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Hello Ladies, I have worked up the courage to...

Hello Ladies,
I have worked up the courage to share this journey with all of you. I have messaged several of you and have been humbled by your encouragement and honesty. I have had my silicone, 360 implants under the muscle for 23 years and I loved them for the first 18 years. Going from the president of the itty bitty titty committee to a nice full bust line felt great A to C. My husband loved them tinny but I had been teased my entire life about no chest and I thought they would make me feel whole stand up straighter and they did.

Well now I am 52 with the same build as I was at 29 no weight gain at all and happily not much sagging anywhere on my body, but I have fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and symptoms of MS and RA. I put my smile on every morning and fight through the constant pain. Taking narcotics doesn’t work for me because I don't like feeling stoned so I just grin and bear it.
I have been reading a lot and researching like a crazy person to find relief which has lead me to EXPLANT, I never associated my ailments to my breasts but after much research, lots of consultations and talking to other women that have had the same problems it all points to getting these toxic bags removed.
Its been an interesting journey as I connect the dots of when I started to get sick, my left breast is as supple as the day it was put in but my right one is a bit hard and it feels heavy against my chest wall (this all began 3 years ago.) I have spent thousands of dollars and too many hours to count in finding out whets causing all my symptoms and the pain, well the pain is a story in itself.
I went to see four PS and three of the four told me I should replace them, but my heart and mind say RUN the other way and be all natural so that’s what I am doing. My husband is so excited you would think he is getting a porche or Lamborghini but he just wants the real me that he fell in love with 32 years ago.
I am sure I will sag but that’s what a good bra is for, I am sure my bikini will look different this year but I am ok with that because I hope to get better and will imagine as I go under the knife that not only the implants will be removed but some of this pain that I live with daily.

No matter what they look like after explant I promise to love myself just the way I am.

I am getting so excited. 19 days to go until...

I am getting so excited. 19 days to go until explant!! I posted a question to the Doctors and I just can't belive how many have responded and how kind they are. It is really such a journey that is hard to explain to a friend that only sees me with clothes on. I have celebrated with each one of you for your courage and ecouragment. When I got these implants my PS had me cut out pictures of what my expectations were and I did get what I wanted they have just changed so much over the years creating illnesses and discomfort. Free is were I am headed. ALL NATURAL COMING SOON.

Hi Ladies, Yesterday I had my pre op and...

Hi Ladies, Yesterday I had my pre op and everything is a go for March 20th. Trying to find a sports bra that was small enough that zips up the front was a huge challenge yesterday but I did find one after visiting 5 stores and I still think it will be to big. I will have the drains for 10 - 14 days or until the goo stops flowing.

My surgery is expected to take 3 - 3 1/2 hours and then I get to come home. I am still so excited that I can hardly focus on anything else. I know we all say it often but I am just so Thankful to have all of your stories to read and comfort as this explant approaches. Hubby is still so excited and comforting.
I will share pictures afterwards in celebrating this FREEDOM we all seek. .

The rollercoaster of self doubt has kicked in hard...

The rollercoaster of self doubt has kicked in hard today. In one short week they will be gone. I think it has gotten mentally harder because I had to stop smoking which is so hard in itself. Although I wasn't a huge smoker to start with I miss my 3 - 5 cigs a day but I know this to shall pass. I am so proud of all you ladies and have so much hope for myself and continuw you cheer you all on.

Ok so I am very EDGY and if my husband wasnt such...

Ok so I am very EDGY and if my husband wasnt such an agel we could have had several fights becuase I am so emotional. This rollercoaster I am I celebrating being free and in the next i freak out about looking deformed and look freakish. I know what ever the outcome will be better than having this plastic silcone in me. Thank God my husband is so lvoning and supportive. I have cleaned the house top to bottom, and I will do some gardening tomorrow. Man I wish I had a crystal ball, I have read great success stories and some that didnt come out great as expected. I have stalked every website and I think I could be and expert on boobs. All you ladies are so encouraging and I find comfort in lnowing that this rollercoaster is on we have all taken a ride on. My fybromiagia is BAD today but I think its the mental stress.Love you ladies and thank you.

