A BBL Was my Dream Surgery, Unsure if Worth It. Mediface Antalya - Turkey, TR

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I have wanted a BBL for a long time now, I used to...

I have wanted a BBL for a long time now, I used to be a UK size 6 and then gained a lot of weight. This caused my body to go so out of proportion. I did some research on BBLs in the UK and only found a couple of clinics who performed the procedure, also the cost was astronomical.

By chance I found a model who had the surgery done at Mediface in Antalya, I contacted her and she informed me how good the clinic was etc. I emailed Meltham who informed me when I could book and answered all my questions, I had to send her before pictures and she told me they would remove 3500cc of fat from me.

When I arrived in Antalya I was picked up by the driver and taken to the hotel, in the morning I was picked up and taken to the clinic. The clinic was very clean when I arrived and I had to fill out some consent forms. I then had a blood test. I then undressed and put on my gown, the surgeon met me shortly after. He asked me where I would like fat removed. I told him my back, sides, upper and lower abdomen, inner thighs and my armpit (that bra hangover). He then asked where I wanted the fat transferring, I explained to him that I wanted big and I wanted a lot of projection. I pointed to the areas on my bum where I wanted fat transferring.

When I woke up from surgery I was face down and in a lot of pain, I had leaked a lot of fluid and due to lying on my stomach my back was in agony. There was a language barrier with the nurses but they were very nice, I wasn't given a nurse call button until I asked for one which I found quite alarming. I wasn't able to stand up by myself and had to ask 5 times before the nurses helped me up, when I stood up I leaked a lot of fluid and my garment was covered in blood.

The next day it seemed very rushed to get me out of the clinic, Meltham came into my room and told me the driver was there and to hurry up. The surgeon came in while I was still face down on the bed and said I was fine to go (I'm unsure why as he didn't check me over at all). I could not get out of bed myself and asked for help, it seemed the nurses just watched me struggle for a while until they actually helped. My garment was dirty and my bandages were soaked, my bandages were not changed before I left. The nurses were going to get me a clean garment to go home in but Meltham told them no and told me to take it off when I arrived at the hotel and to wash it myself. It seems that once money has passed hands Meltham does not care about you at all, I found her quite abrupt and almost rude, which was a complete change to before.

When I was getting in the car Meltham just told me to stay in touch, I had to ask when I would be able to shower and I wasn't given any aftercare information or any form of contact number. The hotel I was staying in was not English speaking so you can imagine after having an operation this made things even more difficult. I struggled a lot and just kept thinking I wanted to go home. I did meet a girl from Germany who had also had the surgery, so that was a great help as we spent time with each other in our hotel rooms and supported each other. The girl was not happy with her surgery and was going to fly home a day early.

The only other contact Meltham has had with me is emailing me with the time my driver was picking me up and telling me to write a good review on their website. I am not going to write a good review until at least 6 months post op as that's when you see a final result. And it won't be a fully positive review due to the above.

In terms of my actual surgery result, I am now 7 days post op. I feel that my hips are uneven and it seems that more fat has been taken out of one side of my back, however this could be swelling. My bum is not as big as I wanted it to be, especially seen as Meltham informed me after surgery they had taken out 5000cc of fat, which is considerably more than she predicted. I have not posted pictures of my bum as yet, as I'm not able to get a decent picture in the mirror I have but I'll post some soon.

What do you all think of my results? I'm indifferent at the moment. But I know for sure I would not go back to Mediface, I feel like some of the positive reviews are slightly dishonest and payment or discounted surgery may be the case when it comes to them.
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