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I'm 30 years young 5'3" and currently weight...

I'm 30 years young 5'3" and currently weight 150-ish. I've lost a little over 100 pounds very slowly over the past few years. My overall goal has always been to just to try be healthy...but lately as I get nearer to my weight goal of 135 pounds I find myself really unhappy about my saggy skin and flabby belly.

I've wanted this for quite some time now and warred back and forth with guilt over spending such a large sum of money and feeling like I'm just being vain about my appearance. I've finally decided that if I don't do it now while I'm still young I'll just look back and wish I had...vain or not.

I'm in the process of working out getting consultations set up but probably won't be able to actually have one for a couple months since I'm pretty much tied at the hip to my job right now. In the mean time I hope to be able to drop some of the remaining pounds I'm working on loosing. Its been so exciting to read the experiences of everyone here, I can't wait to really get started on my own journey to the flat side :)

I've scheduled an appointment for consultation on...

I've scheduled an appointment for consultation on Sept. 25th with Dr. Saar here in Tyler. I've heard very good things about him and in doing some research I've found that I'm not so interested in checking out a few of the other surgeons I thought I would. I still have an open mind to my end PS but am excited about meeting Dr. Saar and his staff. I'm super stoked and nervous but so so ready to get this ball rolling and be rid of this tire around my waist! I wish I could go sooner but all good things come in time, right? :)

Let me first say please forgive the fact that this...

Let me first say please forgive the fact that this post isn't really TT related...
I've never been one to love the waiting process involved in making big decisions but I am well aware of how important it is to give yourself time to really think things through. I think I may have given myself too much time to think about what I want to discuss with my PS during my consultation though. Ever since I made my mind up to get REAL about having my TT and actually do it I've toyed with the idea of also having a BA. Just like my back and forth feelings on the TT I've gone back and forth on the implant situation. Several years ago when I was just over 250 pounds and sporting a full C I would never have thought I'd ever even want to consider implants. Now at 145 I'm working within an inch of my life to convince my bra that I've got half enough to fill a B. Soooo I started thinking implants are something I'm interested in. Don't get me wrong I actually like my small boobages. I'm a runner along with a whole host of other sporty like activities-er and my small ones sort of fit me. However, they are not perky or full at all and I don't love that aspect so much. I don't actually want to be bigger than I am now just fuller and perky. The thing is I'm totally terrified of implants. Just like I scoured every bit of information and stories I could on TTs I've done the same for BAs and let me tell you the stories there scare the ever loving crap outta me. Things like autoimmune illness from saline implants and huge complications from silicone implants rupturing. Not to mention one woman's sworn story that her husbands weight on her during/after sex popped one of her implants. HOLY CRAP! Now I've pretty much scared myself into thinking I can live with my deflated boobies. :( But since I let myself dream the dream of pert and perky tatas I'm more than just a bit down in the dumps about the girls staying the way they are.
Anybody know where I'm coming from? Or am I just weirding out over here.
Again sorry for the lack of TT related information, just needed to vent.

Super stoked to have set my date but thinking now...

Super stoked to have set my date but thinking now I might be a crazy woman. Surgery right after the stress of the holiday season? No probs I can handle it! Maybe?! I knew going into this that I'd have to schedule my surgery for shortly after Christmas, somewhere around the first of the year but two days after Christmas....jeez glutton for punishment table for one. But now down to the good stuff :)
I'm scheduled for a full TT & MR with some small lipo around the flank/hip area and still in the air about this part but a BL at the same time. Since my surgery is set so far out I'm still swinging back and forth on the BL (also have a review going about that too if anyone is interested) thing but the TT is most definitely ON! I feel really good about my PS choice, he made me feel very comfortable and was completely honest about my expectations on what can and cannot be achieved. I particularly liked his conservative nature of going about things and he has a great reputation of achieving the most natural results possible. He assured me that what I've got going on around my belly is almost completely skin and not fat. A small bright point in the hugely scary/embarrassing thing of showing my naked body to one of the few other people that's seen it besides my husband, ever....and I use almost super human tactics to hide most of it from him. Another highlight of the whole thing was when the good Dr. told me once he's done tightening up my stomach muscles they could literally bounce a quarter off of them. I was like "Yes please, I want that thing you just said!"
I'm still hoping to loose another 10 pounds or so before my surgery date but honestly I'm not sweating too hard about that part. I want to look the best I can but I pack a lot of muscle and just tend to be a thick girl. I kind of think if I loose too much weight I'll start to look not so hot, or like another member here said about themselves loosing too much weight "like a crack ho". Lol
Sometime soon I'll get the courage up to post some before photos but I'm kinda thinking that might involve a drink beforehand.
Until next time my tummy tuck ladies :)

Less than two months and counting till the big day...

