37 Y/o, 4 Children, 120 Lbs Long-awaited BA! - Tupelo, MS

So excited about being officially scheduled after...

So excited about being officially scheduled after researching breast augmentation on and off for about 15 years (after my first baby when what little bit I had left me quick and in a hurry when I stopped nursing)! I decided to wait until I finished having children and now that time has come, so MY time has come! I just hope I haven't jinxed anything by scheduling so far in advanced, but being active duty, and having to deal with fitness tests and moving around, planning is important. Thank all you beautiful, strong women for your inputs and helpful information! :D

10 days out! OMG

At this point I have a milestone count down going: fitness test tomorrow, Disney world trip starting Thursday, pre-op then surgery next Friday! I know this next two weeks will go by fast (yay) I should have everything once my re-op is done. Getting excited, not too nervous about the surgery but hoping it's not the first thing everyone notices once I go back to work (and church yikes!) :)


I am now one day post op and feeling better. It's still pretty rough to get around but i can go potty all by myself now! ;) I still have dressings on so I haven't taken a real look. I'm tempted not to look for a couple weeks so I don't see the Frankenboob lol
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