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Hey ladies I've been lurking for years and have...

Hey ladies I've been lurking for years and have finally decided to post. I'm tall and slim looking for a BBL. Had a consultation with the following: Cirumed - imposing implants on me which I don't want Dr Berker - said he can max inject 500cc as I don't have much fat (wait till you see me in person you will be surprised lol) Este Clinic - very slow replies still not heard back Dr Mete A - very lovely patient coordinator but have heard a few discouraging reviews ???? Elite aftercare - liposuction on 2 areas - extra areas such as back costs £500 extra. I really need my back lipoed as most of my father is in that area. Back rolls anyone??? Dr Metin Kerem - looking for more girls to tell me about their experiences!! Please comment below At the moment I'm leaning towards Dr Metim. Anyone experienced him for a BBL before?

BBL - 27 year old London girl

Oh yes I also exchanged emails with mediface. The only reference I have as before and afters is a lady name beckeemodel (check her youtube review) and another London based girl on instagram (forgotten her name). The instagram ladys results look better than beck's in my humble opinion but I wonder whether one had silicon implants as she is slim like me.

Surely there must be other surgeons in spain

Hi guys

I understand aslani is good but just too darn expensive. Are there no other reputable surgeons in Spain? Every time I do some research on BBL in Spain, Aslani comes up. They appreciate curves in Spain so there must be someone else qualified aargh this search is really draining

Elite Aftercare Izmir or Comfort Zone Istanbul

Decisions Decisions!!! Mediface is no longer an option as some of the girls I have spoken to have lost 80% of their gains. I've seen good results with both comfort and elite. Comfort has more reviews out there some of which are: up to 10 days recovery period with moderate to severe pain. One or 2 girls on here experienced burning from lipo. Food at their recovery house is apparently not the healthiest. However, cz will give you the projection most people here crave for and they also inject into hips.

Elite - not that many reviews but the couple of real before/after pics I've seen are impressive especially as both patients were slim girls like me. Service at the recovery house apparently is A+ with them offering healthy meals and a tailored meal plan. Complimentary lip injection/face fillers, mani+pedi and also 1 massage. At this stage elite seems to be the better option even though it will cost me a tad bit more as I need to get 1 more extra area lipoed (upper back/bra area)

Elite Aftercare - Izmir Turkey *UckanDoll*

Hey ladies! I finally did it - BBL + Body contouring with Dr Ali. Him and his team are Amazing. Daniel, the aftercare manager, picked me up from the airport and we headed straight to the clinic for my blood tests. Daniel is so lovely and very easy to talk to.

After my blood test I met Dr Ali for my consultation. He was very professional and honest about my expectations. My body was very straight, skinny legs, no hips with wide shoulders. I didn't have that much fat so Dr Ali advised that in order for me to get a hourglass shape with a bubble butt I need at least 2 rounds. He managed to inject 900cc into each butt cheek!!! I see alot of ladies here going for a round 2 and now I understand why. This is addictive - I'm only 3 weeks post op and already dreaming of coming back to izmir for a round 2 lool. 

Anyway I spent 4 nights at the villa which is just a short drive from the hospital and I loved it. Delicious meals 3x a day and snacks and freshly made smoothies in between. AC in the living room and bedrooms.

Special thanks to Gina, one of the patient coordinators for answering all my questions and being extremely patient with me! 

Any questions, feel free to contact me x


Hey ladies sorry for being MIA. I wanted to give my body enough time to heal before coming back with further updates.

So it's been about 5 months now and I'm ready for a second round. I want a tinier waist and more rounded butt. I look better than before surgery but nothing drastic as nobody in my family or friends even noticed that I got anything done. At first I thought it was a good thing bcos I kept this surgery a secret from everyone (only my boyfriend knows) but now I'm thinking whether he could have been more aggressive?
Anyway I used to have my pics up on this review but removed them when I was 2 months post op.

Elite was my choice for my 2nd round bcos it would have been cheaper but they are fully booked until January and I want to get my body snatched just in time for my boo's New Years party. I met a lovely lady on here way before I started my journey and we've kept in touch throughout. She has just had a BBL with comfort zone and she looks FANTASTIC. Her username on here is kyliefc.

I don't want to have to go through this a 3rd time so I've decided to book with comfort zone in 2 weeks. I have stalked loads of girls on insta who have had BBL's with comfortzone this year and I like what I'm seeing. I still have some fat to play with in my upper bra strap area, waist, arms, and inner thigh (they rub together and it drives me nuts) and they will lipo those areas at no extra cost.

My focus this time around is for the surgeon to give me HIPS and a very snatched waist. Whatever is left, stuff it in my booty to create a heartshape or teardrop butt. The only thing I will do after my 2nd round is to go to the gym and work on my legs to create thicker thighs. I don't want to carry my big booty on my spaghetti legs lol

I will definitely keep everyone on here posted nearer the time and will post pics but I will pull them down after a few weeks x

OMG 2nd round loading COMFORT ZONE

Ladies and gents! In a few days Dr Ilker will work his magic on me. Snatched waist and a bubble butt. I'm sooo excited bcos I've seen soo many before/afters in real life and on Insta. I will upload pics so you can all make an informed decision. It's our body and our hard earned money and I definitely don't want a 3rd round. Dr Ilker will touch every area I didn't get properly lipoed in my 1st round (waist, upper back). In addition I will get my lower back, upper arms and inner thighs lipo'd - basically get every ounce of fat possible lol
Dr Ilker has promised to give me hips and fill out some of the dents in my booty.

