30 Years Old 5'2 142lbs, 1 Child C-section, drainless TT,LIPO back. FLANKS, MIDRIFF, bilateral breasts and Breast Augmentation!

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Hi everyone!! I've been wanting a tummy tuck for a...

Hi everyone!! I've been wanting a tummy tuck for a really long time now. I had lost a lot of weight went down to 124lbs and had managed to keep it off for 6 years but now that I've recently re-married adjusting to the new lifestyle I keep on gaining weight!! ugh.. I regret not getting it sooner I would've at least enjoyed it a lot longer and had skinny wedding pics!! lol! I wanted to wait until I had a second baby before I had a tummy tuck but didn't realize it was going to take 8 years for the guy to marry me.. lol I feel so stupid for waiting this long to get a tummy tuck... But anyways once I started gaining weight and realized it is becoming harder to maintain and lose.. I've decided to just go for it and get my sexy back!! Life is too short baby and I need to do something for me!! I had my baby almost 13 years ago when I was 17. I was 115lbs and during my pregnancy last weigh in 1 week before my daughter was born I weighed in at 183lbs!! (i know!!) I was young and thought I was going to lose it right after I had her.. boy, WAS I WRONG!! I'm worried about posting pictures.. Hopefully, i'll build up some courage!! I am going back for another consultation on August 21st to see if I should get a BA too.. I'm excited but really scared, anxious and nervous about this!! I hope I'm making the right choice! My surgery is scheduled September 8th. Wish me luck!


It's not a happy tummy!!

Side view

Breast Augmentation with LIPO!!!

So, I went in today for a BA consultation and he said that I had a lot fat tissue on boobies and that I did not need a breast lift however, my nipples were a little low and in order to achieve the best results he suggested having liposuction on my breast and then putting in an implant. He said he could take out around 100cc's of fat on each boob. This makes the areola be a little higher in position than what it is now. Essentially a breast reduction (i think) ... It'll be a gummy bear implant 400cc's. I'm a C cup right now and only want to go up 1 cup size and do not want to be too big... I trust the doctor, but I'm still very nervous about this... I can't find anyone on here that has had this procedure done and any before or after pics.. PS said that I will have a very very curvy shape.. I guess because I'm naturally curvy and now with a tummy tuck and bigger boobs it would accentuate all my assets.. lolIs that a good thing?
I'm naturally very shy and don't like much attention.. so I wonder how I will adapt to that... Has anyone experienced the "everyone knows I had plastic surgery done" feeling...I talked it over with my hubby and at first he was hesitant but he knows I really want this mommy makeover so he said go ahead and do the boobs... but I think I just want reassurance that everything is going to be OK and I'm not going to end up looking like a clown!!!
Another thing that i haven't mentioned to my hubby is that my PS said that if I get this done I need to have my boobies covered and tight for 6 months so that way I get the best results possible and the areola can lift and scar tissue heals right.. PS said the only time it should be off is when i'm in the shower!! oh wow lol!! so my husband wont be able to play with them for a while.. lol


I went for my pre-op on Monday and got my prescriptions, and instructions from the nurse... They prescribed Keflex, Phenergan, Meperidine , Norco, valium, Zofran ODT... The nurse also suggested getting some supplies for post op, Thick Kotex Maxi pads, tape, antibiotic ointment, Hydrogen peroxide and extra pillows! I also got some antibiotic surgical soap so before surgery wash and the morning of. No drinking or eating after midnight and no ALCOHOL on the day before surgery...

My husband came along with me since he had to be present to charge his credit card, and I'll just pay monthly payments on it... and he also got a chance to see the different sizers on me but we both agreed that we really couldn't tell what the best fit for me would be so hard to envision it when already have boobs, so the sizers just made me look FAT! In the end I'll have to trust my doctor and think positive that everything will turn out fine.
Anyways so when they drew my blood the nurse came in and had to poke me 3 times the 3rd one was really painful. She said she hadn't missed a vein in 10 years so I felt bad and kept thinking is this a a sign that this surgery is a bad idea... Luckily the other Nurse came in which is My PS nurse and was able to find the vein... 3rd times a charm!! lol

I can't beleive this month went by pretty fast.. I only have 9 more days and next week is a short week at work!! WOOT WOOT!!