Less than two months and counting till the big day and TRUST I've totally been counting!! I finally worked up the courage to take some pre-op pics even though I'm still hoping to drop a few pounds before surgery. Still not on the freak out mode with the weight loss though because honestly having really taken the time to evaluate how I truly feel about my body lately I'm okay with the basic state of affairs so to speak. I'm healthy, I work out on the regular, I eat right (most of the time) and that's all that matters. I'm a thick girl and that's okay too. I've never been skinny in my life. Ever. That too is okay with me. The real bugger is the nasty dough boy pudge that refuses to go away no matter how much I tell it I hate it. I can't even describe the feeling of frustration during yoga in a low or forearm hover when my tummy skin touches the ground and nothing else does! Or how uncomfortable it is to feel my belly jiggling when I go for a run. I've been gathering things here and there trying to prepare myself as much as I can because I'm terrified it'll get right down to the wire and I'll not be ready for it.
So far only a handful of people know about me doing this. Just my hubby & Mom and Dad. If I can help it that's were the train will stop. I didn't really want to tell anyone aside from my husband but I run a business with my Dad so telling him was just a hair unavoidable. I intended to not tell my Mom due to the epic nature of her mouth but decided it would be too difficult for my Dad to have to cover for me if I didn't. Aside from my mother keeping her mouth closed the only other major hurdle in the surgery secrecy alliance is my MIL. Did I mention that she lives with my husband and I? Did I mention that she actually tops MY mother in her epic relaying of everyone else's business? Yes and yes. Those are both accurate statements folks. My husband thinks its unavoidable but I think she has other kids that could house her for just a bit so that I can get back to normal enough for her to never know the difference. Besides the holidays are a perfect excuse for her to travel somewhere else for a while. Not only do I know with an absolute certainty in the nether regions of my soul that she will tell anything that will listen to her what I'm doing she will also hardcore judge me for it. Also she just kind of stresses me out in general....blah. Oh well for now I'll just keep truckin along counting off the days and trying to prepare myself as best I can. Hope all of you out there post and pre-op are all doing well!

Whoa just 2 weeks till my pre-op and only one...

Whoa just 2 weeks till my pre-op and only one month until the big day!! I've been trying really hard to stay focused on the tasks at hand but I can't help but think throughout the day about THE day getting closer and closer. I thought that maybe because I initially had to schedule my surgery so far out I'd be over the flex of emotions by now but I still find myself ranging from excited to scared and still the guilt gets me sometimes. I know in my heart that this is right for me though. I know how much better and freer I'll feel personally and intimately to have the skin gone. I really look at this as the last chapter in my weight loss journey too. It feels like I can finally put my check mark of finality on it...if that makes sense. One thing I've been slowly working on is getting the little bits and pieces together. I just don't want to have to do any massive gathering of stuff close to Christmas. One thing that's really been freaking me out is the immobility of the whole thing. I'm an extremely active person and hate being restricted so I'm afraid I'll over do it. I know I'll miss working out and at this point don't want to miss any kind of activity I can get in since I know I'll be out of the game for a while. Also been concerned about having meals made ahead. I try to stay away from prepackaged and focus on fresh and non-processed foods but when the husband is in charge its peanut butter sandwiches all around. So I've been working on devising set of frozen meals I can make ahead....suggestions? Anywho hope all that have been there are healing well and to those of us anxiously awaiting our turn one foot in front of the other and we'll get there too :)

Somebody talk me down. Lol I'm officially going...

Somebody talk me down. Lol I'm officially going through the OMG am I really going to put myself into elective surgery faze. All I've been able to think about the past two days is what if something happens and its all my stupid fault cause I just HAD to have a flat belly and normal belly button. Someone please reassure me I won't die on the table or have some freakish complication. In my heart I know everything will be fine but I guess the stress of Christmas shopping and making sure everything is together prior to surgery is really working on me.
Maybe if I throw a few question for those of you already on the flat out there it'll take my mind of the other....
How long before you wore normal clothes and were comfortable? I wear fairly loose casual clothing at work but mostly jeans and I'm afraid I'll have to go buy bigger clothes to accommodate the binder/swelling.
How active (normal everyday type stuff) were you a week out of surgery? Two weeks?
If you slept in a recliner at first how long before you were able to sleep in your bed with a reasonable amount of comfort.
Did you have a GC picked out before surgery or did you wait? Also where did you get yours did you order it or find it in a local store?
Anyone take colloidal silver after finishing their antibiotics to help prevent infection?

Did my pre-op today and holy crap none of this...

