Mommy Makeover for Overhang - Turkey

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Ok where do i start. i am 43 years old and have...

Ok where do i start.
i am 43 years old and have a 25 year old son and a 19 year old daughter.
i was only young when i had my first child and he was a whopping 9lb 4 baby.
My belly was ruined.
i was so unhappy with it but thought it would get better over time.
even when i went down to to 7 stone i had an over hang.
Roll on a few years and another child and it just got worse.
when i reached my 40's i seriously considered surgery, but didnt have the time or the money.

However i still put my research in and found a company in Turkey that were offering it at a reasonable price.
so on the 23rd june i took the plunge and went for my consultation.
i have decided to have the works.
Tummy tuck, breast lift and a small implant.
I am now booked in for surgery on the 3rd sep 2012.

i have decided ( and been told ) that i should also pack in smoking as it will hinder my recovery. Therfore i have set my quitting date for the 1st August.

i will be adding photos when i pluck up the courage to get some one to take them for me.

Well i am getting to the three week stage tomorrow...

well i am getting to the three week stage tomorrow.
so i thought i would update.
The tummy is fine ( i have added a few new photos)
However i have developed an infection in the breast incission about 4 days ago.
i am now on anti bio's 4 times a day.
its my own fault really as i had a bath and opened up the incission.
( ladies be like a gremlin and avoid water at all costs)
do not get your incission wet at all costs, until it is completely healed
will post pics of it later.
Besides that small set back i am not in any pain but i am still wearing the binder for like 23 hours a day.
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