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As I write this, I am headed to the Twin Cities...

As I write this, I am headed to the Twin Cities for BA tomorrow morning at 6:45a.
I am getting 225cc mod+ saline mid pocket.
My doctor is Dr. Gryskiewicz at Twin Cities Cosmetic Surgery.
Pre-op I am a 32A on left, almost maybe a B on right.
Hoping to be a balanced full C max, very natural looking.
I am 31, no children (but hoping for some to breast feed in the next few years)
Very pear shaped, and my weight fluctuated quite a bit in teens and early 20's, topped out around 170. I have been around 125lbs these last few years.
I am mostly happy with my body, however, I would really like to fill out the sagginess from weight loss and using oral contraceptives. I get so frustrated with my clothing not fitting well, never feel good in a swim suit. I finally realized hitting my thirties that my breasts were never going to get any bigger!
I guess I haven't been thinking for years about BA, but earlier this year I found out it was much less expensive than I thought. So, I couldn't get it off my mind and before we knew it, we were out for consultations. We went in to a local Dr. For my first consult, and I really liked him and it was a great experience. He preferred under muscle, inframmary incision. A month or two later, we went in for consult with Dr. G, also a goodfeeling, slept on it, and booked the appointment for the following week. We had a window of time that would work well for us, so i just wanted to go for it, instead of agonizing over the wait.
This last week has been very stressful and anxious. 90% of the time I am so ready and excited, but every once in a while, I just go crazy and can't believe I am doing this. I even had terrible second thoughts this morning and called to cancel. But then I felt even worse and sad, so I called back and said I was coming! Still mostly excited, scared sh*%$less too!
My partner has always loved my breasts how they are, and he says he prefers natural, but he has been immensely suppportive! He has been my rock, and says he will suppport me no matter what I choose. He wants me to be happy, and he is mostly concerned for my health.
I am also very concerned about my health, and I live a very active, holistic lifestyle.
I have been struggling with FMS (and ALL that comes with it) since I was a teen, and I am very concerned how I will react to the physical trauma.
I am also a massage therapist, so these pecs get used all the time.
I am very active with martial arts, yoga, swimming, bicycling, etc.
I would love to hear how well others have been able to participate in these activities. My doc believes I will do very well, and he says he has worked with MTs and FMS.

One of my biggest anxieties is how others will react. No one knows so far beside BF, and I would really like to keep it that way. I am the LAST person anyone would expect to do this! I am so anal about being healthy and being real, this may throw some for a loop. Even I still can't quite believe I am doing this! I work very closely with other holistic health providers, some of them are nuns, and I adore them, and we are good friends. I really am afraid of disappointing them, and I am not sure how well this will go over with my holistc docs.

To all of the women who have shared your stories here, thank you so much!

(I forgot to mention, I am 5'3") Day...

(I forgot to mention, I am 5'3")

Day 1--Surgery
Arrived on time for my surgery. I felt so much more calm and relaxed after arriving and meeting all of the staff, they were all very reassuring and understanding of my anxieties. I felt even more at ease when my doc came in to mark me up and go over the plan. Before I knew it, I was taken into the surgery room. I remember saying something like "that feels really nice" and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery to an incredibly dry mouth. The nurses brought me some water and ice chips and a bag of pretzels a few minutes later. I also asked for coffee and they brought a cup of that too. It wasn't long before BF came in and soon I was dressed and we were on our way back to the hotel.
Back in our suite, I made myself comfy in a chair and ottoman, my BF so sweet and caring! I was prescribed pain meds, a muscle relaxant, antibiotic, and anti nausea pills. I was also given an anti nausea patch for behind my ear. I have not had any nausea, and the discomfort was much less than I thought it would be. I believe I dozed on and off in front of the tv, BF kept me on time for all my meds, I have been icing a lot and it feels good. The doc encourages moving the arms around and above head, and I have been able to do so with very little discomfort. Later in the afternoon, we took a short walk outside, such a beautiful sunny day.
I was not bandaged after surgery, so I was able to see how things looked right away. I am very happy! Plenty of swelling, but no bruising or bleeding. The doc said he put 240 ccs in my right and 270 in the left. Dr. G uses the rapid recovery technique, and I must say things are going better than I thought they might. I am so excited for the swelling to go down, I think Dr. G gave me just what I wanted.

Day 2--First Day after BA

I slept pretty well last night in bed. I was even able to lay on my side for a while quite comfortably. I woke around 2:30 to take meds and stretch out some of the stiffness, still no bruising or bleeding. I have been keeping my girls on ice, I think it helps a lot. Aside from the prescriptions, I have also been taking arnica and bromelian, as well as my usual supplements: emergen C with MSM, hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, 5LAC (probiotic), and natural calm magnesium drink, as well as lemon or tangerine therapeutic grade oils. I don't really have much of an appetite, no problems with nausea either. I really feel pretty good.
I do notice that my left breast is just slightly higher than the right, and most of the discomfort I am having is on that side also. Even before my BA, the left pec was really quite tight. The right is doing great, but I need to be careful reaching for things with the left, once in a while I get a funny spasmy feeling in the upper fibers of that pec. Good thing I am right handed.
At 11:30 we went back to see the doc for my post op. He agreed things were looking great. He also noticed the slight difference with my left breast and prescribed "the strap" just for that side. Even with the left breast how it is, things are looking more symmetrical and balanced than before. I am very confident that a couple weeks from now things will look perfect :) I am also gaining in confidence that no one is likely to know I ever did this.
After seeing the doc, we headed home. Stopped along the way and took a nice little walk at a very scenic rest area, ate lunch. Still no nausea, but not much appetite either. Tired.
Arrived home, unpacked, took a nap on ice. Still no appetite around dinner time, and then the nausea snuck up on me. I had taken off the patch upon arriving home b/c the doc said it only lasts 24hours anyway, and I did not want my sister or someone to stop by and ask "what's that for?". Anyhow, I barely made it to the bathroom, and a couple heaves later, I felt so much better! Had a small snack, took some meds, and went to bed with my sports bra stuffed with ice packs.

Day 3--Second full day after BA

I slept pretty well last night, did not need to get up to take any meds. When I did get up to go to the bathroom, I was stiff and sore but some gentle arm movements and stretching made it ok. Getting up this morning, I noticed some faint bruising around my right breast. I am pretty sure it is from how the strap was around it, so I reposition it slightly and took some more bromelian for the bruising. My incision sites are feeling a little more tender today, but overall I am still feeling pretty good. I am now able to make it 12 hours without meds.
I tried on a swim top today, and I felt perfect!
Still not much appetite, but I was able to eat a decent amount for lunch today. No BM yet, but I don't feel any discomfort or bloating, either.
I am beginning to feel a bit groggy from meds now, so I am off to bed with my ice packs...

I will try to get my pics uploaded later today!
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