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Discalimer* I'm not sure exactly what my cost is...

Discalimer* I'm not sure exactly what my cost is as insurance and my father is taking responsibility for the bill.

I was blessed (by men's definition) with this curse (my definition) of this large weight on my chest. Ever since I was little, I remember having them. Actually, a lot of my friends say I skipped the butt line when I was being formed in my mom's tummy and went through the breast line. A lot. Like, 5 times a lot.

I developed early in 6th grade and had been wearing 38DD's I believe in middle school, and during high school I was lucky to find a DDD. However, my fiance's mother was ever so nice to take me bra shopping which is an adeventure in itself when one has never actually been properly fitted. Turns out now, at age 22, I can sport a 40H....ugh.

But, I never thought I'd get approved and I always hated the idea of going through the 6 month trail of P.T., chiropractics, weight loss, yada yada. Cause big boobs and cancer unfortunately run in my family on my mother's side (which she was so blessed to miss that gene and give it to my sister and I - The big boobs to clarify). But my mother decided after all the years (since I was about 13) of me saying when I can afford one, I'm getting a reduction, she called a PS.

Went very well, actually, and took about an hour to talk to him, let him assess the weight I was carrying and the grooving I have with other factors (turns out he said I have the beginings of kyphosis and scoliosis if I remember correctly) and they sent the paper work off for review. Met with a chiropractor for XRAYS and had half a nerve conduction test (was no way they were sticking that long needle in my arm) And, me being Murphy's Law all these years, thought they'd say 'You need this and this, etc...'

But it only took the average 6 weeks to get an answer of YES!! I literally hopped up and down at work hooting and hollaring with my coworker laughing at me. Oh, that made Monday's okay in my book.

So, now all I'm doing is waiting for my surgery and looking at this website and others about reviews and B/A photos, and also getting nervous because I hate needles, and the idea of being operated on. But I keep reminding myself that my friend had a double lung transplant and that's 10 times worse than what I'm OPTING to do. If she can have that kind of surgery, I can have an IV and my surgery. :) Will keep you guys updated and try to post pictures as well (possibly if I work up the nerve to do toploss). Thanks for letting me rant!

Free Nipple Graft

So I haven't really thought about it too much lately until tonight.

I'm getting an FNG and is it like a skin graft? Where they shave off a section of my skin to adhere to nipple back onto? Or is it just cut the nipple off, put on moist sponge of saline then put it ontop of new area WITHOUT shaving off a section of skin to use? O.o just curious as j haven't asked my doctor... Which I probably should. Lol.


This has been totally worth it so far! I looked down and the first thing I saw was my tummy. >.> haven't seen that in a while. I believe the doctor said he removed 9 pounds. 9. POUNDS! That's like having a baby that's baked an extra week lol.

All in all I think I'm okay. I have staples instead of stitches which look pretty gnarly. My drains have been in since 28 (Friday) and its now the 1st of July... Already slowed draining to below 15ml and a mixture of clear with red tinge. A little yellow at times but not a lot. Mostly discomfort from tightness and drain openings. Oh and my nipples are stapled too... Really gnarly. AND I HAVE ZINGS THERE, TOO! O_O anyways. Thought I'd update. :)

Drains and Questions

So, the drains are rather annoying and I've called about scheduling my follow up... But they want the drainage to be a teaspoon size...
Or 5ml. Whatever you wanna call it... Within an 8 hour active period. Okay, no problem.

But I'm thinking my drains get clogged with clots at the blue parts where it connects to tubing. And I'm kind of concerned that if it is, how do I unclog it? Cause I don't want to get false hope of reaching 5ml drainage then be told its no good cause drains are clogged. -_- ugh.

Boobs and Bras

So my fiancé took pictures day of surgery. Unfortunately we didn't do nude up tops lol. Sorry peeps. But I hope as soon as I can wear T's, I can put on the same shirt for a good comparison. :)
Dr. Luis Pernia

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