31yo Mom of 11yr Old and 5 Yr Old - Indianapolis, IN

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I've always been a little overweight. Always had...

I've always been a little overweight. Always had big boobs ands never the "good kind". They always been a little saggy and the more my weight went up and down the bigger and saggier they got. Finally I had saved enough money for a reduction. My size at the time was a 38DD. Although I still foiled myself and tried squeezing into a C/D. I was very scared and anxious and nervous but I knew it was going to be well worth it. Day before surgery I took a Xanax to calm my nerves. I was NPO after midnight and I arrived at the surgery center at 10am. My boyfriend drove me and stayed with me the whole time thankfully.
First the Dr came in and did my markings and answered any questions I had then I was off!!
I don't remember much when I got out but my boyfriend said I was in a lot of pain and had maxed out my IV pain meds so I had to take a pain pill. I do remember it was really hard to eat crackers but I managed to eat two in about 30 min so I could take the pain pill. But that wasn't enough.. I was sooo sick after that. I walked to the bathroom and it took me a good 10 minutes to pee.. then on the walk back I got super sweaty and my boyfriend said all the color left my face and I was white as a ghost.
I was so sick and so hot I remember taking a zofran.. I ask him to take my socks off bc I was so hot I couldn't breath, then the nurse put me on oxygen and apparently that helped.
The Zofran didn't work so I reluctantly requested the only alternative which was a Phenergan suppository. That really worked..
Right after she gave it to me I got up and dressed and she had me out the door. This was about 2 hours after I got out of surgery.
I didn't want to go but she said it was time and if I didn't go then, the Phenergan was gonna make me feel so out of it I wouldn't be able to get home for awhile if I didn't go then..so I went along with it and with A LOT of help from my boyfriend I was able to get dressed.
At home I was taking pain meds about every 4 hours. I wanted to stay ahead of the pain for the first 24 hours after surgery.
I slept about the rest of the night, getting up to pee and drink some oj then going back to the couch. I slept on the couch the first 3 nights just to make it easier on myself. Surprisingly I didn't try to lay on my side any. I used a pillow with sides on it to help with that.
Exactly 24 hours after surgery I showered. I couldn't wait to see them!! I was sooooooooooooo happy when I finally saw them! Exactly what I wanted. Just perfect!
When I got in the shower I got in with my back facing the shower head. I was able to raise my arms up so I had no problem washing my hair. I let the shampoo run over my shoulders onto my breasts and gently washed them with my hands and again let the water run over my shoulders to clean the soap off. After, I towel dried my whole body except my breasts. Put my pants on and had my boyfriend dry my breasts using the cool setting on the hair dryer. (He didn't mind this at all. Lol)
No problems day two, just reaalllyy tired. Only taking pain meds about every 8 hours. Day three I woke up feeling very nauseous and some burning pain around the incision.
I took the gabapentin I had been taking twice a day since surgery asking with a Zofran and a pain pill and within an hour I felt good again. After that episode I didn't use another pain pill until I went to bed. Today is day 4. I am very swollen and bruised but not hurting to much. Besides the really tight feeling they feel pretty good. I should also say the first shower I took I noticed I still have sensation in my nipples. Woo-hoo!! :) I'm still taking the gabapentin and taking a pain pill at night. I'm really happy with my results and can't wait to see what they look like once the swelling goes down!! I'll keep updating!!

Day 5

I over did it today. I was feeling good and it was a beautiful day..so I decided to go to the zoo. I only walked around for about an hour and a half but getting there, walking around, hitting the grocery store on the way home and getting back was almost 4 hours. I'm very sore. I'm more bruised abs swollen today, my boobs feel so tight, like they could pop open. I just showered and I'm going to put some ice on these babies and take a pain pill cause my pain is 7/10 right now and I don't want it to get worse. I'm still very happy with my results. It feels like it's been longer than only 5 days. Oh and they itch sooo bad. Not really around the incision but around the swollenness parts. I can't wait for that to go away!!



Couple days late posting but idid take pictures:) I've been feeling much better the past couple days. The best part is I'm feeling much much less tired. Every now and then I'll get a sharp pain in my nipple or around it but I'm feeling really good!
I added a couple steri strips to my nipple just because, I'm a nurse and nurses know everything. Lol, just kidding:) I actually felt like it was a little open area so I just threw a couple on there to be safe. I'm loving these results!!

POD 11

My nipples don't feel any different than they did before, I have feeling in both of them but as of right now my areolas are kind of numb, which I'm just fine with. The steri strips are coming off, I'm helping them along, if they're off of the incision I just peel the rest of it off because, really what's the point of staying on if it's off of the incision. My breasts are feeling a little sore because of this, those steri strips were really on there and it kinda hurt to take a couple off. Besides that soreness I'm great! Bought a pretty seamless bra today which I never ever would've been able to wear before but now I LOVE IT! looking forward to these babies healing up all the way!!

8 wks post op

Well I'm almost 100% healed. Doc said every week equals 10% healed so I'm about 80% right now. I feel great!! I'm released from my weight restrictions but I'm still not lifting unless I absolutely have to. I still feel numb in places around my breasts but overall they feel normal. I still can't believe these are MY boobs!! I check myself out all the time bc I just love them so much! At my last visit Dr said my scars look really good so that's pretty great:) I'm so thrilled with Dr Turkle and everyone in her office, I will definitely be going back to her for my tummy tuck once I lose a little more weight. =)
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

During my consultation with Dr Turkle she was very nice. I did do a lot of research and I really liked her work the best and had read some good reviews about her. I felt like she was the right Dr for me. On the day of surgery, that bedside manner that I didn't see in my consult was there and she was great. Made me feel really comfortable and answered all my questions. I really like her a lot. She even called me at home on Saturday to see how I was feeling. I saw her again today for my first post op appointment and again she was great. She made me feel comfortable and I didn't leave with any questions or concerns unanswered :) I have already recommended her to people!! And I will be going back to her for my tummy tuck in the fall or next spring :)

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