Any questions feel free to ask away! Good luck to all my girls getting surgery this week xx

Before pics

Visa booked! Countdown begins

I don't know why I'm so anxious this time around? I've packed my suitcase with comfy clothes and just a few supplies. I just need to stock up on snacks. After my 1st round I was craving loads of popcorn and pineapple juice lol

Supplies I'm taking with me:
Arnica/Bromelain tablets started taking them yesterday and will continue post op

Advil PM which are painkillers which knock you out. I learnt from my 1st round that sleep is vital after surgery. The painkillers I was given at Elite were too mild so I was very uncomfortable and couldn't sleep well.

Throat numbing spray - Girls when I woke up from surgery last time my throat was on fire! It hurt so much I wanted to cry. Imagine being hungry as hell but too afraid to eat due to the pain - no ma'am not this time

Arnica cream to help with swelling/bruises

Antibacterial body wash for the morning of surgery

That's it as comfort zone provides everything else x

I'm herrreeee

Got to Istanbul and was met by the Driver who took me straight to the villa. There are 5 other pretty girls here who all had their BBL'S done and they all look fab!!! Engin the Director of Comfort zone is very friendly, with a good sense of humour and really easy to talk to. He will be back to pick me up tomorrow morning and take me to the clinic. Right now we are all talking away in the living room and having a good laugh
Any questions please feel free to ask x

Yaaaay officially an IlkerBabe

Hi Family. I made it to the other side. Thank you all for sending positive vibes my way and for all the prayers.

Now a quick update:.
I woke up shivering for a good hour (didn't happen to me last time but I know alot of girls who experienced this so I took it like a G lol)
Hello I'm staaaarving and the nurse said she will bring food in an hour! Nope not me - I reached into my purse and asked the nurse to rinse my Apple and bring me my popcorn! Isn't it funny how everything taste so so good when hungry?
Dr Ilker came into my room a few minutes after I woke up to give me an update. I wasn't trying to hear any of it bcos my bladder was about to burst so I dashed to the toilet shivering and all lool. We had a good laugh about it and he left. Hopefully he will come back but if not I will find out through Engin I'm sure.

That's all for now folks! No pics tonight I'm too sore but will upload pics tomorrow. Any questions please ask xxx

Oh and my throat doesn't hurt either yippieee!!!

For those who have read my previous update I was scared my throat was going to burn like after my first round but no sir! The tube they shoved down my throat must have been covered in silk or MAYBE I was just lucky this time lool
Bye again!

Front pic

Hi guys I've managed to take 1 pic today. Front view only bcos I have too much padding in my lower back for compression so my butt looks very flat lol. I will take side view pics and back pics once the Dr tells me to remove the padding x

Another one



Hi ladies! Still very swollen but not as sore as I was yesterday. I'm allowed to take a shower today so really excited about that.

New pics!

Ladies and gents I'm only 3 days post op and I can already see my shape!! I know once the swelling in my back and waist goes down in about 6 weeks I'm going to look banging lol
I'm very pleased and have been walking around without any issues. The only time I feel pain/stiffness is after I try to get up after sitting on the sofa for too long. Dr Ilker really did a fab job! Please remember that your body will go through different stages in the first 3 -5 months. One day you will look very flat and the next day your booty will look so bootilicious!!
Thanks to Engin the Director who is a very professional and charming man with a great sense of humour. He really made my recovery easy by constantly reminding the nurses to give me the painkillers and antibiotics.

The recovery house was so much fun. I've met so many girls whom I will definitely keep in touch with. We've laughed, cried out in pain together and also went shopping together today.
All in all it was a great experience!
Any questions pls feel free to ask xx

Long Hot showers are my fav's

My muscles feel so relaxed afterwards. I then proceed to applying my arnica gel but my skin still feels so tender! I can't wait to see my final results but it's probably going to take another 3 months or so! I'm not a patient person at all lol

3 weeks post op

Hi ladies! I've ditched my compression garment all together and only wear my corset at night for better compression/shaping. Will be wearing my waist trainer/ corset for at least another 3 months until most swelling and stiffness have gone down. I've been giving myself massages 2x day for 7min each until I'm ready to get it done by a pro.

My stitches have finally fallen out and I haven't used painkillers in about a week now. Getting in and out of bed is a breeze as well.

Sorry forgot to add this one


Booty greed has set in already! This is insane lool
My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy hahaha

2 months post op

Hey ladies haven't been on here recently but wanted to share a quick update.
I would say about 60% of the swelling has gone down. Still wearing my corset faithfully but need to get professional massages done asap. I've received quite a number of messages regarding my opinion on turkey vs south America.
1. Go with your gut instinct - I'm not interested in looking like a video vixen so I'm happy with the result I get from turkey.
2. No you will not get your desired result in one round! Especially if you are going for the sculpted/video vixen look. This is the biggest misconception in the surgery community. Every single wish pic of yours is from dolls who have had multiple rounds. It doesn't matter whether you go to Turkey or Colombia or the Dominican Republic. Sometimes getting a second round has nothing to do with going bigger. Your hips might be uneven, one butt cheek might be bigger than the other etc etc.
Dr's are human beings and not magicians lol
3. No there is no such thing as the BEST doctor. It's all a matter of preference. Even the so called King of BBL'S which is Dr Cabral, has hundreds of unhappy patients or patients who decided to have their second round done by a different surgeon.

My only advice is to research thoroughly and then follow your gut instinct. Don't follow any hype.

Not sure what happened

Izmir Plastic Surgeon

Very professional and his bedside manner was A+ He is a very skilled Doctor. He eased my anxiety right away

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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