Did my pre-op today and holy crap none of this really felt real until I managed to scratch out the largest check amount I've ever written. Ouch! But great googly moogly am I excited now. I will officially be having a TT with MR and BL. I can't help be overwhelmed with the idea that for the first time in EVER I'll have a normal belly and belly button! I keep looking in the mirror moving my belly around this way and that trying hard to figure out what I really look like under there. Crazy? Haha probably. I'm still terrified of the recovery but I guess most of us are. As far as being prepared I've got almost all of my Christmas shopping done and have most of my make ahead meals made. I've still got some things to gather as far as post op supplies go but not so much that its unmanageable. One thing my surgeon mentioned that I wanted to throw out to you ladies is since I'm a red head my scars may stay redder longer than others. Any other red heads out there ever heard that? I don't have any other scars to really gauge with except a scar on my forehead from busting it open as a kid. But that healed so light you have to be right up in my face to see it.

I'm like a kid at Christmas for reals, I can...

I'm like a kid at Christmas for reals, I can hardly stand the anticipation! Just one small week from Thursday and I'll have my new awesome flat flat flat tummy :) I'm feeling pretty prepared overall. I've manage to gather my post op goodies with the exception of my scripts which I'm picking up after work today. I'd planned on borrowing one of my parents recliners so I could have one in the bedroom and leave the one in our living room where it is so I'd have options as far as where I decided to hang out and sleep. I didn't have time to get it this last weekend though and I don't think I'll have time to pick it up before surgery. So I'm kinda thinking maybe I can manage sleeping in bed all propped up?? Of course I can sleep in our living room but that puts me out where the mother in law roams and her feet are constantly set on stomp. Not too mention I want to try to stay away from her prying eyes as much as possible since I'm not actually telling her exactly what I'm doing. Small worries though, I'm still smiling like a huge goof ball thinking the day is getting closer and closer!

I've been talking back and forth with my pharmacy...

I've been talking back and forth with my pharmacy and Dr.s office for the past 3 days trying to get my prescriptions filled and I'll be if it still hasn't happened yet! I'm supposed to start taking my antibiotics Christmas Eve and so if the Dr.s office doesn't get my scripts in by the end of today I'll not be able to get them until the day before my surgery. Ugg!

Whew! I was really starting to get freaked!!...

Whew! I was really starting to get freaked!! Thankfully whatever was kinking the lines between my PS office and pharmacy is resolved. Hallelujah Amen

I hope everyone out there in realselfland had a...

I hope everyone out there in realselfland had a Merry Christmas. I'm in the middle of East Texas and lo and behold I get snow for Christmas, what a trip! Finishing up the last of my cleaning and laundry today...whatever else I've missed or forgotten will just have to be okay. I still need to pack my bag for the hospital but not really sure of what to take. I guess I'll just bring a pair of sweats, socks and underwear? Anyway, to all my ladies going in tomorrow..good luck, you're in my prayers and see you on the flat side :)

Surgery was yesterday morning at 7:30AM. All went...

Surgery was yesterday morning at 7:30AM. All went well it took about 4 hours for my TT with MR and BL. They didn't use a catheter and I had to pee almost immediately upon being taken to my post op hospital room. Since I was already up and moving around my nurse had me walk down the hall and back...not too terribly far but enough to wear me smooth out and make me feel like I might vomit. Thankfully I didn't though. I ate a few bites of supper a little while after that and slipped in and out of sleep for a few hours. All throughout the night I got up on my own to go use the bathroom, after the first few times it wasn't any huge deal but I did almost always have to hit my morphine pump after I'd get settled back into bed. By morning I wasn't using the pump extra at all, although there was still a small drip going into my system anyway. Also, my drains were draining pretty heavily right of the bat but slowed way down later. This morning I had a little breakfast and waited to see my surgeon. He came in just after noon and took a look at my incisions. He said they look good (it was hard for me too see and frankly I was a little afraid to look so soon anyway) but I have a little bit of fluid build up down the center line of my belly. Nothing to be worried about he says just make sure I wear my binder nice and tightly all weekend. I can shower anytime I want to but I don't think I have the energy to do it today, maybe tomorrow morning. All in all I feel WAY better than expected not much pain just a lot of soreness and discomfort. Hope all my Dec. 27th ladies are doing well, off to check on all of ya! Happy healing to everyone :)

I slept far better than expected last night and...

I slept far better than expected last night and felt pretty good when I got up this morning. I took a pain pill first thing and ventured into the bathroom to shower. I was able to shower and wash my hair without sitting down although washing my hair was not quite a "real" washing, more of a rinse :) I dealt with my drains, put on fresh clothes and then ate a little breakfast. I'm not in too much pain just sore and a little nauseous. I've been dealing with a little chest congestion and trying to cough up whats in my chest is ROUGH but not unbearable. Pressing a pillow against my tummy helps when I have to cough. I took a few pics after my shower...sorry they're a little blurry and for flashing the boobages. The breast lift looks a little strange right now because of fluid collection in the underarm area but that should calm down soon. To be honest I was terrified to take off my bandages that first time but after they were off I was so pleased at what I saw I forgot most of my fear. I'm swollen and bruised but liking what I see so far. I still don't have much of an appetite but managed a protein smoothy with pineapple and spinach for breakfast this morning. Herbal tea is really the only thing that sounds good to me right now but I'm sure that will change soon enough. I hope everyone is doing well today!

