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I am excited to join the flat side. I have enjoyed...

I am excited to join the flat side. I have enjoyed reading all the posts from all the other 'real selfers' so I decided to start my own. I had my pre-op Monday December 8 and my surgery is scheduled for next Friday. They took pictures at the pre-op but I dont have them yet so I will try to take some to upload.

Before pictures

Try not to vomit. I'm only posting because others have been brave enough to.


I am 34 years old, 5'6" and weigh 194 lbs going into this.

Day 2 with recap from day of surgery

I got to the hospital yesterday at 6 and surgery was scheduled for 8. Trinity Mother Frances is a great hospital and everyone was so informative and courteous. I got marked up and went into surgery. The doctor did a full TT and removed 5 1/2 pounds of skin. He also did a muscle repair to fix a 10 cm separation (that's 4 inches). He doesn't like to do lips at the same time because it makes you bruise so bad and is painful but he said he might do a little lips to the flanks and I'm not sure if he did or not. I'll ask this morning when he comes in.
When I woke up in the recovery room I was literally in the worst pain of my life. They kept giving me iv meds until it got under control. I stayed in recovery about 1 1/2 hours and came to my room about 12:30 so I was gone for 4 1/2 hours.
They gave me a morphine pump that I can push every 10 minutes but I haven't used it nearly as much as I could. I have been in and out of sleep since surgery. They also gave me Benadryl for itching. Getting ip to go to the bathroom is such a chore. I have to sit there for 10 minutes just to get some Ty out. It did happen a little quicker this morning but not much. It took me until 8 last night before I wver went to the potty. They threatened me with an in and out catheter so I had to try my hardest. I made a lap down my hall last night around 6. Felt like I ran a marathon, if I had ever run one I would know if that is a true state my. Haha
I'll post more later I am tired now.

A few more pics

Home now

So I had about a 40 minute drive from the hospital till home. I feel like it's getting easier to get up but it still takes all my energy just to go to the bathroom. My husband has been wonderful to get me everything I need and take care of my. I am able to sit on my couch recliner just fine. I do have a walker that I didn't use at first but it really helps me with the lower back pain when I'm walking. I highly recommend one. Plus it helps me stay hunched over since I can not stand up straight. Thanks for all the encouraging words and I am still reading other people's stories when I'm not dozing off.

Eating.....have no desire to

So luckily I haven't been hungry at all. I have managed to get down a yogurt (ate half of it last night and half this morning) and half a fruit cup. I don't think I would even try to eat except for that doctor told me antibiotics would make me nauseous if I didn't eat with them. Also getting up is such hard work. I walk to the bathroom with my walker and then sit It takes all my energy. I just tried to do an ice pa k for the swelling but I didn't know if it was helping theough the garment and foam pad my doctor has under the church and I was so nervous about pinching the drains at my private area. Have yall done ice? Did you take off the garment?

Leaning over photo

Some after pictures

Finally snapped a few pictures of the after photos. It's only day 3 so I know there is a lot of swelling but my oh my what a difference.

Slept in my bed last night.

I was so worried about if I would be able to get in and out of my bed but it was easier than I thought. I napped here yesterday afternoon and stayed all night last night. I did wake up every two hours to go to the bathroom but I slept good in between. Still taking my pain pills every 4 hours. Had to take some extra strength Tylenol in between two doses of hydrocodeine because I was still hurting and had a headache.

Day 10 po

I am thankful for NCIS and SVU marathons and all the Christmas movies that were on because all I've done is lay around. I did manage to get up and go to my parents (2 houses over) for Christmas Eve a few hours and for most of Christmas day. I overdid it one day and was in a lot of pain but I felt much better after a nap. Take it easy and have a support system in place because you won't be able to do anything. My husband and kids have been a lifesaver. Get a WALKER! I couldn't make it without it. It helps so much with the back pain and mine has a seat on it which is the perfect height and where I sit when I empty my drains or brush my teeth.

More photos

Drains removed today

Went in for my post op appointment and they removed my drains. She asked if she could pull them both out at once and I'm so glad o said yes because I don't think I could have gone through it twice. It pulls and burns and hurts bad but it's quick. I couldn't moved for a minute afterwards but then it's just sore and I sat up and walked out of the office. I'm now drain free. Exhausted from being out of the house for a couple hours though.

Yeast infection

So this may be tmi but I just want other reviewers to know what may happen. I have never had a year infection until now and it is itchy and horrible. I ended up with a blister like rash all over my private parts. My surgeon have me a prescription, just two pills. One today, and one in 72 hours and some cream and I already feel some relief but it is a possible side effect of the antibiotic they put you on so I recommend yogurt and probiotics when taking them.


I realize this is not the conversation most people want to have but you have seen a pic of my vag so I will continue. Stay on top of the stool softeners for weeks. I just had a poop that was so painful I had to take off my panties so I could spread my legs more. Then take off my shoes so I could get a good grip. Hold my belly tight cause I just knew the strain would pop a stitch, and push for dear lifw. It was similiar to having a baby. The same relief came at the end. Constipation is no joke. My poor bitty is even bleeding. I've been off the hydrocodeine for a few days so I hguess I assumed it would get better and slacked off the stool softener. Don't make my mistake :*(

More pictures

Been back to work full time since Monday. I still can't stand up all the way straight so I look like a hunchback walking around. I am a teacher and I can sit most of the
time. I brought a comfortable chair for when the students are working alone and I have told them to come to me for help instead of me walking around. Hopefully next week will be better. It was actually good to get back to work as much as I was scared of it because it helped me feel somewhat normal again. I get tired easy and have to sit after walking for a while but it gets better everyday.

Starting to feel a little better

I have been full force back to work full time and dealing with three kids and all their activities. I ended up wit a fever on Monday and had to miss work. I slept the whole day. I think it was just my bodies way of telling me I needed to slow down.
I have been rubbing my scar with soap or vitamin e oil like my surgeon told me and it feels so weird. It is still partially numb and tingly and it hurts to rub it as hard as he told me to but I want my scar to look the best it can so I obey the orders.
I have a hard time sleeping and getting comfortable and I go back and forth from the recliner to the bed during the night.
I'm down 6 pounds and 4 1/2 inches in my waist which is really exciting!!!!! Some days I am so swollen though and the left side always seems worse than the right.

The ups and downs

I feel so much better and am starting to get my energy back but I know I do too much each day. My doctor said I still am not cleared for anything and need to be taking it easy but I fell like myself (if you don't count the slight hunchback and alien feeling tummy). Well yesterday I understood what swell he!! is all about. It was so tight and swollen it hurt. So i tried to take it easy last night and slept in the recliner. I just couldn't get comfortable and went to lean back and tipped the chair over, so here I am at 3 am upside down and screaming for help. Funny stuff. you have to take it all together. I think my swelling is worse because it is "my time".
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