OH and yesterday I found out great news!!! I'll be going to the Caribbeans with my husband and his job is paying for me to go with him!!! YAY!!! Just sucks that he'll be working while we're there, but I get to sport my new boobies and flat tummy (if i'm healed enough) super excited!!!!!

6 days to go!!

I am so nervous! I think my heart is going to explode.... it's literally beating so hard... ugh i need to relax and think positive thoughts and have good energy for this recovery!! I think I have all my supplies ready except for the prescription pills which i'm about to go fill right now and need something for swelling to take.. I heard this "juven" powder tea is pretty good for that.. gonna see if they have it at walgreens! :) anyone else feel nervous like i do??

5 more days!! - Tips on Prescriptions

I picked up my prescriptions and so glad I checked the list again because walgreens forgot to fill one of my nausea pills! So PLEASE PLEASE double check your prescriptions, write them down or make a copy so you'll know you received all of the ones the doctor prescribed. Also, make sure you don't wait until the last minute to fill them. I had to go to 3 pharmacies to get Demerol (pain med) Walgreens and Walmart were out of it..

I got my nails and my pedicure done.. so my feet look nice and pretty for surgery and after.. lol!! I'm not sure if I should buy this chase we saw at costco it's on sale for 200 so it's a good deal and beats renting a electric recliner for a week which is 100.00.... I feel like I'm spending so much money on supplies :( so i'm wondering if i should just stick with my recliner to save some money... i know it's going to be uncomfortable though. i can just imagine how miserable i will be..

I also got a toilet raiser, juven, surgical tape, pads, gauze, neosporin, pill case, extra pillows, peroxide, stool softener etc... cannot think of everything right now because i'm just sooooo anxious!!!!!!!


Supplies and boob wish pics

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

I think I got all the supplies I need! My husband bought me a chase at costco which I love, it's pretty comfortable!! I"m going to miss my family the first night since I'm staying overnight at a hotel near the surgery center with the doctor's nurse. I've never spent a night away from my family... so that makes me nervous too!!! My sister has gone through it so she said I'll be too drugged up to even notice.. lol

My nurse and anastesiologist just called me to make sure I was doing okay and remind me of what not to do.. like drink or eat anything after midnight and nurse just gave me some details about my overnight stay. So far they've been nice. The Nurse said they don't allow visitors at the hotel just because she wants me to get as much rest as possible and that she only recommends me texting my husband and no one else because under conditions of medication we tend not to care as much and may say things we don't want to say to other people.. lol
My family will be able to see me in the recovery.. Husband just told he is a little nervous too.. ugh.. my nerves are gonna kill me!!

I've been having some weird dreams too...
The first one I had my husband had a second wife and I was so upset and told him "i told you this second wife thing wasn't gonna work out" and in this dream he was going to have a baby with her..soooo weird.. I guess since I don't have a child with my hubby now I think it's me feeling guilty for doing this surgery and not trying harder on the baby thing...

The second dream I had last night was that I got totally botched and was sooo sad and miserable about my results. My boobs were wrinkly and uneven and worst part is that I had some sort of procedure on my face and the doctor forgot to stitch it up so my face was coming off... WTF?? what kind of dreams am I having? Anyone else out there having weird dreams!!

I'll post some final before pics later..

more before pics


It's 5 am and my throat is soooooo dry... I really want a sip of water so bad... I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. No weird dreams tonight.. woohoo.. I hope my surgery goes well and recovery is speedy... I dont know what I got myself into I think I'm getting cold feet.. I know I"m about to start my period :( that's really going to be uncomfortable... I'm gonna walk around for a bit , take my dog out to potty and feed her! I hope I can get a bowel movement before the surgery.. lol... I'll shower with the antibiotic soap they gave me, dry my hair, say goodbye to my baby girl and my little puppy and off my way to the hospital...