Actually its more of a love/hate thing. I love it...

Actually its more of a love/hate thing. I love it cause its the only place I can really get comfortable and hate it because I'm stuck in it for what seems like forever. Seriously though how do people watch TV all day? I'm nearly in a freak out wanting to do something, anything other than watch people complain about the feng shui or lack there of in their dining room and kitchen. I've tried reading but every time I get really involved in my book my husband turns on some car show or wants to talk about something or another so I've given up reading until night time when the house is nice and quite. I washed my binder and bandage this morning since I had a little seepage on both, going without the bandages for a while was both liberating and awful at the same time. I had this feeling like my insides might fall out but still it was nice to actually take a good deep breath. The whole time I sat in my chair with my arms wrapped around my midsection like I could hold it all in. The husband found it quite amusing and also necessary to try to make me laugh, the cheeky monkey. I'm a little curious about my drains, they're not putting out much at all. Only 10cc from both overnight and from the looks of them now I don't even have 5cc in either. How bout my other post op ladies, how have your drains been doing? Does this seem normal? So far today I've only needed a little extra strength Tylenol still for the bit of soreness I'm feeling in the upper most part of my abdomen. I've wrapped my binder a little tighter than it was yesterday and that seemed to help with that too. Other than mass boredom and the fidgeting need to do things all is pretty well...except for the ridiculously hellish gas I've got for some reason or another.

PO day 4 and dude am I swollen along my mid-line...

PO day 4 and dude am I swollen along my mid-line above my bellybutton. My guess is its from the MR? I've got the weirdest feeling there too almost like its squishy inside and pushing against my skin...if that makes any kind of sense. Its also the place I feel the most sore aside from my BL incision that extends under my arms, that's been a little sore too. The only thing that seems to make me feel any better is to tighten my binder up but then I loose the luxury of deep breathing. Side note, my PS office called bright and early this morning to let me know they moved my first PO appointment to Thursday instead of today. I'm sure his nurse could hear the devastation in my voice as I so pleadingly explained that surely these devil drains should come out since they're only putting out a minimal amount anymore. I guess my attempt at pulling her heart strings wasn't good enough. Though now I'm wondering if maybe its best I keep them for a while since I'm still so squishy along my center line and according to my PS the drains go clear up to underneath my breasts. Still I, like my sisters in drain incarceration, hate them more than anything right now. I've also formed a small blister right next to my belly button which as I suspected the PS instructed me to clean, put antibiotic cream on and cover with gauze. Apparently its no biggie and something that happens pretty regularly. I'm still pretty hunched over and feeling like a Mondoshawan from the 5th Element. Google it, you'll likely recognize the feeling. Hunched back, swollen midsection, arms dangling strangely at your sides, slow shuffle everywhere you roam...or maybe that's just my overactive imagination. Though my shuffle is getting pretty speedy, as far as a shuffle could be anyway. Anywho to all of you out there that are just starting your journey I wish you best of luck and to all my ladies in recovery keep trucking everyday gets better :)

PO day 6 and I'm sick with the cold my husband had...

PO day 6 and I'm sick with the cold my husband had last week. I'm usually pretty immune to colds and things that go around but I guess my body just took to much of a hit with the surgery and was too week to heal and fight off a cold at the same time. Other than the stuffy/runny nose and cough that sneaks up on me and kills I'm pretty good. Oh and blowing the old honker is a real chore, if possible at all sometimes. Its crazy! I never ever knew how many mundane things I do every day that require use of multiple ab muscles. Cold withstanding the past couple days I've progressed back into doing a few "normal" everyday things like laundry, loading the dish washer and even semi cooked dinner last night (which means I put a meal I premade in the oven Lol). Every bit of normalcy I can put into my day both fights the boredom and makes me feel a little more human like again. I'm not sure but it feels like I'm standing just a tiny bit straighter and pain is pretty much nonexistent as long as I don't cough too deeply or laugh hard or bump up against anything where my incision goes around my hips. Every time I look at my tummy I'm in awe of it. I still have stretchmarks and I'll never be rocking a bikini but damn if I'm not over the moon and back anyway. I can't stress enough how much reading all the reviews and blogs here have so much helped me prepare for this and for that I am so so thankful! Thank you to all the ladies and gents that take the time to let all of the hungry new comers know at least to some extent what to expect on this journey.
P.S. First PO appointment tomorrow, so fingers crossed that I'll be drain free when I return home.

