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Hey everyone well Iv finally booked my rhinoplasty...

Hey everyone well Iv finally booked my rhinoplasty but still feeling unsure. . Iv always hated my nose since I can rember and I have always said id get it done now that iv the money im feeling scared but excited and anxious. But I know if if don't go ahead with it if to regret it. 2yrs of age and iv a young daughter I no its probly selfish of me but it's just something I need to do!

not sure

not sure what to do so confused and worried about picking the right surgeon i dont know whether to find another clinic closer to home or what to do ,,but its just so pricey in ireland !!!!! help people:)!!!!!

change of plan nose booked for feb 5th

Just booked my flights to belguim to finally get my nose done. im so exciteddddd! Eeeeek cant wait iv wanted this for so long. All my family and friends are happy for me except for my boyfriend he is not happy but im hopping he will get over it i know hes probly just worried about me so hopefully when its done wel be both happy with the results! Im super excited anyway bye bye witch no nose!


Eeeeeeeeeeksssssss two wks and il be getting my new nose feeling a mix of emotions from nervous to excited feel bit sick.. il be put to sleep so thats what is freaking me out the thoughts of it cant wait til its just done n dusted ..... excited woooooo

1wk to go!!!!

The final count down is on and all i can think of is being put to sleep im terrified really putting me off !! Iv a young daughter so id never forgive mysrlf if she was left motherless because of me and my obsession with my nose !!!lol i know its extreme but its all i can think of! Other then that though im excited! Cant wait for it.

4 Days to Op

And iv woke up with a sore throat n ear ??? I read somewhere in the emails from my surgeon that if youv any ear infections or any infections u have to post pon your op ??i really hope not :( has this happened anyone else .. just my luck .

2more sleeps

And i will be in in belguim wooooo getting excited now hope all goes to plan not really nervous about the op hopefully il get results i want! thinking positive i will keep you all up todate with pictures and stuff as soon as im there :)


Heyyy tomorrow is D day im super nervous i shed a few tears last night.. right now im ok excited but scared but im just telling myself to remember how much iv wanted this and now its happening wish me luck


Hi all just back in my hotel room not in any pain just uncomfortable cause i cant breath true my nose ...excited to see outcome of my nose now .. nearly backed out at last min but pulled myself together and im glad now because now im done n dusted will keep u posted with pics heres one now day 1

oh also

Hospitsl was lovely everyone spoke english and were very caring and friendly . I walked back to my hotel as it was two mins away and walk did me good

day 2

Today im more awake and still not feeling much pain . Just my eyes were nearly swollen shut but my friend got me some ice packs and swellen went diwn a good bit so thats good:) im getting my packaging removed tonight im nervous about that but excited because my worst experince of this hole thing is the nose packaging oh my god its irratating

day 3

I look lik a gerbell .. came home today my daughter looked horrifed also got a few taps on nose from her hugging me so il have to try be more careful .. pain wise none really thoughg id have psin its crazy ik not even taking pain killers no need ... now to focos on getting rid off my puffy cheeks and brusing lol ...

its now Day 5

hi everyone its now day 5 and swelling in my cheeks has gone done a lot. bruising is still there but they have gone yellow so i hope they'll be gone now soon. no pain just a stuffed nose and it itches under the cast its driving me mad. i'm bit frightened to see what it looks like under my cast i think Tuesday i can take it off il post a picture later :)

stil day 5

Nose is super itchy my surgeon said to leave my cast on for 7 days but im tempted to take it off on tuesday did any one take theres off a day early could it effect result of my nose??

some pics

Here are some pics swellung is fading quite fast as you can see brusies are yelow so they should be gone soon also excited to see my new nose but kinda scared too still doesn feel real feels like its a dream its so weird any way heres the pics



day 6

Today my nose is stil driving me super crazzzzy with the itching grrrrrrr just want to rip cast off ... taking it off tomorrow morning :0 eeeks .... looking forward to leaving the housr having stepped outside since iv been home ... iv been getting head aches i duno if its got to do with maybe synius because of op i duno maybe all in my head ... today i got up straightened my hair put on my tan painted my nails lol so felt good bout my self it was torture having no tan on before op #addict...

cast offf

Hi all just took off my cast n theres a tiny lump wer my hump was could this be swellin? Il cry not going threw that again ever!!!! Heres a pic

more pics

Hard to see lump its very tiny but noticable to me


Ok lump is stil there driving me crazzzzy dunno of its swelling or not i know iv to wait and give it time but grrrr the hump is tiny but stil iwant it to be prefect lol ... heres more pics

before and after pic

8 days post

Hi all swelling a bit down today small lump stil there and its sore when i press on that area its the area that would of had the more trauma so hoping it is dwelling but if not if it doesnt get any bigger then im happy :) my nose is straight just when i get it in the light i can see this slight himp grr ... but i would get revision the way i feel riggr now and i know its wau to early to judge! Positive thinking people positive thinking:)) .. also brusing has gone down al lot although still a little there but its yellow so should be gone soon:)

so many typos whats wrong with me

Hi all swelling a bit down today small lump stil there and its sore when i press on that area its the area that would of had the more trauma so hoping it is swelling but if not if it doesnt get any bigger then im happy :) my nose is straight just when i get it in the light i can see this slight hump grr ... but i would not get revision the way i feel riggr now and i know its way to early to judge! Positive thinking people positive thinking:)) .. also bruising has gone down al lot although still a little there but its yellow so should be gone soon:)

day 9 post

so iv had cast off now about 2 and a half days lol and i dont no if bump is getting better or im getting use to it i can push down on it so hopefully will go if it goes and i get the slight slope i asked for then dr did all iv asked as i asked him not to make my nose alot smaller as i still wanted to look like me my main issue was the bump ! size didnt bother me too much at the min i know my nose is swollen but i feel like an avatar from the front lol. i dont know i dont feel like iv ha my nose dne maye because i feel like its not changed alot ? its just feels like its a distant memory and it was only last wek lol weird. pleaseee swellng go away soooonnnnnn! il add pics soon


