Fat Grafts to my Cheek Line - Turkey, TR

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Hello I have developed an indent both sides of...

Hello I have developed an indent both sides of chin because of a lower facelift some years ago. As a result my cheekline is not chisseled anymore.

I had fat grafted 4 days ago. It is inserted vertically from just under the corners of my outerlips going over the indents to under my chin. For my feeling it has come down a bit under the chin but just under my outercorners of my lips not. I look a bit like Frankenstein now and hope that the fat will retain on the place where it is supposed to be, in the indents. He said he injected more because the body will absorb the fat. But getting really worried now. What if the fat under my outcorners of my lips will stay there? I do not really understand why he put that much in there, it was only for the indents of my cheekline. I see him in a few days and will ask him.

Hi just to say that it has improved a lot and I am...

Hi just to say that it has improved a lot and I am satisfied with it. You still feel it but it is not visible as far as I can see, but it is coming down slowly. Just hope that it stays where it should stay.

Therefore I think you really have to be patient with fatgrafts when they have injected a surplus to compensate for absorption of the fat. You first look very strange, but that will improve for sure :-)

Hello 4 days ago I had fat injections to fill up the indent next to either side of my chin. After a necklift my cheekline changed and left the indents. Now it is more noticable and I had those fat injections. The fat has been inject from the outer corners of my mouth till under my chin. It looks like a fat catterpillar running around my chin. Although the indents are filled I get the impression that I have had too much fat injected and the shape of my face has changed. My cheeks look sunken now in comparison with the big chin which I have now. My worry is will the fat outside the indents ie. between outer corner of lips uptil start of indent and under my chin go away? Is it that the middle point of the fat injection will remain? Or will I keep the surplus fat injection on the wrong places? How long will it take before fat has been absorbed?
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I am waiting for the result and the consultation

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