Woohoo I got em out! Dear lord did it burn like...

Woohoo I got em out! Dear lord did it burn like the skin of my hoohoo was being ripped off by one of those super sticky band aids but I am so glad to see the drains go. The burn subsided quickly so no biggie and the relief from having them out is immediate sisters, know that! My PS was quick in and out but evidently I'm healing normally and progressing as I should be and maybe this time next week I'll get my belly button stitches out. I couldn't help but wonder if I could fit into my pre-tummy tuck favorite pair of jeans but I decided no, don't do it to yourself. If by chance I couldn't get them over my hips I'd be devastated and then there would go my good mood from the drain removal. I hope all of you are doing well and all are finding your little triumphs in your days cause that's what seems important. Celebrate the little triumphs; happy and swift healing buddies :)

PO day 8 and feeling good even the cold is getting...

PO day 8 and feeling good even the cold is getting a little better. So far I've been afraid I wouldn't be able to go back to work on Monday but I think I'll be okay. My energy level is really coming back, so I'm trying really hard not to do too much too soon. I've come this far I definitely don't want to do anything to compromise my results! Normally I'm standing/walking all day for 9 hours but I'll just have to make sure I take lots of rest breaks.
I posted a few new pics today, I'm liking things so far but really anything seems better than the dough belly. The first set are right after I've taken my binder off in the morning and the others are about 20 minutes later after my shower. I wanted to see if I could tell a difference in swelling after the shower but really I don't see too too much of a change other than my left hip swells like there is no tomorrow. Question time! Anybody with me in thinking their belly button looks a little too small? Or am I just so used to the huge crater I used to have in my belly that a normal sized one seems tiny. :0/

PO day 10 Its crazy to think a week and a half has...

PO day 10 Its crazy to think a week and a half has gone by! I'm going back to work tomorrow so this afternoon I decided I better see if any of my jeans fit (pajama pants/sweats, dresses or skirts won't cut it in my particular line of work). Thank goodness they all not only fit but I can get them over my binder with the 1/2 inch padding I'm supposed to keep under it for at least another week. I was skeptical that they would be comfortable all day long so I decided to go out shopping with my husband this afternoon. Somewhere around 3 o'clock I started to feel the swell kick in but the pants were still doable even after about an hours worth of house work to boot! I'm still not standing totally upright but straight enough that I'm not getting the "somethings wrong with that lady" looks. I kind of just look like I've got the chills or something. The hunch is also a bit worse after sitting for a while but works itself out after a few steps. I slept in my bed last night for the first time since surgery and was up most of the night trying to get comfortable. No matter what I did I just couldn't find a position that was good enough to sleep in. My recliner was getting just as bad and the numb butt from resting there all day and then sleeping there too is just more than I can bare so I'll try the bed again tonight. Any suggestions out there on how to manage a comfortable position? Also, anybody out there feel like they aren't able to get their binder tight enough around the lower part of the abdomen even though its pulled as far as you can around your waist? I sometimes wonder if I'm getting mine tight enough...
Hope everyone is doing well, prayers for all of those starting their journey and all of us continuing ours

PO day 11 My first day back at work and really it...

PO day 11 My first day back at work and really it wasn't that bad. I had a few times in the day were I just had to make myself stop and rest for a while; thankfully today was pretty slow and I could take it a lot easier than normal. Sometime after mid-day I noticed I started to hunch a little more and felt a little more discomfort in my binder signaling bloat time. I couldn't wait to just get home and get out of the dang thing. So far I haven't questioned wearing it the full allotted time recommended by my PS but after all day in it at work I'm having second thoughts. Not to mention I'm pretty sure its at least half of the reason I can't find a comfortable sleeping position. Anywho off to make dinner and kick the feet up, hope everyone had a great day and is healing quickly and feeling good!

Holy moly! After a full day at work yesterday I...

Holy moly! After a full day at work yesterday I thought I was doing pretty good. I was definitely more tired than usual but I thought "Hey I'm doing pretty good!". This morning I had to seriously check myself cause OMG are my upper abs sore!! Consider lesson learned about over doing it. Guess I'll have to see were I can squeeze in a few extra rest breaks today. Any advice out there from those of you who spend most of your day at work on your feet?

Had my 2 week PO appointment yesterday and got my...

