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Hello to everyone, I've been on this site for...

Hello to everyone, I've been on this site for about three months. I've followed a lot of you guy's stories. I to have a story too I've been over weight for the past fifteen years. The older I get the more it piles on, it's time for a change. I've been looking into weightloss surgery for about two years and finally decided it was time. Now the time has come to decide which facility to have it at. Has anyone ever dealt with Belite or North Mississippi Medical Center if I choose Belite I can have my surgery sooner but the down side is I have to fly to Las Vegas but if I get sick from surgery I won't have a doctor. On the other hand if I go with NMMC I'll have unlimited support but I won't be able to have the surgery till next year. If anyone has dealt with Belite please let me know about your experience please.


Well I had said that I was going with Belite bummer they have all these hidden cost that I just can't afford. So I have to stick to my original plan and go with NMMC it's going to take longer to get sleeved but it's probably saver. I don't get to see the surgeon until November 9th which seem so far away, I'm so ready for this to happen. Let me tell you guys the weight is piling on I swear I look at food and gain weight. I have clothes in my closet that I could wear the beginning of the year but can't seem to fit them now. My sister in law and me workout 3 days a week but I'm still gaining and no it's not muscle. Sick and tired of being overweight like this. Just venting a little bit.

Liquid Diet

It's been a while since I've updated. Well let me start by saying the doctor in Tupelo wouldn't do my surgery because I have Lupus, so I was pretty bummed out after that. I called the doctor in Las Vegas and he said he could do my surgery but I was worried about what they other doctor said so I looked up people who have Lupus that has had this surgery. There were only comment made to whereas they had the surgery and no complications so I was happy to hear that because I was worried. So as we speak tomorrow I start my liquid Diet and then have my surgery on 8th of Dec. This is going to be a long two weeks but it will be so worth it in the end. If anyone out there that has Lupus and have had the surgery please don't be shy share with me all comments welcomed. Good luck to anyone going through the liquid diet at this time. Will update on my progress in a few days.

Liquid Diet

Well guys it's been three days and I've already messed up. I ate bread which is a no no it was in my mouth before I knew it. I'm guessing this is something you have to get use to and it ain't easy. I do well during the day but at night I need something to chew not good. I'm up at night so I eat out of boredom yes that's a habit that needs to be broken. No snacking no fried foods also did I say no chips of any kind I'm weak Lord help me. Does anyone out there have any suggestions I'm all for it. Maybe as time go on this will get better....I only pray it does.

I did it I'm sleeved

I know I haven't updated about the liquid diet but things started happening really quick for me to go Vegas for my procedure. I made it through the diet safely. I was sleeved on Dec 8 I must say I was not in any pain at all. I did have gas pain but just a little bit but once I started walking it began to move. Dr Umbach was the best they attack pain before it start and I mean you don't feel a thing. If anyone out there looking for a surgeon I recommend Dr. Umbach very good at what he does. I must say after surgery food was the last thing on my mind it took me four hours to drink twelve ounces of water I had chicken broth I only had to sips. Everyone body is not the same so don't expect to have the same experience as me. Must say if everything goes to plan you won't have an appetite. Good luck to anyone about to take this journey May God bless

Two week post-op

It's been a long 2 weeks not being able to get my fluids in driving me crazy. I didn't think it would be that hard but it is. Well starting weight 225 current weight 215 I lost 9lb the first week and 1lb the second week I hope this isn't telling me I'm going to be a slow loser. I'm off liquid on soft foods now I had fish and string beans I was only able to eat a piece of fish and about two fork full of beans the restrictions is definitely there. Well til next week see what the sleeve has in store for me. Too all my sleevers out there good luck to you and God bless have a wonderful Christmas.

Three week post-op

Well it's been three weeks starting weight 225 current weight 210 so a 4 pounds lost for the week. I'm eating more solid food now but not very much only a few bites then I'm done. I must say I don't know where everyone is getting all this energy from cause I have none hopefully this changes soon. Until next week Happy New Years to all my sleevers.

6 week

Well guys I guess I missed week 4 and 5 but nothing has changed I'm only down 3 pounds since the last time I wrote. Talked with my nutrition and she told me I'm eating right I just didn't have the right vitamin so I switched but one I had to order it hasn't come in yet. I need my body to let go of this fat because this is really starting get me down I'm only 18 pounds since surgery and this week I didn't lose a thing....very disappointed I keep telling myself that it will get better trying not to compare myself to others but why can some people drop like 40 pounds and others struggle with weightloss can't call it. Well going to the gym today let's see if I can jump start something. Well till next time sleevers be blessed.

8 weeks

Well I missed week 7 nothing changed so I didn't update. I'm down 3 pounds this week so the stall finally broke thank God. HW 225 CW 204 so 21 pounds down since surgery. Why is it that everyone reviews I read their losing inches I'm not what the hell is wrong with my body. This has been very frustrating I know everyone's body is different and you shouldn't compare yourself to anyone but I don't think my body is in fat burning mode. I don't know what else to do I guess I'm just going to lose slow but I guess I'll take it because before I wasn't losing any weight at all. Well my fellow sleevers till next week have a bless one.
Dr Thomas Umbach

Best doctor in Las Vegas caring, understanding,patience just amazing there is nothing bad I can say about this doctor and staff. A wonderful experience all around.

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