Dr Hasan

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I've been wanting to get the Bbl for awhile now...

I've been wanting to get the Bbl for awhile now and i'm trying to find the right doctor please anyone help me I've been seeing people say the DR but I don't want to stay for 10 day's so any suggestions Rs I'm tired of putting It off I really want to get it done but don't want to go over 7500 So if you guys wouldn't mind comments and advice would be ready helpful thanks

Dr Kerr

Hi guys so I'm thinking about dr kerr He's in Austin tx not to far from me affordable and has really good reviews what I'm thinking about making a appointment any one knows dr kerr please comment or if u know another dr that would be nice to ...Happy thanksgiving. Rs have a blessed day. Ps I will post pics of me and how my shape is now and i'm posting wish pic

Duran or Yily

Duran or Yily one of the ladies will be working on me but I have a question Rs please answer How do the Rh work I'm bringing someone with me well my Boyfriend and we want to know how does that work will we pay for one room? or what because I'm coming from Texas and me traveling alone is not an option for me or him so any info on that would be really helpful. Thanks.....

Dr Hasan

Soooo I lock in my price tomorrow and i'm super excited I've set my bbl for march But it might be before then so do anyone know how many days I would have to stay and what's some good Rh

sum pics of me ewww

Miami Physician

I've been wanting to be a Hasan doll for ever

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