360 CC Saline under the muscle 135 lbs, 5.3

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So I am excited and nervous... Surgery date...

So I am excited and nervous... Surgery date scheduled for march 11th. Have had one dr visit and have decided on saline, under the muscle. Just have to make a decision on CC's and will discuss this more at pre-op. My question is, have any of you that have saline implants done the rice test to
Determine how many cc's you want to
Achieve the desired look??? And if so, was the number of cc's of rice accurate to the number of cc's in the saline solution? I didn't know if the implants would look smaller than the rice since they will be under the muscle??? Help!!!! I DO NOT want to go too big as I don't want anyone (other than my husband) to notice. I've worn padded brad forever so hoping with clothes on no one will notice the implants. Any advise would be great. So glad I found this webpage.


My surgery date is just 4 days away... I was suppose to go for my preop this week but couldn't die to the weather. So I'm having my preop on Tuesday and surgery on Wednesday. Makes me nervous that they're so close together but maybe I'll feel more at ease after I talk with the doctor one final time before the big day. My biggest fear is that I'll have a reaction to the implants. I had a mirena IUD once and had very bad side effects so I'm paranoid about anything foreign being in my body now. Have any of you had a bad reaction to the implants such ad mood swings, depression????? I know the IUD also had hormones and that was probably the reason for my bad side effects but it still makes me nervous. Any feedback would be soooo appreciated!


I'm having my preop tomorrow and surgery Wednesday. I've been excited but am getting more emotional... Just know I'm going to miss being able to pick up my baby for a few days and hope he doesn't cry wanting me. Wish I knew for sure how long it would be before I could pick him up. He weighs 22 pounds... I was at peace with my decision to have surgery as still feel positive about it but am just hoping and praying there are no complications and that recovery is a breeze.

Surgery day

Had my surgery this morning at 8:30. Surgery went fine and I woke up with lots of pressure on my chest and what felt like growing pains in my right arm. Been staying on top of pain meds but have progressively experienced more pressure and pain as the day has gone on, although I am sleeping most of the time. Getting up to go to the bathroom is very hard and makes me super dizzy. If I am more sore in the morning I don't see how I can make the hour drive to get drainage tubes out but I will cross that bridge when I get there. (My husbands driving but just the ride makes me cringe right now.) Can't see any of my breast due to being wrapped but the top of them feel rock hard. Ended up with 360, saline, under the muscle, incision under breast crease.

?Had my surgery on Wednesday march 11th.

Had my surgery on Wednesday march 11th. So far I am tight and swollen and they look square. Suppose to start massages next Tuesday and I hope they soften and drop once I start those. A little nervous about the outcome right now as I look more like sponge bob square boobs at the moment. Pain was really bad the first 2 days but has improved a lot and am feeling a lot better today. Able to get around easier on my own and sleeping well at night propped up on pillows.

1 week post op

Had my 1 week follow up today. Dr says I'm healing nicely and look good for 1 week. I still feel as though my implants are way too high on my chest... They are also still hard but a bit softer than they were immediately after surgery. I'm starting massages today and hope this helps them soften and drop. My pain is very minimal at this point which is great.

1 week post op pics

Not quite what I was hoping for. Hoping they drop and look better soon.

Bra or no bra???

Just wondered why some drs recommend a tight sports bra after surgery and some recommend no bra? My dr said I could go braless but if I did wear a bra to make sure it was soft, no underwire and no sports bra... What are some of y'all's experiences? What difference does it even make?

13 days post op pics

Looking more round. Still pretty high. Hoping when they drop more my nipple is more centered instead of at the bottom. Hardly any pain now and they are a little softer but still pretty firm. Overall am happy with my decision!

3 weeks post op pics

Tomorrow makes 3 weeks... I can finally sleep on my side for a few hours but still mostly sleeping on my back propped up on pillows. Nipples are a little extra sensitive but not too bad, definitely getting
better. Can do pretty much all housework now easily as long as it doesn't involve high reaching and I don't do too muh at once. able to fully care for my 17 month old with no doscomfort! yay!!! Still a little uncomfortable shaving my armpits or doing things that requires full reach of my arms. I wouldn't say it was painful, just uncomfortable and not easy yet. Breast are getting softer but they Still look waaaayyy too high to me.

One month pics

Had my one month follow up today. Everything is healing nicely. Dropping and settling slowly but surely...


2 month pics

Feeling great at 2 months post op. Breast are still getting softer. I bought some new bras yesterday. 36 FULL C which is what I was hoping for. Happy with my results and NO regrets in getting implants.

4 month post

I'm almost at 4 months post op and thought I'd give an update. I am so happy with my decision to get breast implants and have no regrets. At first I thought I went too big, then after the swelling went away I was afraid I went too small... But now that they have settled and softened I think they are a great size for my frame and they feel so natural. Blessed!

Comparison pics

Just for fun I put some of my pics together to see the changes. Wow! I didn't realize just how much they had changed until I looked at these pics side by side. It's amazing the changes they go through.
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