Oh and I got a beautiful pimple right underneath my eye... I can see every time I look down.. weird place to get it..

That's all I got.. I'll be thinking of everyone that is going into surgery today.. :) See you on the flat side!!! :)

Post op day 2

Here are some pics...


So it's been a tough road but I'm glad that I have my husband and sister around to help me!!! First night was really tough I was up
Every hour trying to get comfortable.
My back was killing me. Same thing for night two trying to get in a comfortable position and getting up from the chase was difficult... I wasn't as swollen on day 1 but today my legs are really swollen... They've been lifted a day but swelling has not gone down. Then my nurse said that should I have a bowel movement by now so if I didn't to take some laxative well I was in so much pain after I took that laxative I had to take a Valium and some more pain meds for the stomach cramps to subside!! And still no bowel movement...

I took my first shower today!! It felt so good! It would've been better without the stomach cramps but I enjoyed it... I am itchy every where!!
My husband went to the store to get me a back scratcher!!

So I was told they took out 9lbs of fat and 3lbs of skin from the tummy tuck.. I still don't know how many ccs my boobs but they look pretty big!
Not weighing myself Until the swelling goes down but so far
My waist looks super tiny... Yay :)

Holy poop!!!

Finally a bowel movement and it's a lot!!! Omg what a relief...thank you Jesus!!!

I am pretty depressed my legs are still swollen and so is everything else.. I don't understand how the other girls are already posing in their cute undies on day 4 or 5.. I still have a lot of bruising all
Over my back because of the lipo... I can't wait for the swelling to go down... My vajayjay is also super swollen... And let's top it off with my period... I don't think I can wear a tampon yet. I think the nurse said to wait a couple of days before I started to use that... I'll keep posting updates for those who are following! Thanks for all of the support!

Right before surgery marked up!

I was really nervous cause the sense of this is really about happen was setting in... My hubby was there with me while my dr was marking me up and the look on my husbands face was priceless... He was just like you're gonna remove all that lol!!! My doctor was awesome and answered any questions we had.. They were right on time didn't have to wait long at all!! The anesthesiologist said are you ready for your margarita And I said yup it's 5 o'clock somewhere!! Lol and they rolled me over to the operating room and I asked if they played any music while they were in the operating room and they said yes we have all kinds of music he asked what do you listen to and I said Coldplay and then all of a sudden I hear paradise by Coldplay come on and I was out!! Very nice experience!

Back pic

Time of the month

So this morning at around 2 am I went to the restroom to pee
And have my undies and cg full
of blood!! Yay!! Lol that was not a
Good feeling.. Tmi!!! I was too tired to change so put on a new pair of
Panties and cleaned off what I could from the cg!! First thing I did this morning is take it off
And wash it oh and it feels
So good to get a break from
From the cg. I hardly have any drainage or Bleeding so I think I'm gonna replace the pads with smaller Gauze for a more Comfortable fit... I still
Have trouble getting up from the recliner or chase so I recommend getting an electric recliner that lifts you up that will be a great thing to have around especially for the late night restroom trips... Pain is manageable now. The bruising looks worse than what it feels... My butt looks flat which is weird I guess it's all the lipo from the flanks! I am still very hunched over and recommend getting a walker if you can. I am itchy everywhere!!! So
I bought some cocoa butter lotion to help out with that... I think the Valium also helps me out and I'm
Hoping they will give me a refill
When I go to my post op visit on Monday! It's a weird feeling scratching my tummy cause it still feels sort of numb... That's all
I got for now I think I'm gonna take a nap now. ;) love y'all !


My boobies feel hard and are very high right now. I got the the mentor high moderate gummy bear implant... The card I got says they are 500ccs!!! Omg...I thought I was getting 400 but at the end of
The day I did tell my surgeon that I wanted to be porptionate... They lipod fat tissue from my breast and then replaced what they took out with implant and some more. It should make My boobies look rounder and perkier! he said I would be a D cup which is only one cup bigger than what I was... Can't wait for them to go down and see what the final result is gonna look like!!!

