Two Days After Botox, and Already Loving It.

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I had some pretty severe expression lines between...

I had some pretty severe expression lines between my eyebrows and a couple of horizontal forehead lines that were bothering me so I decided to check into Botox.  I considered the average pricing around here and realized that it's not too much more than my last hair cut or spa day.  I'm 32 and I felt like everything else looked age-appropriate except for those darn brow furrow lines that no amount of facial products could reduce and make up just seemed to highlight the ridges.  I researched everything I could online, including this site, and later I found a plastic surgery practice who I though had an informative website and good local media praise, which is about all you can go on if you don't have a friend who referred you. 

I figured I'd go with my gut feeling once I got there, and had back up appointments with others.  I was impressed by the facility and the staff, who gave me the soup to nuts very frank discussion about Botox.  I came fully prepared to pay for my eyebrow, forehead and even be upsold for my crows feet, which I have but haven't particularly bothered me.  Much to my surprise, I was actually talked out of the forhead lines with the suggestion that once the deep lines between my brows were gone, I'd probably not notice the others so much.  And the crows feet were agreed to be not even worth it. 

Got the injections which were not any more painful than a regular shot, which I was nervous about, but it was quick and tolerable.  Describing it as a bee sting would be too harsh.  We spoke a little about timelines, results, the "don't do it" list, and touch-up visits (no charge) if needed after two weeks.  And I was done.  For the sake of full disclosure, I'll tell you that when I was paying I started feeling dizzy and then fainted.  I qualify that with the fact that I've had similar episodes a couple of times when giving blood and a couple of similar medical situations.  I'm fine during it, it's always when it's over.  They took good care of me and I was on my way after I slowly sat up, ate some crackers, drank a coke, and felt back to normal. 

Two days in and I'm loving it.  The deep ridges are gone already, replaced by fine lines.  I would probably be happy enough if this is the best it gets but if it continues to get better after a week I'll just be thrilled.  And if I still see lines, I can always go back for a touch up if more would help, but again....two days in and I feel like I got my money's worth. 

Negatives are minor, but I'll mention all of them.  I've had a minor headache on and off, but not overwhelmning.  I guess my body is still trying to furrow the brow as usual and it's just not happening, which might explain the headache.  I had a little lumpiness and tenderness at the injection sites for about a day but those are gone now and they were only noticable to me.  My forehead seems to be a bit shinier than usual, I don't know if that's common.  They took before shots of me at the office but I didn't get a copy, so as soon as I finish typing this I'm going to dig up some recent pics of myself to compare.  I recommend either asking your doc for a copy of yours or remembering  to take your own before you go.  My husband, who was vehemently opposed to me "putting poison in my face" has calmed down and says he can't argue with the results.  And at the risk of being gross, but again for full disclosure, I had a pretty rough bout of diarrhea  today (I know, gross) which I can't seem to trace to anything I ate.... I found that  mentioned as a side it's possible that it's related to the Botox.  Handled by immodium.  No droppy eye issues.

So that's it, I'm happy and will be back for more when this begins to wear off. 

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Nice, professional staff, clean office. Other patients in the waiting room seemed very happy with whatever they were there for, no angry rants going on. Patient, informative, and gave honest opinions about where I needed it and where I didn't. Touch up at no charge offered if needed around the two week mark. Reasonable charges

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