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Tomorrow will get my breast reduction done :) and...

Tomorrow will get my breast reduction done :) and just wanna say thanks to every girl who shared her experience here, it made me really feel better since I am alone in this process
I will be sharing also my story by time is just for now I am with the phone
After so much of waiting I am there :)
Big, big and big thanks to all of you!


All went well just my back is killing me now, all day just over my back
I try to walk but when the time to sleep comes is so bad
Any advice?
Hope i can share pics of my new breast soon
My bandages will be remive next week so untill then i guess
I didn't see it much either :)


I write and write but it doesnt update!
Today is my 4 day after surgery and this bra is offff so tiring cant wait to take it off unfortunately it wont happen untill the 19 of this mont :( day and night with it is a nightmare and also it makes itching my back
I feel so tired but anyway try to walk and sit coz my body is asking for it
I feel the need to do it
Those 3 last days i had fever and hope not today coz is not fun be shaking with my body hurting
I am happy somehow :) but still feel my breast big and it makes me worried coz i don't want to feel that is not the right size that i will continue with back and neck pain :(
For now they are swollen i know but how much? I wonder how they are
And not feel it wasnt worth it

Just adding some pics

Some news

Sorry for not updating so much, I remember before my surgery how much I wanted other to post new things... I guess others here who follow some of the stories feel the same
I was planning after surgery to post a lot but well :( it is not happening because I feel is not happening enough to be tell
I am resting a lot coz at this moment I do not have a job
I was babysitting but I decidd the best was to leave it coz kids are not so careful :)
However it is great coz I have the time to heal good no stress
About my problems to sleep they are gone... I guess my body got use to sleep like that and I dont get back pain from it
I had my appointment with doctor on friday to remove bandages and while they did it I could not see much from my new boobs just that they are so up like a 23 years old woman should have
I am happy to not feel the weight of my boobs over my stomach
After they changed they put new ones but only over the incisions and doctor told me to not move them so still I didnt really see how my breast is! I don't want to open my bra scared if the bandages fall I will not be able to change it properly and screw up something
Ovet bra they look good but doctor told me they will ne smaller coz now I am swollen. .. I don't mind about that coz I always wanted to have small boobs and if they become smaller is ok for me
After friday I feel pain on my breast specially on friday
Felt like someone cut me pull over myskin and add some llemon juice to it... not nice!!! But still I dont regret of doing this surgery it is the best decision ever!


Got an allergy to the suture material
Feeling sad and so much pain
Someone who experience the same? Some advice?
Thanks to all

another pic

So here can see a lil bit better

went to doctor

Well yesterday I went to the doctor coz I am still in Turkey
I am going to the clinic every week and was my surgeon who told me that I had an allergy by the way the personal at the clinic is very helpful
I am in the asian side and my clinic is at the European side (very far) so they send a car to take me to the clinic and bring me back to my home since I dont feel good enough to take a metro full of people
Back to my appointment doctor said I was healing and having pain was kind of good coz means my breast feels
She told me a new routine for my bandages.... one day I should put an antibiotic cream and another day a liquid... yesterday she put the cream and I dont feel so much burning
Also told me to buy vitamins and a new pain killer for my breast
Now I feel less worried coz there's no infection and I also commented if I would need other kind of surgery like a skin graft and she said no which makes me really happy
I have to do my new routine and go to see her next monday
She sad it was looking good and I had a face like :/ not at all but is I am nit use to see this kind of things for sure she saw worse and seeing on myself on my own body is really strange
Thanks to everyone for the comments the good wishes the good energy thanks for all
You all make me feel I am not alone

some pics

small update

Being very patient. .. thats all I can do
Yhanis for the support and nice comments
Hope all this can finish soon and enjoy the new me

I am back!

Hello everyone! So yes it had been a while since my last update but honestly I didn't have much mood to do it. I was spending my time in this page to read other people story.
Whats new? In my first month I was only changing my bandages once each day but after seeing not much improving my doctor decided to change the method. For 22 days or so I had a thin plastic paper, transparent similar to those we use to cover food... well after this time it became dirty ( in all that time I could not put water over so I was back to the first days of surgery) and I decided to just take a shower and let it fall... I am back with the gauze and didn't go to doctor yet. In the pics I will add yes it looks better but the camara does not capture good the colors... in real is a little bit more pigmented. Anyway it is closing, I can see now I am going to somewhere. Thanks to all!
Dr Asu Deniz

She seems nice, only spoke to her at consultation

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