Had my 2 week PO appointment yesterday and got my BB stitches out...weirdest feeling ever! I could feel something in general going on there but am still so numb, lets just say creepy creepy creepy. They also removed my surgical tape which I was starting to think may never come off. I was somewhat afraid to actually see my scars for the first time too. Up until yesterday I'd sort of been trying to read them like braille under the tape trying to understand the shape of things underneath. I knew to expect some puckering and raised parts but had this fear that it would be monstrous under there. My worries are safely away now that I've seen them and know that (thank baby Jesus) they look perfectly normal at this stage. I was warned that for a little while after removing the stitches my BB might be a bit goopy and that proved to be accurate, I looks kinda icky but I expected that. I still have considerable bruising but again I was prepared for that, I'm a bruiser and my bruises tend to take a while to fade completely. My PS also recommended I start massaging my scars 3 times a day with vitamin E oil or lotion.
After almost a full week back at work I feel like I'm coming along pretty well. My stamina is up I'm able to stand almost the whole day and am faster at walking without so much of a hunch now. Although once home, showered and out of my binder for a bit my whole mid-section seems to curl in on itself. Once the binders back on and I feel all supported again I straighten back up though I'm still not completely straight (but getting close) even at the top of my game in the day.
Until yesterday I hadn't really known what feeling the swell meant, by the end of the day I felt like a cow! Bringing me to my frame of mind the past couple of days. Having read SO many reviews from you lovely ladies I've come to expect the lows in this experience and knowing myself I thought most of my downs would be related to not being able to be active. That has been a lot of it but I can't help but find myself looking in the mirror and having totally irrational mini freakouts even though my rational mind steps right in behind to try to smooth over the situation.
Even in the midst of mini freak outs and totally uncharacteristic pouting sessions I find lights at the end of this tunnel. I took my measurements the day before surgery, mind you not because I expected a huge change but more because I was interested to see what measurable change would happen. Last night I decided to check my current measurements against pre-op, my waist at belly button level went down 2 inches. 2 INCHES! That's not even the craziest part, my thighs each are a full inch smaller! I knew my jeans felt different in the waist (even with the binder and padding on) and also looser in my thighs but I never would have thought such a change would happen.
So lesson of my day, keep trucking if you're feeling wider/thicker/bigger than usual its the swelling. Avoid mirrors at all cost until you've calmed down cause its all going to be okay!
I hope all recover-ees are doing well and healing happily! & welcome to the new comers glad to have you in the community :)

Hi all, yesterday marked the big 3 week PO mark!...

Hi all, yesterday marked the big 3 week PO mark! Nothing super eventful happened in the past week other than I seem to be experiencing more swelling this week. No big surprise though since I've been taking a walk around my neighborhood at night when I get home from work when I can. I was hoping to acclimate my body to upping activity level so the swell wouldn't hit me like a brick when I start to work out again. Still its not major swelling and not really any problem other than in the wrong mood it can make me feel kinda cruddy. Although noticeable from the front some too, my swelling is mostly visible from the side and settles down low making me look thicker than normal and the mons area look a bit Ken doll-ish from the side. One other thing, my scar seems to be redder this week compared to last week. Not irritated red just brighter. It seems like I've read about this happening in other reviews maybe.?. For the past week I've been alternating between Bio Oil and Golden Salve on my scars. I've seen a little bit of difference in my TT scar but more in my BL scars since I started messaging them. Anywho I've been glad to read all my TT sisters are doing/healing well; hope everyone has a great weekend; happy healing!

1 month PO and feeling great in the sense that my...

1 month PO and feeling great in the sense that my energy has fully returned (somewhere around the beginning of week 3 I started feeling full on normal). I've been walking on the treadmill nightly...I started slow and have progressed up to 3.5 for 40-ish minutes though my treadmill is a little off I think and is more like 3 in comparison to the mills at my gym. Yesterday morning before work I decided to see if I could manage a bit of elliptical work and was able to do about half of what I could before surgery. That and then a full day of work and a bit of shopping after totally put me in swell town last night but it seemed to subside pretty much by this morning. I think I've finally hit that period of time where I start to waver in my fantastic happiness about my new belly. I'm prone to avoid looking in the mirror lately b/c I just don't see the waist definition I thought I saw before. I know these feelings are fully normal but still I'm at that point where I wonder if I've seen the best of what I can expect. And am I happy with it? Oh and did I mention my period is about 1 1/2 weeks late? Yeah that's a thing that's happening...I'm not totally like clockwork in that regard but I'm not usually more than 2-3 days early or late. Even though I know its not even a possibility my OCD couldn't rest until I made certain I wasn't expecting. So for the first time in my life I took a pregnancy test, negative of course. Its totally nuts but I think I may be having all the side effects of PMS without actually having my period. I'm cranky, I hate everything I put on my body and everything is 10 freaking billion times more irritating than necessary. A faze I know but I'm neck deep in it for the moment it seems. I don's see my PS for my next PO visit until this coming Tues. and hopefully he'll clear me to start weaning off the binder and just start rockin' the spanx, but we shall see. Posting a couple new pics with a close up of the weirdness at both hips...the left looks weird but aside from that doesn't really bother me too much. The right might have a bit of a dogear going on?
Hope everyone out there post and pre-op in realself land is doing well! Everybody try to keep your head up even if your hanging out in "PMS" land with me!

