 or 5 times within an hour feeling better each time. So from now on I'm going to limit my liquid with meals and my portions too, which is always a good thing. I fill up faster and I think it's because there is less room for my stomach to grow and hopefully this will help me take off some more weight. The other night while weeding a flower bed I got stung by a red wasp. I proceed to run/hop into the house for ice and baking soda. I do not suggest running or hopping, LOL. But my brain went into auto drive and I didn't even think about my mid section tenderness, until later when I was hurting. Fortunately Hubby avenged me and killed the nest. He is my hero! I'm not complaining I am happy with my progress but I wish all the discomfort was gone, but it is not. Ladies this takes longer than 6 weeks to heal, I'm just saying.

Some comparison photos

Some comparison of healing from breast reduction. Left most photo of each grid is 6 weeks post and the the right photo is 10 days later. Bubbly areas are stretch marks which seem to balloon out from swelling

2 month photos

Still swollen. Better flexibility and range of motion and energy level.

unexpected results on my back

I had no idea I'd see an improvement on my back but thought it might be a possibility. While I wait for swelling to go down on my tummy, I thought I'd show you a before/after back shot.

3 month update

It's been 3 months since my TT and BR. Although I am still puffy and swollen, I could not be happier (unless I wasn't puffy and swollen). Here are my update photos. I'm down from a size 10-12 to a size 8 pants, and the top is a wonderful, perfect "full c" I think. I've beben able to wear those bras that are stretchy and are S, M, L and XL, so they are not the normal A,B, C, D Sizing. I was a DDD before. Being able to wear those comfy bras is a great relief.

spitting stitch, and update on swelling and bulgy belly

Had to go in today because of a spitting stitch. It was not in the TT area, but in the BR area. It looked like a black pimple but didn't hurt because I'm still numb there. I just happened to notice it.
While I was there, I asked about the swelling and this is what she said. It may not all be swelling. Because we were recouperating we were resting and not using those muscles so they need to be used again, to tighten up. Some of it is swelling. She said I should see a huge difference from where I am now to 6 months and then to 1 year out. She also said I could do sit ups and other exercises, and not worry about hurting anything. Even if I get sore, that is OK. She pinched around and said that I don't have a lot of fat so the bulging is from below the muscle around my gut area and that needs my help to come off. So back to work I get with my working out. Can't wait to see what I look like next Summer.

4 month update

4 months today. I have not seen much of a change in size in the last month but when I measure I'm down about 1/2" at the hips and just over an inch at the belly button. I like how I look in my clothes, so I'm going to stop focusing on how I look naked. I probably won't post any more updates until 6 and 12 months. Hope this helps someone out there to see the healing process. good luck to all of you who have yet to make this decision. I would do it again and am so glad I did it. Especially the BR/BL that has been a total life changer. The TT was purely cosmetic and has really helped my self esteem. I'm continuing to work via diet and exercise to stay healthy and hopefully tone up even more. I say go for it!

better collage on side view

cut off the important stuff in the last photo update, here's a better one.

5 Months update photos

I feel great, healing continues I think I'm seeing finished results. I'll continue with the weight loss and trying to exercise to get where I want to be. Best of luck to you all. I'd definitely do it again.

6 months progress

6 months progress, It's hard to believe it's been 6 months already. Still making progress, scars are fading slowly, and Life is good. No regrets.

One year Post today

Posting some updated photo collages to honor my one year surge-versary. I'm so happy to have done this and I continue to see improvement. I wanted to focus on scars etc. In the last month I've added a few (3) pounds on and wish I was going in the other direction. Will get working on that. I decided to post the photos anyway. So for all of you just getting started, this is the first year of healing in a nutshell.

Just a little selfie with some clothes on. Looks much better this way.

I love my boobs!!!!

The biggest difference is how I feel in clothing.

1 year plus

Hi all, today I'm feeling fat. that happens about once a month LOL, you know the feeling. Well I thought I'd take a look back and ran across this "before" photo my hubby snapped in the pre-op room. Made me realize how far I'd come.
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

I'm so thrilled with my results. Dr O knows her stuff and she knows what women want. I'm so glad I found her and would go to her again, if I have the need. She listened to what I was wanting and gave me exactly what I asked for. I am one happy camper.

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