Day 4 post op! All bruised up

Day 6 post op I love my boobs!!!

6 days post op - trip to target

Hi RS peeps!! So we went to target this morning to do some grocery shopping and for me to get out of the house.. Well that trip to target must have really exhausted me because right after we got home I went to bed and slept for about 5 hours and it Felt soooo good!!! My recovery has been great so far!!! My husband has been a wonderful nurse taking care of me and so has my sister... My legs are finally looking normal, it looks
Like most of the swelling has gone down. I still have swelling in my belly and bruising from the lipo. I am still not able to walk straight so I am hunched over... I definitely can't wait to be able to walk straight... I am going to sleep
In my big girl bed tonight!! I don't think my back can take another night in the recliner or
Chase.... I am so glad I had a Drainless procedure after reading everyone else complain about it I feel so lucky that I don't have to deal with that. I'll post tomorrow and give updates on my follow up appt... :)

Follow up Appt 7 days Post Op

Hi RS Peeps!! My appointment was quick and simple. I saw my wonderful nurse and she looked over my incisions and basically said I was healing just fine. I have to wear the CG with foam for another week and then she'll switch me over to something else. I no longer have to wear padding over my tummy tuck incision so that will give me some comfort. I still have swelling and some rippling in my skin but she said it was normal for having a drain-less procedure and that it will go away once the swelling goes down. So, I'm very happy to hear that rippling will go away...
I am continuing to put some ice on my bruising from the lipo and then follow that with a heating pad. I read somewhere it helps get rid of bruising faster, and it seems like it's working as everyday the bruising fades away.... I also rub arnica gel on my body to help with swelling.. I drink Juven twice a day, I think this product is absolutely awesome and has helped so much with my recovery. I also feel like a drink a gallon of sparking water with lemon every single day.. I absolutely love it!!
My nurse said to continue on the low sodium diet... Wow, has that diet done wonders for my face.. My nose even looks smaller which I love, but I know I will not be able to go without salt for long.. I'm such a sucker for margaritas and coronas and love salt on the rim.. :( shame on me.. Is it bad that I cannot wait to go to happy hour... lol

The next thing my boobs - So I got lipo on my boobs with a breast augmentation, the lipo was to lift my breasts similar to a breast lift without all the scarring. I have to make sure I lift my areola's with gauze or pads to make sure the scar tissue lifts the nipples up.. She explained it so much better.. so I bought some push up pads at target and lift my nipples as high as possible and put on my compression bra. The only bad part of this is that my PS said to do this for 6 months ( that's a long time) but I'm more than willing to do this in order to get the results that I paid for.. I mean 16 g's is a lot of money so I have to stay committed to do this and not get lazy about it...

Post op Day 8- Hunched over depression

Okay - So I totally feel like i'm walking straight if that sounds weird but when I look at my profile I am so horrified I look like hunchback ms. piggy... then I keep thinking it may be my boobs that are causing me to also look more hunched over... I just feel awful today..

I'm also getting a lot of headaches? Has anyone experienced this?? I just think it's weird if I'm still taking pain pills I shouldn't really be getting headaches right?

Then I also made the huge mistake of weighing myself thinking I'd lost weight.. what a dummy.. so I feel even more depressed.. oh well so that's my day 8 post op Debby downer story...

hope everyone else is doing well!!!

Post op day 8 Pics

Update Pics - day 10

Nothing but a T-shirt on :) lol

Lost Puppy

I haven't posted in a while, sorry chicas! So here is a story - My husband and I were on our way to a dealership in Grapevine and saw this poor little lost puppy running around.. well, you know what we did, we turned around and tried to save it... But the puppy was way too scared of me. I got off the car and noticed all of the other cars stopping trying to help me out, they thought it was my puppy. People are so generous.. The puppy then runs right pass me and (he is not running fast) and you know I just had surgery so I'm trying my best to jog and hold my tummy to catch him and he goes into some bushes to hide.. :(

Then this lady in the car passes by just to say "girl you gotta work on your cardio" LMAO!!! OMG - I just had surgery lady.. so no, we couldn't save the puppy but hopefully someone did.. thought I'd share the story! Happy HUMP DAY!