5 weeks PO - Not too much to report this week (and...

5 weeks PO - Not too much to report this week (and way to lazy to take pics at the butt crack of dawn before my workout this morning) so I'll just hit ya'll with a quick progress report.
-Tuesday I was cleared by my PS to pick up intensity on my exercise but still no running till at least six weeks. I've done a few feet of experimental jogging and I know my MR is just not ready for that yet anyway...but getting there.
-I'm back to my usual 5-6 days of workouts at about 75% of my pre-surgery level sticking to elliptical work and stationary cycling mostly. Only experiencing the rare minor muscle spasms but no pain or soreness. Although I suspect that will change when I go back to running and other activities that are more taxing on my core. I've paid very close attention to how I feel during and after my routine ready to back off if I feel like I'm overdoing it. I wear both a binder and spanx during my workouts and although a bit uncomfortable together they keep me nice and supported/compressed.
-No spit stitches on my TT incisions but have had 2 from my BL. No biggie though, my PS snipped them put a band-aid on it and that was that.
-Swelling seems to be at an even keel only really super noticeable after a particularly long day or after eating an unusually salty meal...or after a glass of wine or two. I've made peace with the swelling at this point anyway. I look better now with whatever swelling I have than I did before the TT. Though I am looking forward to the results I'll see as the days go by.
-Still no period. Still not preggo. Reassured by my PS that this happens and its not a huge deal. If I don't get mother natures monthly pain in the arse next month though I should see my OBGYN about it.
Hope everyone is doing well and moving smoothly through recovery; happy healing!

6 weeks you guys. I'm not sure when this started...

6 weeks you guys. I'm not sure when this started to happen but at some point I came up with the idea that if I could just make it to 6 weeks there would be some magical rainbow style hurdle I would make it over and all of this TT business would be a distant memory. Seems I was w r o n g! Here's whats been going down this week:
-I upped my intensity at the gym and guess what, my body fought back with more swelling. Its what happens I understand that, eventually the good ol' lymphatic system will work things out and it wont be so bad. This week by far has been the worst for my swelling but it's my understanding that it gets worse before it gets better. Movin' & shakin' is too much a part of my life to hang out on my butt just so I don't go all puffed rice by the end of the day. I figure if I just keep moving progressively up in intensity my body will figure it out as I go.
-Still sticking to elliptical work thought I have re-tried jogging. I'll just say it can be done but it feels a little like I'm carrying a 5 year old on my shoulders. I kinda do the old lady curl up on my midsection and shuffle through it. 4.5mph is the extent of my comfort zone and only then for about 15 minutes at a time. -I've added in some yoga to but nothing too extreme. No up dog or cobra for sure and no other back extensions. I can lean back some but get a tight sensation in both my abs and in my upper thighs.
-I get muscle spasms and zaps here and there mostly confined to the area under my belly button and sides. The spasms are not painful but really odd feeling.
-For the past six weeks my weight has stayed at a stable 139 which is fine by me I didn't go into it expecting to loose weight from the procedure.
-My incision has improved some in that it is laying a bit flatter where before it was puckered. It feels much smoother to the touch too and not so pronounced when I message it. Still using bio oil and golden salve.
Still haven't taken any new pics but Will post some new ones tomorrow morning. Hope all of you post and pre surgery are well and that we all make it to our magic hurdle sooner than we thought :)

Added 6 week pics along with a progression series :)

added 6 week pics along with a progression series :)

Not much has changed in the last two weeks my...

Not much has changed in the last two weeks my lovelies. I've weened off all compression for the most part, though I still have days that I'll wear my Flexees cami for a while after I work out. For those out there wondering about compression garments, this thing quickly became my favorite. Half the price of the Spanx cami and just as supportive. Also no struggling to get this thing down (like the compression panty like things) when I have to make a break for the bathroom and no weird contraptions in the crotch area to fool with. Though, I do wear a high waisted body tunic when I jog because it is a little firmer in its compression and it makes me feel all safe and protected. As for jog/running goes I still can't go full speed like I could before. My abs and upper thighs still don't love the idea of me running as fast as normal. I still have moments when I look in the mirror and love what I see and there are still those times when I'm less than thrilled at whats looking back. I still have swelling and when its at its worst is when I tend to have nasty little negative thoughts creep in. I've added strength training back into my workout routine this last week. Easy does it though, I find things that I could have done a ton of before kick my butt and make me sore the next day if I'm not careful. Example; I decided it was time to really work my legs so I pulled out P90X legs and back....dear God I walked like I had a condition for at least 2 days. All in all I'm kind of feeling like I'm at a stand still with my progress at this point. I don't see much change in my swelling situation (as in it going down much) but I kind of want to chalk that up to the fact that I've gone off of my compression and I've added even more activity into my daily routine. I still haven't had my period...if it doesn't show by the end of the month it'll be MIA for 2 months now. My OCD insists on taking a pregnancy test every once and a while and of course still not pregnant. So I don't know what the heck is up with my cycle but I'm continually told not to be too worried about it (says someone to which its not actually happening). I've added a new set of pics and again for those curious about working out and swelling these were taken this morning after a day and night without compression. Also they are the morning after an hour of cardio, full day of work and a 30 minute strength training session in the evening. I'd meant to take a comparison pic last night before bed but I forgot (for shame)...the swelling I get persists in the morning but its tolerable enough that I don't immediately snatch up my binder and strap it on as tight as I can.
Hope you all are healing/progressing well and all of those waiting for your turn may the time pass quickly for you :)

