Two Chin Implants Gone Wrong

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I didn't like my short chin (looked a bit like...

I didn't like my short chin (looked a bit like Paris Hilton's) and the dimple in the middle, so i had a small implant when i had my nose job but the implant moved, the surgeon fixed it back free of charge but it moved again.

Then with another surgeon i had another implant 2 years ago, one that bonds with the tissues and hard to remove, a big mistake because it moved as well and it looks awful and i think too large for my jaw.

Also i can feel it all the time on one side, i am desperate to have it removed but i had it done in Paris, i live in London, not easy to go there often, and i have not much money so i am hoping the surgeon could ask me just the hospital fees but i doubt it.

I am so scared he might say he can't remove that particular implant without butchering me.
What a nightmare!

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Always ask a million questions and explain with details what you really want, doctors can't read your mind, and don't expect at 100% your surgery to be good even though others have it bad. That surgeon should not have used a tissue bonding implant as i told him the other one moved, it was a bad decision.

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