Comfort zone .. not elite anymore

I'm getting excited and very mixed reviews about...

I'm getting excited and very mixed reviews about elite aftercare but will be booking it very soon for next year February.
I have emailed Gina and got quotes back I'm seeing if any girls going around February or looking to go as I'm travelling from London I am travelling alone which is scary, if anyone is going same time as me that we can speak or has travelled alone. I looked up flights and there all stoping somewhere else but found one flight with no stops which was around 200. So message me girls x

Comfort zone

Ok now I am really considering comfort zone as the reviews on bbl are really good. I first will hear from them and then then write another review I'm so in two minds !!!! But more on comfort now

Comfort zone it is

So I have now bought my plane tickets and will be arriving 16 Jan!! Wahooo so excited the girls I've spoken too have convinced me reading there reviews there bodies are amazing and is what I want ..
il be taking one of my best friends with me for support.
I've been speaking to Engin on email and he has been wonderful. Answered all my questions and replied so promptly.
I've researched a lot as I was going to go elite but the story's of girls figures not changing put me off.
I haven't really got a lot to say but will write more nearer the time. Got myself a boppy pillow a rubber ring lol not sure what else il need but very excited , I'm a mother of one and always found my tummy would not disappear threw exercise, even before being pregnant it was very hard , and if I lost the tummy I would lose everything the thighs my bum and boobs.
So this will be perfect for me I would like rounder perkier bum nice small waiste and to fill my dents on my hips, I'm sure when I was young I wore tight girl boxers and that's why I have dents. Will upload pics of my body now and then after, will update nearer the time xx
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