Post Op Day 16

I've noticed my pain is during the night, I still wake up around 3 am to take a hydrocodone and I'm still sleeping on my back per PS orders... My BACK is KILLING ME!! Yesterday, I went to hobby lobby to walk around and do some fall shopping and just to test myself to see how long I could actually stay active.. Towards the end of the day I was hunched all the way.. It's understandable since I was walking most of the time so hopefully with my desk job I'll be OK..

I also have to work on reviews this week, they are due on the 27th.. I have 10 people under me and it doesn't seem like a lot but I just keep putting it off and it's really difficult when they all have rated themselves above and beyond and don't give me anything but one short sentence about why they think they rate themselves so highly... sorry just venting about that.. hahaha...

I'm posting pics - I don't see much of a difference from day 10..

Foam pics

day 16

How to de-bone a corset


Hello RS friends.. I had my 2nd follow up post op appointment today..
Nurse went over some instructions and my goodness they are so quick and get things done so fast it's amazing. My wonderful handsome PS came in and checked me out and he was just like "wow, look how skinny you are" "Can I show you off to some potential patients if you don't mind?" I was flattered.. LOL
thought about it and i'm really shy in real life, but i was like Well, since I already have naked pics all over the internet hey why not! and it crossed my mind to say something funny like, well do i get a discount on my next surgery lol if i let this happen...lol

so, I'm totally naked I mean my vajayjay is out tities are hanging and everything, and two potential patients come in, in their robes and he just talked to them about what procedures he did on me and the ladies were like omg you look amazing look how tiny your waist is were you already tiny before? I was like hell no... I let them see my before pics and they were just amazed at my doctor's work..
I guess they got comfortable enough so they started taking off their robes and showing me their bodies lol.. "look at me" " i don't think I'll be as skinny as you" and these ladies were not fat at all..
it was a naked party in the exam room.. lol my PS was like okay come on ladies let's go.. and i'm like COME BACK DR. DON'T FORGET I STILL HAVE QUESTIONS.. LOL.. he is so sweet and great personality!

Post opp appt details:
Nurse Gayla showed me how to massage my boobies and OMG it's completely different from all the videos i've seen. I'll be massaging 3 times a day to get those gummies down, and it's side to side. She also said to get an underwire bra at dillards to lift them up.. I was like i can wear underwire? Yup, so it's different for everyone... so, tomorrow during lunch time i'll be going to Dillards to get that bra that I need and continue my treatment plan so my boobies and areolas get where they should be.. I'm excited.
I got my steri-strips removed and put on the silicone sheet underneath my tatas and TT scar. I'll change that once a week. I asked about my BB Dr. said that will be swollen longer than anything else and it will be more of an oval shape, for now I just have to stick a piece cotton in there. Nurse Gayla said to start massaging the areas that feel hard especially on the sides for the swelling to go down. She is the BEST! I showed her the corset I bought and she said NO ma'am you're still not there yet.. :( they are cute but not there yet! I guess I'll go return them for now and buy them later.. but she did say i can wear spanx and don't have to wear the foam unless i wear the other CG!! woot woot!! She said the spanx have to be full length and not just the tummy area because if I only get something that covers the tummy the swelling will just stay in tummy area and WE DON'T WANT THAT.. I bought maidenform spanx firm contol hi-waist,thigh slimmer in Medium, I'm gonna have to back and get a small because she said she wants it so tight i can hardly get out of it and well this one is very comfy so I know it needs to be a little tighter.. I think i'll also cut the crotch area for easy access to pee. I don't go back to see the doctor until February, but he said even at that point I will still not have the final results.. I just need to work on my diet.. I'm cleared to walk but no jogging until 6-8 weeks out and no arm work outs... my flabby arms will have to wait.. The PS said he wants me to lose 9lbs... :( that's gonna be tough with the holidays coming around.

