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I am SO anxious to start my treatment! The call...

I am SO anxious to start my treatment! The call that my trays are in could come any day now! I have always had a gap on my top teeth and a little bit of crowding on the bottom. Originally my dentist said it would be about 30 trays for me because I have a tooth on the bottom that is slightly turned. By a happy mistake, they sent my impressions to Invisalign with the instructions to fit me for an Express 10, so they made it work! According to my Clincheck, they are not going to turn the tooth (it's towards the back anyways- I didn't even know it was turned my whole life until my dentist mentioned something) and instead they will do a small amount of IPR to make space for my crowding. I was pleasantly surprised by the mistake. My dentist seemed less than thrilled with it initially, but said he was really impressed at the result they achieved in just 10 trays.
I'm just so ready to get started!

Still anxiously awaiting my trays

I'm still anxiously awaiting my trays. I'm hoping for the call tomorrow or Wednesday. I even worked extra today so that I can just take the whole afternoon off when my trays are ready. How long was the wait for everyone else between accepting treatment/clincheck and receiving your trays?

It's Invisalign Day!!

Going in this afternoon to get my attachments, IPR, and first set of trays :) I will post an update this afternoon with pictures and videos of my clincheck (I have seen it already, I just forgot to take a video of it last time)

Tray 1 Day 1!

Today (I literally just got home), I got a little bit of IPR and got all of my attachments put on. I was nervous about the IPR, but it really wasn't bad at all. They used a fine tipped drill and filed down initially, then went back through with the gritted floss. I'm pretty pleased with how clear the trays are, even with attachments on my front teeth. I am having trouble getting used to my smile and resting position. My teeth don't close all the way now because of my bottom buttons hitting my top ones, but they insist I'll get used to that. I'm not lisping TOO much at the moment, but it does sneak out every once in a while. I'm attaching some pictures with my trays in... I haven't taken them all the way out yet, I'm kind of nervous about that.

ClinCheck picture!

I took a video of my ClinCheck and took screenshots to make this image. I can't wait to see the changes!

Day 2 Update

In short, my trays are pretty comfortable, but my tongue is killing me! I don't even want to talk because it rubs something. I filed down the bottom of my tray and it still super sensitive. I think that I just filed it too late so now it's rubbing while it's trying to heal. I'll get through it though :)

tray 1 day 3

My tongue is still killing me. I've filed AND used dental wax and it's still killing me. It just won't heal. Maybe I just need to not speak for like two solid days so that it can heal underneath. I think I finally have the tray to the point where it won't hurt my further, but it's still irritating to the already raw areas. Ugh.

Aside from that I'm loving the process. I was lisping a little bit and my coworkers were laughing with (NOT at) me about it and a customer tried to defend me about lisping. She didn't even realize that I had anything in my mouth to cause it and was surprised when I explained the situation. She didn't realize that I was laughing along with them and was upset on my behalf until I explained. A couple of my regulars, who knew I was getting invisalign were surprised when I told them that I had my trays in.

I'm definitely feeling the effects of the so-called "Invisalign Diet." I've not weighed myself, but I've definitely gone to bed hungry all three nights as opposed to doing the whole process again.

Overall I'm quite happy. Maybe my tongue will feel better tomorrow! I'll keep you all updated!

Tray 1 Day 5

My tongue is finally feeling better! Still a little tender, but nothing like it was. Really missing the ability to snack currently. I have a sweet protein bar sitting on the table next to me, but I don't want to eat it because I'll have to do the whole process again...

I do have a question- what's the protocol for brushing before bed? I have been brushing after every meal and before bed. Is the brush before bed one really necessary if I haven't eaten or drank anything besides water since dinner when I last brushed? It's obviously no big deal, I just don't have to take my trays out if it isn't necessary.

I have 12 attachments (most of which are on my top teeth), so it kind of feels like I'm ripping my teeth out when I take my top trays out. How many attachments do you all have?

Testing the waters with dark lipstick

I feel like I'm updating like crazy, but I just have so much to say!

I'm feeling so much better about my trays. My mouth doesn't hurt, my gums aren't sore, and my teeth are happy. I still feel better when they're in, but it's not awful having them out either. I know how to chew now so I don't poke myself with my attachments (I feel like I can trust my mouth again!) and I'm getting much better at not snacking. I've actually lost like two pounds just from not grazing like I used to. The only thing I miss is taking my time and sipping my coffee in the mornings.

So far I have had my trays out just over an hour all day, although last night I made it to 1h45m because I was making dinner and needed to taste as a prepped. Still doing well though- never over two hours. Maybe this way I won't need refinements? (One can hope, right?)

I've been using retainerbrite every morning and I feel like my trays are much cleaner after. I might start using it at night too because I feel like they need a little extra kick for overnight.

Eating at work is difficult.

I work at a winery so we have snacks and graze throughout the day, but no more. I just take about 20 minutes and scarf down food and do my hygiene thing. We make it work though!

I'm getting into a routine, but tonight I'm actually staying the night with friends tonight, so we'll see how that goes! Going to try my best to follow my rules, but I think I will splurge and drink some white wine through a straw... Wish me luck!

Tray 2 Day 1

Phew, my teeth feel tight today! Just got tray 2 started. It isn't necessarily PAINFUL, but it definitely feels tight. I don't really want to talk much because my jaw just feels tired and a little weak. I

was telling my coworker that my mouth was a little sensitive and she commented, "oh you got your invisalign!" And it felt good because I've had them for two weeks and have definitely talked to her relatively close up multiple times in those two weeks and she didn't notice! Good stuff!

Any ladies on here that wear lipstick? I try to most days, but lately it's been a bit tedious. Any recommendations on some very matte, smudge-proof lipstick? Thanks in advance!

Tray 3- new tray, new pain

Phew! I just put tray 3 in and my teeth are killing me!

I took 3 Ibuprofen while eating lunch, so maybe that'll take the edge off. I know that's not the recommended dose, but jeepers it's painful.

I can definitely tell this tray will be moving my lateral incisors and canines because it's super tight there. Other than that, nothing to report.

I'm getting better at lipstick, I've found that matte lipstick is much better than anything glossy.

I'm still enjoying the process and the pain is bittersweet. Pain means movement and movement is good!
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