Good Morning Ladies, I had my explant yesterday...

Good Morning Ladies,

I had my explant yesterday morning and I feel fantastic. I feel free and light, I wan't even shocked when I looked down and saw these little flat breast of mine. The right implant had ruptured (23 year old silicone) and so the Doc had to do some extra cleaning on that side so it is a bit sore, other than that I feel amazing. I am posting my pictures with pride. I am not looking for the fluff fairy to stop by since there isnt much left fluff and thats just fien by me. I have the drains in and they aren't bothering me a bit, lots of stuff coming out so I see it as toxins leaving the body. I didn't loos any sensation in my nipples. Thank you all so much for your support. Big soft HUG

Hi Ladies, Three days post op and I see the PS...

Hi Ladies,
Three days post op and I see the PS this morning. My right breast has fluffed up a bit but the right on still looks sad. The right breast was the ruptured on and I have a lot of fluid coming out of that drain. I am off all pain meds and feeling great!! I know I am healing because me incinsions itch like crazy. Hope I didn't scare anyone with my pictures but I want all of the newbies to see it really not that bad even after 23 years and 52 years old. I was admiring my chest this morning and it looks sext being able to see my sternum instead of the balls that were there. I am sure the Doc will take the left drain out since no goo is coming out of that one. I will post pictures later today and lets not forget to send healing prayers to the ladies having surgery today.

Good Morning Ladies, Prior to implants I was a...

Good Morning Ladies,
Prior to implants I was a Double AA and guess what ?? I am a Double AA again. All the symptoms that have plagued me for years Fybromyalgia, Neurothopy, RA symptoms and MS symptoms that have riddled my body are gone. I would cry in the shower daily because of the pain I felt hopeless and and scared that this would be how I would have to live my life. Did I have a placebo effect because I meditated that all my pain would leave when the surgeon took my implants that he would take all this pain as well because that is what happened. Who am I to question all of this. I DO know for a fact that I am pain free. My legs and hip have zero pain and .that constant pulling and burning between my should blades but most of all the joy in my heart is real. I took the pain medication from my PS only on the first day so this isn't drug induced this is real. The drain on the right side is tender and the goo that continues to come out is gross. I stand 5'5 weight 118 and I feel Joyful, Healthy, Happy and All NaturalL. Next week I will start shopping for a bathing suit and I will get a Bikini with ruffles on the top to give a little more definition to my perfect self. I am FREE . MY PS Dr. Motlagh should win an award for his caring, kindness and skilled hands. I will post more pictures after the drains and stitches are gone. Soft hugs to my healing friends,

Well today is 1 week post explant and feeling...

Well today is 1 week post explant and feeling great!! The drains and stitches came out today yippee yahoo!!!! No more baths and washing my hair in the kitchen sink I can take showers starting tomorrow. I did get a little unexpected padding added to my already tight sports bra for an additional week just to make sure no fluid builds up in those empty pockets but that's alright by me. I get an odd tingling in my right nipple from time to time but outside of that no complaints. It is with great pride that I post my latest shot and will wait a few weeks to post the final outcome. I think not bad for a 52 year old that nursed two and had silicone implants under the muscle for 23 years

Woke up took the binding off looked at the girls...

Woke up took the binding off looked at the girls and had a good laugh because they look like sunny side up eggs from being compressed, took a glorious 30 minute shower and the little fluff came back :) Back into the binder adding more tension, dressed, hair and makeup and feeling incredible. Living with pain for so long and being told just take these drugs you have Fybromyalgia to now feeling like I am in my 20's again is very humbling. Life is good.......

Hello Ladies, (pitty party pitty party) so...

Hello Ladies, (pitty party pitty party) so yesterday I decided to go shopping for some new tops post explant and I shouldn't have :( Vanity has kicked my ego for the last 24 hours. I know it sounds crazy because my health is 100% better but mentally I am struggling at the way I see myself. While shopping I tried on tops that were xs and they were still to big. I went to the bra section and even a AA was to big, so now I am looking at myself thinking the bottom half of me looks HUGE. I stand 5'5 and weigh 119 so I feel like one giant thigh and then it flashes in my mind thatt's why I got the implants to begin with. I know this will pass and I am in the mourning stages of breast explant. I do my pros and con lits and the pros list is a lot longer so I need to accept the real me and love the real me for who I am. This is a very honest forum and I just needed to share this part of the journey.

