Comfort zone .. not elite anymore

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I'm getting excited and very mixed reviews about...

I'm getting excited and very mixed reviews about elite aftercare but will be booking it very soon for next year February.
I have emailed Gina and got quotes back I'm seeing if any girls going around February or looking to go as I'm travelling from London I am travelling alone which is scary, if anyone is going same time as me that we can speak or has travelled alone. I looked up flights and there all stoping somewhere else but found one flight with no stops which was around 200. So message me girls x

Comfort zone

Ok now I am really considering comfort zone as the reviews on bbl are really good. I first will hear from them and then then write another review I'm so in two minds !!!! But more on comfort now

Comfort zone it is

So I have now bought my plane tickets and will be arriving 16 Jan!! Wahooo so excited the girls I've spoken too have convinced me reading there reviews there bodies are amazing and is what I want ..
il be taking one of my best friends with me for support.
I've been speaking to Engin on email and he has been wonderful. Answered all my questions and replied so promptly.
I've researched a lot as I was going to go elite but the story's of girls figures not changing put me off.
I haven't really got a lot to say but will write more nearer the time. Got myself a boppy pillow a rubber ring lol not sure what else il need but very excited , I'm a mother of one and always found my tummy would not disappear threw exercise, even before being pregnant it was very hard , and if I lost the tummy I would lose everything the thighs my bum and boobs.
So this will be perfect for me I would like rounder perkier bum nice small waiste and to fill my dents on my hips, I'm sure when I was young I wore tight girl boxers and that's why I have dents. Will upload pics of my body now and then after, will update nearer the time xx

Before surgery

Ok so the date is getting closer so going to upload some pics of body before xx

What I look like now..

Photos before

Excited and nervous

Ok so should be travelling in 16 days getting a bit scared with all the terrorism happening in turkey!!.. a lot in Istanbul which worries me a lot also travelling alone now as my friend bailed on me which is so annoying.. bought everything I need included in bbl pillow my pain killers my travel insurance and visa.. just hope everything will be ok.. want to no if anyone going comfort zone round the same time as me?? 16jan xx

Soon soon soon

So 8 more days till I will be boarding a plane to Istanbul, very very excited but nervous but I'm sure that's normal. I just hope it won't be snowing the day il be going as a lot of flights have been cancelled recently, I say if my flights does get cancelled it's a sign I'm not suppose to get it done lol.. that's the superstition in me coming out.. il be there 5nights 6 days so I hope I can recover quickly just so it will be easy to get on a plane and travel home safely.. if too much to get a train on way home il just uber it.. packed my luggage bag defo taking hand luggage not sure I want to stay in the airport too long , got all essentials the main the happy booty pillow!!! Arnica cream and defoooooo sum sweets and warm clothes , I mainly packed my pjs as I'm not going to go anywhere. Going to beg my boyfriend to take his laptop lol sure he will say no as hel be staying home with our young son! I wanted to no is anyone going comfort zone 16jan?? Any girlies!! A lot I have spoken too either had there surgery or are going after me lol :( .. this will be my first till away from my son longer than 1 night!! Il proberly be facetiming everyday!!! But I think a mother needs a break now and again so down to daddy's handy work lol I'm sure hel c it's not as easy as he thinks gave him my mums number if all gets a bit much lol!!! Well girls soon il be going enjoying the food I'm eating now and snacks and the comfort of sleeping on my back !!! Xxx

So nervous

I'm sure u girls that had your Bbl the week before u freaked out a little bit, maybe thought of all the negatives and bad things.. I'm sure this is normal one day I'd be so excited then I'd get a bit scared. I've packed even my hand bag with all my documents pAssport.. my hand luggage full off comfortable clothes. Not long now hope it slightly warms up over there I can't stand the cold lol

Oh ohhh ohhh 2days

2days left ahhhhhh mixed emotions more excited but sad to leave my little one il be facetiming all the time lol!! I am excited thou new body wahooo can't wait to be in a bikini and get some attention off my boyfriend , lol .. so 2dayssss I'm ready to rock and roll xx

In Istanbul

Ok I am at the villa omg pAssport control was the longest ever thing in life!!! But I'm here the villa is far in countryside I would say, very large haven't seen the villa in day light yet, should be having my surgery T 6pm tomorrow very very nervous!! The girl next to me had her Bbl Friday she's sitting on her bum and everything she looks very well!!
The girls here seem cool haven't really spoken to them much not sure where the London girls are yet.. I just arrived going to have some food spoken to my hubby and him and my son are ok!! Omg missing them so much man!! But few more days lol it's weird can't wait to see them getting the home blues..
I'm excited and nervous but really seems like a walk in the park tbh.. after dinner Ima chill in my room rest up try not to think to hard I hAvent told any family said I'm going Spain hen party! And randomly my mum text me saying u c botched up bodies lAst night .. just stay healthy no knifes!! I think she's a witch looool or mothers institution!! Il tell her wen back otherwise she would worry the hell out of me !!
Ok update tomorrow the time is NEARRRRR!!


Ok just so you all no I made it to other side I'm alive but the PAIN IS SO REAL y does these morphing not working mannnn!! But yes in pain so will write tomorrow and put piks up when feel better xx

2days post op

Ok very bruised and swollen

Pics 2day post

After first one and before

2days post op still swolen x

4/5days after surgery

Ok well I travelled alone wasn't suppose to but my friend flipped me, got to Istanbul airport a guy and girl picked me up and went to villa, very beautiful villa met Engin was very friendly. I got to the villa round dinner time met all the girls very welcoming a lot from London and Sweden , I got close to the London girls which made me feel less nervous and helped me threw the whole journey including my WhatsApp friend who's getting Bbl Monday.. I would not of made it to turkey if it wasn't for her I wanted to run back home every chance as very nervous.
So Tuesday evening picked up taking to hospital they couldn't find a vain, I was like if they have to try 3 times I'm not doing it it's defo a sign.. I'm a bit of a superstitious person lol.. so they got vain 2nd try met dr and he was bloody lovely!! Drew on me and told me the honest truth you don't need perkier bum it will sag but we can make more rounder and fuller and do hips as I had dents .. I only got fat taken from tummy and back, all I remember is going in the bed down to surgery seeing all Drs then waking up in my room shivering like crazy!!! I was in a lot of pain like a lot!!! I kept ringing buzzer pain pain nurses was good they gave me some morphine that sorted me out and some soup ... the hours I was in hospital I was in a lot of pain seriously so in the morning we got to go back to villa so as car picked us up bumped into the lovely London girls and Swedish girl, they went different clinic and different dr I had dr ilker.. so arrived villa we was all dying like crazy we are took our medication and slept that was us for 2days eat sleep meds.. by 3rd day we wasn't in pain but very stiff swollen and tight , hard to move from bed hard to move in general once on your feet u feel ok , started peeing like crazy the water u drink goes straight threw you finally did a lil number 2 so was gd.. today not taking pain killer don't need it just very tight and stiff , for plane il take one .. the womEn that work here really nice don't speak much English but will get you anything u need.. just make sure for how long u need to , take your meds on time so u won't b in pain .. overly experience really really good can't wait for my bum to soften , and swelling to go down ,, oh I had check up he sed everything perfect , any questions please ask xx

Post op 7days

10days post op

Feeling more normal now just swelling is a bit annoying loving myself out of the garment in jeans bikini wahooo, need new bottoms for sure thou !! Really happy with my shape just waiting for swelling to go down especially the back as there's not much support with the garment, just ordered new garment to hold me in !!! But very very happy xx

2weeks loving my shape

Another 1

Nearly 3 weeks

4weeks post op

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