My workday -
I had a huge cardigan on so no one noticed anything different, and since she told me I could wear spanx, i bought a pair changed and put some jeans on did the rubber band trick and looked normal! Now, I just can't wait to show off my body and have the swelling go down.. Overall, the day went by pretty slow, I couldn't wait for 4 o'clock to come by and I got there at noon.. I totally don't want to work anymore!! hahahah



I took off the tape so you could see my scar; I think it's healing very nicely! :)


Wow, can't believe how time flies by so fast.. I haven't been able to post lately I've just been so busy with work and life in general!!!

i'm still swollen right above my incision, and get knots at the end of the day.... everything else is just FAB!! i can't wait to start working out my arms; i think i still have to wait about 2 more weeks.
Jeans- so far i'm starting to fit into my pre-surgery jeans.. weird how that works since i'm on the flat side you'd think they would fit a little loose but they still fit snug... I can fit into some of my dress pants but right now i'm just sticking to my jeans... I haven't worn heels in forever and I miss that...

Does anyone here go to the sauna I wonder how long we have to wait after surgery to start that up again???

My boobs are settling into place but one seems higher than the other so i massage the higher boobie more than the other in hopes that it will help with the settling.

Here are some pictures!! I hope everyone is doing great! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


Hello wonderful RS peeps!!! Hope you guys are doing well!!! just wanted to share a quick story that happened a couple of weeks ago when taking some pictures. My process when taking pictures and uploading them...
1. I take a pic from my iphone
2. I send it to my email address from my iphone
3. Delete from iphone in case it ever gets lost.
4. Save them on computer and upload.

OK. So, I know my naked body is all over the internet with this RS site that i'm on anyway.. But, here goes... So with all the schools trying to be pro-technology and no more books, well, my daughter was issued a school i pad this year.... When I sent the pictures to my email address they somehow ended up on her SCHOOL I-PAD... and when my daughter checked it, of course you can only imagine! "mom, what is this? " "omg mom, that goes to my teacher's they can see everything..."

LOL!!!! I tried not to panic but OMG.... my poor daughter has been scarred forever with the picture of my bare boobs!!! I was so embarrassed.. I just crossed my fingers that they really don't see everything unless it's requested.. any school teachers out there???

That damn CLOUD!!!

2 months

3 months and swollen

So today I woke up really swollen so I feel like I just took 10 steps back. I'm thinking it's because I lifted weights yesterday and didn't have a CG on? Has this happened to anyone out there... I just feel horrible today and hope the swelling goes away soon... my stomach feels like before surgery.. eek!

On another note my butt is BACK #breaktheinternet.. lol jk yall..


so i've been having hunger pains for the past month, they are sooo bad i literally feel so nauseous... and i know what you're thinking and NO i'm not prego... and i'm eating right, it's not like i go to bed hungry.. i've been eating very very baaaaad.. a lot of food so i shouldn't be waking up hungry to the point where the acid in my tummy makes me nauseous...maybe it's related to having a TT? what do you girls think??

Can't wait for the holidays to be over with so I can get back to eating right.. My birthday is coming up on the 23rd.. the big 31!! I'm thinking of celebrating this weekend.. :)

4 month update

well, over the holidays i gained some weight and i can't seem to get rid of it... i'm very demotivated because i'm being more active and am watching what i eat now... i just want rapid results and i don't see any on the scale.....

I think my boobs are too big for me.. they are a tripple D and feel like they make me look huge.. but idk..
here are some pics below, hopefully by my 5th month update i have lost the weight.

6 months today!

February flew by and was a very short month... I'm not proud of the pics but here are my 6 month update pictures.. Still working on losing the extra weight.

7month pic update

pic update

7mth pic

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