My Rhinoplasty..will Be Performed on 10/26/16

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Wow I'm excited tomorrow 10/26/16 I'm going to...

Wow I'm excited tomorrow 10/26/16
I'm going to have my rhinoplasty...I was waiting for this since I was 11 and now I'm 27...this is my birthday present I'm so excited....I will update recovery image in the course of my recovery ...since I was 11 years I remember my mother telling me my nose was big that it looks like my dad's Father since then I didn't feel confident...this surgery in my opinion will help me with my confidence...

Surgery day..

I had my surgery I can't tell the time since I was asleep everything is ok..I don't feel any pain I just feel dizzy that's all...i hope to get the results I want with my rhinoplasty.

Hours after rhinoplasty

I had my rhinoplasty today I'm feeling dizzy...and what is great I'm not feeling any pain at all...none pain I went to sleep as much as I can....I was tired..I'm feeling very well hope to recover fast..

My cast was remove today 11/2/16..

I love that the hump is gone and I love the surgeon work...the only thing I don't like is that my nose is very uplifted and it looks like a pig nose that how I look every time I see my face on the mirror..I hope is because of the swelling...

Two weeks after rhinoplasty

I had my rhinoplasty 2 weeks and 1 day ago..
Edinburg Plastic Surgeon

I have not done my surgery soon as is complete and i recover I will update my experience

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