Nervous but Ready!

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Ever since I was 13, I have HATED my sides. They...

Ever since I was 13, I have HATED my sides. They have caused more dressing room meltdowns than I care to number. I have had 3 consultations (2 in the DFW area, and one in Tyler, Tx). I have settled on my procedure being done locally. My procedure will be done with local anesthesia and I'll be orally sedated. My quote was a bit higher than the other two consultations, but I felt I was given the best options to achieve my goals.
One thing that I notice with liposuction is that it can make you a smaller version of yourself. While I like this idea, my goal is specifically to contour my body (specifically my flanks) to a more aesthetically pleasing figure....not just to be smaller.
I'm SO nervous!! I am a HUGE needle baby..I faint when I have to get an IV, so I'm interested to hear what local anesthesia is like as far as pain is concerned throughout the whole procedure.
Any insights? I'll post "before" pictures tomorrow :)

I forgot

Also forgot, I am 5'4 and around 120lbs. I've never been overweight or had significant weight loss. I've always been extremely active so I believe (and have been told by doctors) that I'm a great candidate for liposuction since diet and exercise truly have never helped change this problem area for me. I am aiming for re-contouring my body, not just being smaller around the waist.
So here's to hoping for great skin elasticity!!

Date pushed back

BOOO! So my PS's scheduling nurse called me and apparently my PS will be out of the office on the original date we set for my surgery. It only got pushed back 1 day but I had already scheduled work accordingly and for my ride to take me home (a good girlfriend who is also a nurse). Oh well. I am getting so nervous though!
Did anyone buy any healing kits from What did you do to prepare for your OP?

Pre-OP Visit was today!

So I had my pre-op visit this morning. I could hardly sleep last night...good grief. How am I going to sleep the night before the surgery? So I will be getting 2 garments in my total cost. One of which I will be wearing 24/7 for 2 weeks. I'll even bathe in it. Kinda crazy but if it'll cut the swelling down, I'm all in. Afterwards I'll be able to take it off for up to an hour each day for 2 more weeks...if I remember correctly. I'm taking my prescriptions to Walgreens tomorrow.
Anyone taken any pre/post vitamins etc?

After a LONGGGG Nap!

Okay I just took a huge, all day nap, so you'll have to forgive me as I've been on medication since I left. I don't really remember a whole lot but I will try.
8:00AM I led the house with my dad. I was already decently woozy from the Ativan and tramadol....they gave me another ativan as I was getting ready. From there, the Doctor began numbing up all of my incision sites, I asked for extra numbing since I can tend to be a baby about things...He was extremely helpful. He would stop and give me more numbing shots. Afterwards I just felt something kinda digging around. More like a weird feeling. I was on my stomach so I think it helped to not be able to see anything.
After that was over, they stitched me up and helped me get into my compression garment and clothes. I was pretty wobbly but we made it out and then to the car. Really not too hard.
Pain is about a 4 out of 10...and I think thats because its more so on my back (where the incisions are) but it's really not bad. Just having issues getting up and moving around very quickly.
AAAANNYY waay, any tips or tricks for the first night post liposuction?
I will post pictures tomorrow! (I have to keep the CG on for 4 weeks 24/7 so skin pics will have to wait :( )

almost forgot

apparently they took 1840 CC's out of me...didn't get me a good picture of it but I still want to know what exactly that's like!
Can anyone help?

Day 1

So I'm not sure if you're going to get a good idea of how I look like just yet. I have to keep the foam board in my CG until tomorrow. Can't shower until tomorrow either...That and even after tomorrow, it still stays on 24/7 until the end of 2 weeks. Dr. Harrison is serious about these compression garnets! But if that means better results, I'll wear this baby all day and night for months.
First night was a little rough. I decided to sleep on the couch in my family's living room. I don't have a TV in my room (I use that room to study in and a TV will distract me) and I love our couch...its SUPER comfy.
Both of my sweet cats joined me and cuddled with me all night..definitely made things easier.
I did have to switch from stomach to back to (attempt) to side and side...It's easier for me to sleep on my stomach, which is good...
Man I am still woozy. Taking my antibiotics and tramadol when the pain starts creeping up. I had an incision near my spine so sometimes that nags at me.
I'm not so sure a picture will do any good, but if y'all want one? I'll take one.

Happy Healing to all of you!


Here's the photo my PS texted to me of what was removed. I'm not sure if that's all of it or if he just wanted to spare me from revulsion. He stated that 1840 cc's were taken out and that that was about the equivalent of 1.8 liters, around a quart. So I'm hoping for some great results!! :)

I'm so excited!