Everything is perfect!! I went to see my PS Dr....

Everything is perfect!! I went to see my PS Dr. Motlagh yesterday for a follow up and everything is healing great. I have been wrapping myself in an ace bandage for a over a week and now only have to wear it 12 hours a day for one more week. I feel fantastic free from all the Fibromyalgia pain, back and leg pain. Oh and lets not forget the shoulder blades that burned constantly. I left the Doctors office feeling so liberated and ready to shop for a bra and some shirts. When I had my implants I wore a 34C and at my fitting yesterday I still wear a 34C, now mind you the bra has some padding and I look way smaller but I look natural. I shopped and bought a dozen or more (lol) cute summer tops and I did buy a couple bathing suites as well. Thank you ladies for the support along the way and I will continue to visit this site and cheer others on. I am beyond grateful for my results and the staff at Dr. Motlagh's office, Robin and Linda you are all the best. I will post pictures later today. Warm Hugs to all my explant sisters.

I am FREE and loving it. I stayed active all week...

I am FREE and loving it. I stayed active all week end and feel amazing. My husband and I shopped and completed the summer wardrobe, he has been my rock, my pillar my best friend as always and he is loving the real boobs. I was able to deep clean the house, sweep the pool and do some gardening. This morning my husband asked me if I had insomnia because I have been getting up so early since explant like at 3 - 4 AM and I said I just feel so alive and can't wait to start another pain free day. I am no longer binding but I am still limiting my lifting to 10lbs. The natural giggle of my breast is so freeing and I ask myself why I didn’t do this sooner. I can honestly say that my implants seem like a distant memory and the only thing that reminds me of this journey is my incisions are tender and I still have the tingling sensation as I heal inside. Thank You all again for sharing your stories encouragement and sending those healing hugs.

Happy Sunday Ladies, I got my little reminder...

Happy Sunday Ladies,
I got my little reminder form RealSelf to update so here I go. I haven't looked back or regretted getting my implants out. I feel great full of energy and look forward to each day with a Happy and Thankful Heart. I am back doing everything at full spreed and only think about the removal when I get that tingling feeling in my nipples( but that is happening less and less.) My incisions are no longer raised or tender. Do I have small boobs YES do I like the way they feel YES, does my husband enjoy the real thing YES. So when I catch a glimpse of my much smaller self I smile knowing that my boobs never defined who I was and that sex appeal comes from that glow inside not the size of our breasts..
I wish for all you ladies waiting in the wings to be joyful of the freedom you will have from being all natural, and to those that have already had the procedure and are struggling with how your boobs look remember that time heals all things and they will change over the next 6 months, so be kind to yourselves in mind and spirit. Again I am grateful to RealSelf for providing a forum full of love, encouragement and great information, but most of all I am grateful to all of you for your support and encouraging along the way. Warm Healing Hugs. I will add new pictures on Wednesday at the 4 week mark.

Here goes. These are my updated photos just one...

Here goes. These are my updated photos just one day short of a month post op. I have a busy schedule tomorrow so I am getting them posted today. I need to start swimming and tone up a little but I have been blessed with great genes and don't work out or diet. The marks on my skin are from my bra that I took off so my hubby could take the picture.

Today marks 2 full months implant free and the...

Today marks 2 full months implant free and the girls are happy happy happy. I feel healthier than I have in years, sleep better, move quicker and to be honest it's seems like it has been years since I had implants. My hubby is happy and I love the closeness of hugging everyone. I can wear everything and not feel like I am showing to much. My shoulders and shoulder blades no longer hurt and I have only worn a bra twice since explant otherwise I wear bralets or nothing at all. Once we learn to accept what we were meant to have the rest is easy. To all of my explant sisters happy healing and continued good health and to all those waiting in the wings here is a warm, calming healing hug.
I will check in from time to time and Thank you Realself once again for having such an amazing site.