Ha I'm not sure how I could have not noticed this...

Ha I'm not sure how I could have not noticed this but reviewing my pics I now see how my left side is more swollen than my right. The pic of me sucking it in on the left actually looks like the normal version of my right...crazy.

Hey all my TT lovelies! Today marks the 3 month PO...

Hey all my TT lovelies! Today marks the 3 month PO milestone in my TT journey and I'm glad to say that I'm back at it full force. I'm fully back to all the activities I was able to do before including running without any discomfort or tightness. I've been off of compression for about 3 weeks now but still sometimes wear something when I run. I still swell and even though they say the bulk of the swelling diminishes by this point it seems I'll have to continue to deal with mine. Its not bad swelling though and never really has been with the exception of a few nights were I ended up feeling like an overinflated balloon of a woman. But by the next day its gone and I feel okay again. Its odd but I may be an odd woman out in that when I do swell a lot of it(or at least just as much) is above the bellybutton area up to my upper rib cage. I've still not had a period since before surgery making it 3 missed and counting. I've had a blood pregnancy test and also had my thyroid checked and not pregnant not experiencing any abnormal thyroid activity. I've started taking an herbal supplement to help balance my hormones, hopefully that'll get things straightened out. All in all I feel good I think I look pretty good and overall I'm really happy with my results. I'll admit I struggle with looking in the mirror and seeing the lax skin left on my sides and back but I shrug it off and remind myself I'm not trying to be a model just a normal everyday woman. I recently went of a shopping spree and for the first time in my entire life I had FUN buying clothes. For the first time I was able to buy jeans in the single digit sizes ya'll! Size 6 heck to the yes that's me! We'll that's all from my camp for now, hope all you out there waiting for your surgery or recovering from is doing well!

6 months PO whoa

Seriously I had to take a big step back when I looked at the calender yesterday and realized it's been a full 6 months since surgery. Whoa! For the past few months I've stopped and thought occasionally "I should update" but life gets hectic and busy and its hard to take the time to sit down and collect my thoughts and events into one concise informative post. 6 months feels like a milestone so I'll give it a go. Also let me say that when I first started reading posts I was starving to know what the girls this far out where going through. I continually searched to find those posts that could tell me if they where back to normal, better than normal, still swelling like a beast...what the heck was going on that far out from surgery. So I feel it doubly important to try to put some info out here :) At 6 months I still swell some and seriously I didn't really even know what real swelling was until after my 4 month mark. For some reason it hit me late and when it did I really understood how lucky I was to not have known it until then. I personally think the serious swelling I experienced around that time had more to do with hormones than anything since I've had trouble with menstrual cycle regulation since my surgery. (Side note the only thing that kicked in my cycle was starting birth control pills) At this point though the swelling is minimal and really only hits me up high just under my rib cage. I still feel tight through my mid line sometimes but mostly if I've worked my core more than normal. Since early on I've been back to my normal workout routine, I never was much of a core workout lover and am still not. I mostly let my yoga practice take care of my core and don't care to do much else. I've maintained a steady weight around 135 and feeling good about it. As far as my scar goes I've only been messaging it with Palmer's oil for the past few months and probably not as religiously as I ought to. It seems to be doing fine only fading slowly at this point but I'm not that worried about it. I can still feel what I can only describe as a firm area just under my scar that I assume is the internal scar but only if I really press into my skin pretty hard. It has softened up over the passing weeks so again not really bothered by it. All in all I feel great I'm SO much more comfortable in my skin and couldn't be happier that I was blessed enough to be able to have this procedure. Aside from that I can't think of anything new and entertaining to report but as always happy to answer any questions you guys may have. Hope all you lovelies are doing well and happy healing to all :)
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Dr. Saar is well known in my community for his excellent work. After meeting with him I knew he was exactly who I wanted to do my surgery.

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