From today

before and afters

found some previous pics on my laptop and here is some now pics. although my nose looks better really ope that slight hum goes D:

stop obsessing

Ok im like a wiman posessed with this hump i keep pressing on it and now iv read that can damage it arrgh !!!! Im goin to try leave it be and give it a chance to heal . Im liking this angle though

10 days post

Before and after ... stil trying to keep positive about minor bump

12 days post

Hey stil hav my small bump i can push it away do lets pray it goes lol my surgeon said he can do a minor op if it doesnt but said he does think its just swelling.. im happy other then thst my nose is stil biggish which is what i wanted i still want yo look lik me with ou looking like wicked wich of the west haha ... swelli g has really gone down heres 7days post and today :)

13 days post

Its crazy how fast your bose heals and how every day you see changes starting to really see my results now snd feeking happy with them its getting nicer by the day.. iv been taping it at night and im really finding it helps .. breathing is getting back to normal yaaay :)) feeling normal again :)

day 19 post ....

Hi all im 19 days post now and becoming obsessed with looking at my nose in the mirror :0its taking over my life :0 ... i still have a small bump/bumps on my nose i can press them down so dont think its bone .. my nose still looks big i did stil want a biggish nose but slightly smaller than this . Im nearly at the 3wk mark so i dong know if theres much more swelling to go down. My nose is still sore to touch and my tip is rock hard i find it hard to smile and stuff its weird ... breathing is good cant complain there ... this waiting game us a lot harder then i thought .


5weeks post

So im now 5 weeks post swellin gone down a bit i can still see tip is swollen and iv still swellin on bridge like everyone iv good days and bad today im having a mehhh day i just wish this small lump would go because then for me my nosr would be prefect once swelling all went my bridge is stil sore if i put pressure on it i sneeze lol ... my tip is numb but sore its a really weird sensation although its early days i would say its worth it im so much more confident and although im obsessing about the bump its still alot better then before:)


Hey all just giving a small update :) im hitting the 2month mark its crazy feels millions of yrs ago when i went to belgium crazy . Anyway i stil have a little bump that gives a tiny hump illsuion also my tip is looking long i no its stil swollen though but dont think itl change too much! I do love my new nose im so much more confident in myself, however, Im going to get the revision to remove bump and make it a lil smaller :) its annoying the thoughts of goin threw all that again but if it means il be happy in the end itl br worth it :)

3 and half months

hey quick update love love my nose thinking of revision for the small bump i have although today im loving my nose i go through my stages of wanting it redone and then not lol!!!!! but its great i put sunglasses on n they kept sliding down my nose were usually held up by a big disgusting bump!!!! the tip is stil a bit sore to touch but its healing good and it looks sooo natural no one has noticed they know somethings different but they just think its my hair or something ! i really do think if you have an issue with your nose just go for it you have one life you might as well do what will make you happy i would definitely say it was worth it and dr oelbrandt is great and always has time to get back to me if iv a question!!!!

3 and a half months


hi all its been a while... just quick update ... do not think il need revision love my nose its prefect really ... so happy best choice i ever made:) really recommend just going for it if you feel its a issue :)

7months post

Heres a pic of my nose now

sorry ment to post these were

7months post

1yr post

Hey its just over a year now since my op and must say time really is best healer .. i really lovd my new nose. I still can see a tiny lump just n lighting or a bright fladh so i am debaiting revision but then what if its too small n i hate it then also dont think i could go through all the healing again.. anyone here looking at photos i say if its on your mind a long time find a good surgeon and just do it :)

1yr and 3months post

Hi guys I'm 1yr and 3minths post and still haven't looked back but still unsure weather to get revision I need a few opinions . From the side it's not so bad it's just the front that bugs me because my nose would be absolutely prefect without it !!!

2yrs later happy happy girl

2year update my nose is perfect. I love it i think I I was too eager and didn't left the swelling settle as I was at it 24/7 as you can see it's perfectly straight. I went for closed rhino I think I should have went for open so I could of got some off my tip to shorten it but then I don't know as I told him I didn't want a small small nose just didn't want a bump Dr. Olebrandt suggested open I wanted closed I was nervous about nerve damage that's why. But I would prob go for open as I think I need a little off tip but I am really happy with it and I don't think I will go and get the tip done as I am now content in myself.

I would highly recommend dr. Olebrandtin Belgium if anyone is thinking about it book a Skype consultation and have a talk with him that's what I did ????????
Revitalize In Turkey

Changed doctor no longer turkey but belguim

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