Sorry for not updating yesterday or Thursday but I was out cold. I don't remember anything on Thursday. I remember waking up, showering, eating some breakfast, I took 2 ativan and thats all I remember!
Flash forward to Friday. I remember a decent amount of yesterday. I was taking a good bit of my tramadol. Mainly to sleep off the uncomfortableness. Nothing has been painful, just sore...exactly as I hoped and expected.
I finished off my antibiotics yesterday and only had to take my anti-nausea pill once (tummy was rather upset with me for some reason).
I read a lot of reviews that said to take a stool softener right afterwards since things might become difficult...well, I had the opposite. So go easy on that stuff ladies.
I'm in a full body compression garment, size small, by ContourMD.

Today, Saturday, I finally got to take the topifoam out. My doctor has been so wonderful. He's been texting me to check on me and I've been able to keep in complete contact with him that way. I'm so woozy still, I'm sure I'd sound silly over the text works for now.

Once I took the topifoam off, oh my goodness...I broke down in tears. I never ever thought my body could look like this. I'll upload photos in the CG, I didn't want to chance being out of the CG for too long...I still have 2 weeks to go until I can have it off for up to an hour a day.
I don't know why I didn't do this sooner!!

I listed my previous measurements above and I got to measure myself today.

AHHH!!! Happy tears!!! No more love handles!!!
Oh, and I'm hardly swelling (knock on wood) yes, I am taking SinECCH for the swelling and a post-op vitamin kit from, I had both approved by my doctor before the procedure :D


So I'm sorry if my last post was a little confusing. I honestly don't remember updating on Thursday (day of) or Friday at all. I guess what they give you for local anesthesia is one hell of a drug...because I also texted people and can honestly say I'm quite embarrassed. Nothing bad, just kinda unnerving to look back at texts and say "wow, I don't remember EVER saying that."

Anyway, healing is going well. I've been up and about each day a good bit. Swelling is present...but mainly towards the end of the day.
My post-op supplements have been wonderful in controlling the swelling. No bruising that I can speak of either.

How's everyone else doing? :)

I know it's been a while but..

I know it's been a while but it's been very crazy and busy over here. I've been working a lot and just haven't had tons of time. Swelling is way down. To be honest, I don't feel like I've dealt with much swelling to begin with. I think I've maybe had one really "ughhhh" swollen day. I was put in a new compression garment 2 weeks ago. I went from a size small to an extra small (yay!) and man did I feel the difference in compression! I will be starting a few sessions of endermologie (it was part of my total cost) for any excess swelling I have....though, like I said, I don't really think I've had much. The skin near my flanks is a little weird to the touch (numb and almost itchy when touched) but it's not a big deal. I pulled out one of my old bikinis and I feel like I look so different!
I'm looking forward to the summer! I'm so glad I did this in the winter! How is everyone else doing??

Almost there!

I figured I'd go ahead and update, it's definitely time!
So I'm almost at the 2 month mark of my procedure and I'm still loving every bit of my results. I went to two sessions of endermologie and hoooly moly that stuff is painful! I'm not sure how much it helped (since like I said, I really didn't have much swelling to begin with) but I'm sure it did something positive. I'm still in my stage 2 compression garment (a mid-thigh onesie type garment) and I'm really ready to be out of it...This bad boy leaves the most atrocious lines in jeans, leggings, dresses, you name it. Another reason why I am so happy I chose to do this during the winter. I think I would be incredibly miserable if I had done this in the summer. I have my next post-op appointment this upcoming Wednesday and I'm hoping I get to take off my CG for longer than 1hr a day *cross fingers*.
Anyway, I decided to go shopping this past weekend and popped into VS. I bought the suit of course :) it was too adorable and I have never been more confident with my body than I am now!

Finally got the garment off!

So last Wednesday I had my 8 week appointment. They took pictures and I was finally cleared to be free of that compression garment! I was so excited I left the office with that thing finally off of me. Boy was I kidding myself...Haha. Even though Dr. Harrison told me I don't have to wear it anymore (except when working out etc) I told him I would more than likely wear it to sleep in. That night when I put it back on holy cow I felt like a busted can of crescent rolls trying to get stuffed back in. I guess my days of "yay no swelling!" were limited.
It has gotten better though, I'll admit. I do wear my CG to sleep in and when I do light working out. It's gotten easier at night, but I'm wondering when this swelling will subside.
The girls at the office said it'll more than likely dissipate within about 16 weeks (so about May). Hey, at least it'll be gone by bikini season I suppose!

Anyone else dealing with post-CG swelling? What are you doing to make it easier?
Dr. Craig Harrison

Overall my experience with Dr. Harrison has been great. I took away one star on the follow-up because I'm only one day post op. So we will see how things go as of yesterday! Hardly any wait times, he prayed with me prior to surgery, and took everything I had to say seriously and placed his utmost attention on me. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

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