23 Year Old, Wokout but Cant Loose This Damn Pouch

New to this site, but been thinking for years to...

New to this site, but been thinking for years to get a bbl, i do workout but i CAN not loose this pouch on my tummy! Ive wore waist trainers but nothing works so i think its time to look for a doctor. If any girls have been to turkey possibly elite cosmetic please get in touch- i seen there instagram but talking to someone who has been through the experience would be better :)

Moving on...

So after looking at pics from Dr Ali, i contacted and gina and had a good conversation with her im booking my flights next weeek i home to goto elite aftercare in january! Sooo exciteddd ????

Wish pics ????

Snatched waist- big booty

Me currently


Hey dolls, so im going to start getting the supplies that i need for post surgery. Can anyone give me a list of necessities that il need? :) thanks x
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