A helpful tip

Hi Ladies,
I have found a product that is amazing. I am just a week over three months post explant and I feel amazing. I have very little breast tissue and go bra less most of the time however sometime you just need a little extra. I bought several bras that look cute but I still get shoulder pain if I wear a bra so I got these adhesive cups that have padding build into the and they are AMAZING... no should or back straps just cups that adhere to your body giving the appearance of full firmer breast. No more dents or ribs showing on the top portion of my breasts. I ordered them online in nude and black they are re usable and will last at least a year with proper care. They are called Nu Bra and the price was $36,00 us. I LOVE these........ Hope your all feeling amazing and learning to love your all natural bodies.

Last Pictures

Hello Ladies,
Here are the last set of pictures I will be posting. It seems like so long ago that I had this surgery and I pop on here from time to time to encourage the ladies waiting to have their surgeries. I wish for all of you peace, love, health and the ability to accept yourselves no matter the outcome. As I said at the beginning of my personal journey I would love myself no matter what they looked like (they don't look to bad). I am 52, healthy, happy and can still rock a bathing suit without boobs lol. I have included a picture of all of me including my face because I am proud of my new (old) body. God Bless All of you

This is it

Happy Lives To All of You

11 months later

Hello Ladies and Happy Valentine's Day.
It's coming up on my one year anniversary implant free. I am healthier than I have been in years and yes I am as flat as a board. My figure looks like an athlete and I love it. I do miss having boobs and how my clothes used to look but at the same time people compliment me on how youthful I look. If I had to do it again I would without hesitation. I promise each one of you that it's worth it. I do know many have gone back and got re implanted for them that works but for me I will remain all natural. We all need to be kind to ourselves and learn to love our bodies. I will post my one year anniversary pictures

Honesty is the best policy

18 Months ago I started a journey that has now come full circle. I started my implant journey for several reasons. I had severe pain in my body and was diagnosed with fybromialgia and given a slew of drugs. I wasn't satisfied with my diagnosis nor all the drugs they had me on so I started researching and researching what could be causing my ailments. I was 52 in great shape by appearance but in constant pain. After seeing more Doctors than I can even count I researched the possibilities of my 23 year old silicon implants being the culprit of my body pain and even though I loved the way my body looked with my implants I needed to find relief. I had my implants removed and found relief for a very short period so here I was flat chested, unhappy with my personal sell esteem and still in pain. So back to more Doctors more drugs and thousands and thousands of dollars ,hundreds of hours and to many tears to count. After MRI'S, Cat Scans, Xrays, the culprit was a torn labrum and bone spurs in my hip sock that created nerve damage and pain that racket my entire body not just my hip but my groin, shoulder blades, back, knee and numbness in my foot. I could have just accepted the diagnosis of Fybromialgia and lived on numbing drugs but I wanted to feel healthy and sober. I know Fybromialiga is REAL but in my heart I wasn't satisfied with this diagnosis. Long story short I had my labrum repaired along with my hip sock cleaned out and the spurs on my femur trimmed off and I am now 100% pain free. Sorry for the length of this story but I have to be honest. I missed my breasts, I missed how great cloths looked, I couldn't stand to look at my bare chest in the mirror. My husband never wanted the first augmentation but being the exquisite man that he is he supported me and when I had them taken out he supported me always telling me I am sexy and beautiful with or without them. Well ladies I have made the decision to re implant. On October 8th 2014 I will have the breast I loved for 23 years and my health. This time I am going to have saline instead of silicon and I am feeling on top of the world. I will return to a full C cup and this chapter will forever be closed. Bless all you beautiful woman that love and accept your natural wonderful bodies. I know it's so very vain on my part but we only live once and since I have my health restored I want my body restored to what I had known for 23 years. May God Bless you all
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

I visited several in the Tyler area and in Dallas. Doctor Motlagh had such an amazing bedside manner and took the time to listen to my needs not letting ego get in the way. His staff has been great in answering my questions however silly they may seem. He wasn't the cheapest by any means but I have piece of mind. I will share pictures of the masterpiece he creates. In the OR yesterday Dr. Motlagh held my hand until I went under which was only the blink of an eye but what a comfort that was. Thank you Doc

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