bbl or lipo with implants ???? uk girl cant decide

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SO I am a 19 year old girl who wangs curves but...

SO I am a 19 year old girl who wangs curves but don't think I have enough fat for BBL. finally have the opportunity to do this but I don't know whether to get just BBL or Implants with 2 areas of lip. I want a Latino/ethnic style butt and I really want hips!!! what would you recommend ? I think the implants would make a longer lasting , more projected finish and obviously bigger which I what I want.

from uk looking for miami doctor . ?

so I don't have enough fat for the results I want with a BBL alone so I'd like to get butt implants with some lipo. I've been considering elite aftercare but I've heard turkey isn't that great for butt procedures. I'm from London and Miami is a big decision but I want it to be worth it. can any of you recommended good surgeons in Miami I want an ethnic style / Latino butt. I wanted doctor Miami of course but he I always booked out !

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I am considering elite aftercare as the pricing is good and they seem to be getting more popular. I want a Miami style body but don't want to travel that far. dr hamza in the uk pricing is too high and I don't think he can make the results I want as he makes his patients slim when I want to be thin. have also considered dr aslani but again the pricing !

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