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Hi guys, i started loosing hair significantly 5...

Hi guys, i started loosing hair significantly 5 years ago, now my top head is with few hairs left :), after deep thinking and a lot of hesitating i decided to get hair transplant in Turkey. for years i'm collecting data from internet and recently i met one person (by chance) who had the operation (it seems will done,but this was a couple of months after he had it and i never met him again to follow up). i phoned a couple of persons who have done the operation (throw mutual friends). the thing is i'm too much hesitating specially for which center should i deal with, after contacting a few clinics i decided to make it in Dr. Maral klinik in Turkey after i read a positive feed back from this glorious site,i contacted them, sent photos and agreed for the cost and every thing, the last step is to make my booking and fly to Turkey (i'm planning after 3 weeks) but i'm still afraid from the risks , what is your advice guys, is it worth the risk? what is the maximum risk should i prepare myself to? what is your satisfaction about this clinic?any body shares his result after 5 or 7 years ! finally i will share my experience supported with photos when it comes true :) hopefully . (excuse me for my bad English)

Finally i did it :) Day -1 arrival day 18/02/2016

Last Friday 19 Feb'16 i had my operation done in Maral Klinik, the internet in the hotel didn't help me to write my review,
I just returned home and i will start with many thanks to @Gmang85 & @bazberlin for their great reviews which actually helped me a lot taking my decision actually their reviews is a documentary reference for who ever want to go with HT.

So in this day i arrived in Ataturk airport 02 PM, the driver was waiting with a friendly smile for me and another two gentlemen who arrived very soon and he took us to the hotel which is small but very clean and lovely only the internet service was not that good, and the district (Levent) is very near to a subway station and some shopping malls also, and he told us that he will pick us tomorrow morning around 9AM to the clinic to proceed with the operation.
so i didn't waste time, picked a map from the hotel and immediately went out to Taksim square roaming around till 10 PM
Here is some photos for arrival and pre operation.

So today is day 0 - Operation Day 19/02/2016

i wake up 8AM had a good breakfast in the hotel restaurant and waiting till the nice driver Mr. Sivas who came on time with his smile and picked me along with another two young men to the clinic which is only 5 minutes away from the hotel.
01-every one in the clinic received us with a smile make us feel comfortable, i finished the paper procedures and paid then i met Dr. Tugrul Maral and he explained and answered all my questions cleared all my doubts , and he draw an initial hair line and he took some photos pre operation.
02- they take off my shirt & gave them my belongings to keep it and I wore the operation robe
03-the only mistake i did is that i didn't keep my mobile and headphone, so i have been tortured with 7 hours of Turkish songs which i don't understand but any way it kept the technicians in a good mode :)
04- they shaved my head to zero then i lied on my face and receive dozens of local anesthetic this was the only painful part of the operation that day - the pain can be measured like 5 from 10.
05-after that a team of two persons with assistant of another one start removing Follicles from the donor area it took around 02 hours
06- the technicians work with confidence that you can feel how professional they are, always asking how i feel and always care about my comfort.
07- after finishing removing Follicles a nice lady came to draw the final hair line according to the number of follicles they extracted, then i turned to lay on the back and another team start drilling holes in the receiving area for another one and half hour
08- after this stage they stop for a short break, i took my lunch.
09-final stage of the operation took around 2.5 to 3 hours where a team of three persons proceeds carefully with the transplantation of the follicles in the receiving area .
10- finally after around 6 hours they finished and cleaned the donor area and covered it with a bandage
11- i did't feel pin immediately after the operation, but after 06 hours i start feeling the donor area burning. and this was expected.
12-they give me some kind of support neck to help me sleeping with my back 45 degrees up but actually i hardy slept a couple of hours this night .

Day 1 post operation

the driver picked me from the hotel around 10AM, went to the clinic where they removed the bandage. and clean the donor area, they give me the lotion and shampoo and Dr. Maral give me the washing and caring instructions and took some photos post operation.
there was no swelling that day but i went out from the clinic around 12pm to Sultan Ahmet Area and i spent the day their & in Taksim up to 12AM so next day i had a huge swelling on my face like a donkey kicked me right on the face :) but before it went down to my eye i used a bandage for the next two days and it is gone after that.

Day 4 post HT - first wash - 23/02/2016

day of operation is day zero, so now it is day three , i followed the wash instructions i have been told ( and it is already in details available in Maral hair klinik web.
after the first wash i feel no difference except theat my head is cleaner :) but all scabs still there and my scalp still hard i wish all is going on the right way

from this stage i'm continue reading all people reviews and progress to compare my results.

i will continue updating

wish me luck

05 days post oper - a lot of scabs

10 days - still scabbing

15 days post operation - scabs mostly cleaned

most scabs fell with washing and massage with some hair
i think it is going on the right way.

15 days port oper. photos

week 4 update

-by end of 2nd week all scabs and dead skin has been removed

- starting week 4 the transplanted hair start falling during wash and this is expected , 70% fall and continue making me quite similar to pre operation.

-the donor area is healing so well except some itching

- today i had a hair cut with scissor just to keep the old hair short

Looking forward to next stage hopefully by month 4

10 weeks (2.5 months) update

During the past month almost all transplanted hair falls.
and i had some kind of sebum, only few scraps here and there but it dissappeard in two weeks, i didn't use any treatement for it except normal washing twice per day.
I used to take biotin and fish oil from the last month i think it has an effect on the growth and tall on the existing hair .
Since the last twoo weeks i realised a growth (i can say 10 to 15%) in the recept area on the photos you can see the front area was empty before the operation but now there is a lot of growing hair on it.

I had three hair cuts to keep the sides short.
The donor area is quit normal now.

I think it's going all right so far, wish me luck ????

3 months review

exactly 3 months after my oper.
I think it's going on the right way.

17 weeks. Almost 4 months

Slowly coming, waiting for the next :)?

18 weeks ( 4 months) ... photos without flash

I'm using my phone camera so the photos is not much good.
Those two photos are very close to the current progress.

5 months review

5 months review. .
What do you think.

6 month update

This is the photo update for 6 months.
I return home after one whole year abroad, every body notice the difference.
It is not that much thick but there is a hair line i realy like the look so far.
Except the first photo all others after a hair cut i just have.
Looking for more thicking during the next months.

Month 8 update

Quick update on month 8.
Hair is getting tall same speed like old hair.
Thickening prosess is slow i don't know why, In month 5&6 it blows up but now new growth is very few.
But I'm satisfied so far.

Month 8 after hair cut

I had a hair cut yesterday so i thought it will be better to show some photos specialy for the donor area.
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Honestly Dr. Tugrul Maral and his team was much more professional and exellent than i expected, Dr. answeres all questions himself cleared any doubts, highly experienced technicians working with confidence and always asking how you feel. Thanks for him and for the whole lovely team.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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