32 Yrs 8st 4lb, 5'7 Tall. Size 6-8 Clothes. No Children.

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I have very pretty boobies already but they're...

I have very pretty boobies already but they're just so small and make me feel like a child. Shopping is a nightmare and makes me so depressed so I have decided to take the plunge and opt for a boob job.

I met today for my pre-consult appointment with Sallie from Transform at Turkey Mill in Maidstone. She has booked me in for a consultation on Tuesday with Dr Meleagros. I have been doing a bit of research since my meeting with Sallie and so far what I have learned about Dr Meleagros is all positive. So feeling excited about Tuesdays meeting now.

I'm hoping for a natural look to get me to about a large full C Cup or small D so I can shop in the grown up bra section ha ha! I am quite broad and have wide shoulders so i'll be interested to learn my stats/measurements and what Dr Meleagros recommends for my frame.

I wonder how soon I can have the op if I go for Dr M?!

Feeling very upbeat and already imagining all the beautiful clothes I will be able to wear

I'll include some dream boobs now so I have a reference for what I'm aiming for. These pics are from other boobs on Realself. The first boobs are very similar to what I already have.

First Consultation with Surgeon Dr Luke Meleagros

I saw the surgeon today and have picked out the implant profile and size that I 'think' I like. However Dr Meleagros has said he has never done an implant using a Allergan TSM before, which kind of made me think that I was choosing the wrong profile. I like the idea of more wider natural boobs with a touch of side boob than more round and pointy boobs, but as the implants are named medium, full or extra, I don't know which they relate to in terms of moderate, moderate plus and full profile? I like the after pics of other girls who have gone for moderate plus but I don't know if these are the allergan full or the allergan medium?

Are there any girls who can enlighten me to the answer to this question or are there any girls ho have had medium allergan implants and what do you think of them.

The CC I was thinking of going for is 330cc.Cohesive Gel Silicone.

Had pre op decided on 265cc

Booked and paid for now. All set for 18th February. Had my pre op with the nurse and final consultation with Dr Meleagros. Have decided on 265cc HP overs underbust incision. Fingers crossed I can stick to this as my research shows this as the most likely to get me a full C cup. I had a bad dream that I had them done and they were too small and had a big gap :( which has made me 2nd guess but hopefully looking on here again will calm my worries.

Going to change my surgeon

I cannot believe what has actually happened to me yesterday. I am currently away on a gorgeous luxury holiday with my boyfriend and I was supposed to be having my boob job the day after I return. Whilst I have been away I had a bad dream that my results were really small and had a huge gap between my breasts not dissimilar to Cameron Diaz's results! Eeek!!
So with that in mind I wanted to reassure my self and emailed my PC at Transform asking her what my BWD measurements were so I could check that they matched the 265cc HP implants I had picked. I got a strange response saying she couldn't email me my measurements due to their privacy policy! So I replies that since it was my information I had no issue with the measurements of my chest being emailed as it's not really any information I consider to be risky if it's out in the cosmos of the internet lol. I also mentioned that at my last consult on 24th January with Dr Meleagros that I had asked him this question and he just said 'yes the gap will be bigger if you use a smaller implant' not really the technical response I was expecting but hey ho I just assumes he was having a bad day. The implants looked great and seemed to fit my frame.
My PC's response after this email is that my surgeon now wants to postpone my surgery to have another consult as he has concerns for my expectations of surgery! What a load of nonsense. My expectations of surgery are that I expect to have bigger boobs that somewhat resemble the boobs I have now only bigger. I am so irritated that he presumes to know what my expectations of surgery are when at our first consult he was not interested in looking at my wish pics and has not given me any advice whatsoever on how I should choose an implant.
He has left the whole thing down to me, so when I then take the ground work on myself he now suddenly has an issue with it an now is interested in helping me. I don't think so. Why would I believe the next consult would go any different to the earlier two?
I honestly feel I want a full refund after this and to go with someone a bit more professional than this. But as I am on holiday I don't have my care pack so don't know what my rights are when the surgeon is the one to cancel my operation date. I can't have the operation if it's not in February now till July!

I am so annoyed right now

Cancelled my op!

So I spoke with my PC Sallie Laing at Transform and ultimately decided I did not want to go through with my op with Mr Meleagros. So back to the drawing board. I now can't have my op till July as don't have the free time available to take off for recovery now till then.
I'm looking at new surgeons now, hoping to find a private actual plastic surgeon who I deal with directly rather than a surgery sales company.
Would love some recommendations from any ladies out there.
Dr. Meleagros

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