Fat Grafting + Open Rhinoplasty Journey - Turkey

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I underwent open rhinoplasty on the 6th of July...

I underwent open rhinoplasty on the 6th of July 2011.

Reason -
I had very balanced facial features - no knife required - until my last bf (aggressive and violent) hit me on my nose during a heated argument. That broke my cartilage and my nose deviated to the right hand side of my face ruining my facial symmetry. I was facing domestic violence with him - several blows to my face and several blue/ black eyes later my face as if had lost its volume.


My doctor suggested that I had some extra fat grafted in my face to bring back the volume (I am 25 years old, so it wasn't natural aging that I needed grafts. Also, my doctor did the grafting free of cost - so he didn't suggest it because of his monetary gain).

Fat Grafting (forehead, upper cheeks, nasolabial folds):

I will start with cons first because it has just been a week since my surgery and I am yet to see any final results that I can sing about as pros.

My face was as swollen as a watermelon. I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror. I felt someone had stripped me off my identity- that's the worst thing that can be done to a person. If I walked fast - I could feel my cheeks dancing up and down until the 3rd day - it is a weird thing to say - but my eyes looked like they belonged to a fat ass cat - swollen shut but the remainder of my mouth looked like a bull dog's.

The swelling was partially from rhino as well, may be fat grafting alone wouldn't have caused so much swelling - I don't know.

Swollen shut eyes for 3 days.

If I didnt touch it - my face wasn't hurting - but sites of injections hurt a bit upon digital examination. There was also numbness around my forehead for some 2-3 days. I ran my fingers across my head to detect lumps (after reading dreadful lumping stories here) - there were no lumps - I was happy.

My doctor has either filled my forehead with a tad too much fat or there is still much swelling because when I look up with my eyes (without turning my head) - I see my temple and it feels like Im wearing a permanent cap on my head.

Worst is that because of the fat in my forehead - I CAN NO LONGER MAKE "ANGRY" EXPRESS?ONS - CANT SQUINT EITHER. Th?s can be a real problem for actors/ performers who need all their facial muscles/ expressions in order. Though Im equally pissed.

I have a long, chiseled face in general. Now the cheeks do look fuller but I look chubbier - it doesn't suit my slim, proportionate frame.

My eyes look much smaller. I have large, almond shaped eyes in general. I hope it is the swelling - otherwise I am going to get the micro lipo thing done for sure. I think my heavy forehead is drooping way too much on my brows - making my eyes look tinier.

I dont know if my smile has been effected - I cant smile yet because of the rhinoplasty anyways.

Pros - I don't know. Still much swelling to know the final results.


Rhinoplasty (open, nasal bone was broken too, alar base reduction)

My only hope from this rhino was to get my old nose back because I love the face I was born with. On a second thought, I decided a small change in the alar base wouldn't do any harm and went for it.

My cast isn't off yet. But I can see my nostrils look very close to as I had imagined- slight (noticeable only by me) asymmetry but I dont care.

Too soon to say whether or not I have the nose that I wanted :)

Other common problems with nose job persist - conjestion, dry mouth and sore throat due to constant breathing via mouth, swelling etc.

No pain though :) Mild, tolerable headaches.

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