Stag 1 - Post 102lbs Weight Loss, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift with Fat Transfer In Tunisia with Dr Hamza.

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Cost at the top is actually Euros, so approx...

Cost at the top is actually Euros, so approx £7,800 GBP Lots cheaper than the UK.

As like all you others I have been reading and spying on you all for the past few I have finally found my surgeon, I had a few in mind and have seen one other In the UK. Now today I met with Dr Hamza in Harley St, London. I came across Dr Hamza via Linda Briggs website, having various telephone calls and emails with Linda it appeared that Dr Hamza was the one to speak with. Surgery will be carried out in Tunisia and I will stay in their clinic for 1 week and then fly home for a further 3 wks off work to recover. I had such positive session with him and he gave me all the time I needed to ask questions, discuss the procedure and hopeful results and all my concerns over the post op care. My husband was with me and although he would prefer me not to have surgery, he fully supports my desire to have it done. He agreed completely with me that Dr Hamza was the right one to go with, and Linda Is lovely, very helpful and full of info and support. So to fill you in on my story... I'm 43 yrs young and have lost 100lbs over the last 20 mths, all thanks to a healthy eating plan with "Slimming World" still want to lose a further 14lbs, so whatever I lose before surgery then great, and then there is the further mahooosive chunk of lard and skin being chopped off, so what the hell will I weigh when it's done???. Why it has worked for me this time I really can't say, lots of support from my nearest and dearest and my head was just in the right place. I have been overweight for the majority of my adult life and tried so many different "diets" that I lost count of the attempts and failures a long time ago. This time I have changed my lifestyle so very much it's crazy, I now eat totally healthy all the time and truly struggle when we go out to dinner as I only want certain things, no fat and very little sugar,,,,etc etc, suffice to say that I am now healthy and ready to finish the job with some smoothing and tightening and a little lifting, then I will be sooooooo happy to see the ultimate results of the journey of getting myself this new body. To quote another RS'rs, "it's time to feel about the outside like I do about the inside"! Another piece of information is that I have MS, was dxd 5 yrs ago and wanted to lose the weight even more ever since, whilst my life is somewhat changed, I am very lucky and still pretty healthy, my legs are the problem as when I get tired which is typically a problem with MS, my legs will get stiff and not want to work well, but hey ho, I am still living laughing, working, driving and having fun every day. Obviously it makes my health a little better being this much lighter, however it's not a cure, but I love how it makes me feel. So now I'm just waiting for the date for surgery to confirmed, should be end of October.

Whist I write this first time I must say a huge thank you to all you lovely ladies for writing, sharing and advising on all the pros and cons of the surgeries.

I plan to have a second surgery In Jan 2015 on an arm lift and thigh lift, then my world will be complete

Ok, so now I am very bravely going to post this with some before pics....Eeeeek!!!!!!

My 15yr old sons response on hearing about me booking the surgery

"Oh cool" ..... So simple and positive, love my boys!! ????

Date confirmed......

Just had a call confirming my surgery date is the 31st October...Eeeek, massive mix of excitement and fear..Eeeeeek!!!!! :-)

Support garments sizing?

Ok I am getting things together to have in for once I get home. Spanx is something that I have seen that will be good for a few weeks down the road, so what size do I get? My size as of now to accommodate the swell hell or one size down as I will be smaller, unsure what to get? HELP!!!??

Amazing support system!!!!!

This site is so amazing, I'm befriending complete strangers that I feel like I've known forever, it's great to share with people who are of the same mindset.

What I would have found out without this site? Very little!

sitting in the sun in Tunisia!

Good morning al, WOW what a fab posting from BabyRhino to wake up to, amazing, if you haven't already then go see her story,,, INSPIRATIONAL!!!!!

Yesterday me and hubby arrived for a well earned 5 day break in Tunisia, as I am back here 3 wks today for my surgery people thought that I'd come to see my surgeon and the clinic, but no, this is strictly some r&r. I've lost 16 lbs since my last holiday in August and can see the difference, amazing! Well not all good changes, I bought 2 swimsuits with me, 1 new and 1 from last holiday, downside is the old one is so loose, well truth be told it's flapping in the wind that I won't wear it as a stiff breeze will show the world what I had for lunch...? Lol Still loving my slimmer self but hating the loose skin, only 3 wks and 1 day then I'm joining the flat side. Hope all you lovely people are healing well, this British bird is signing off for now and soaking up some fun. Xoxo

Under 3 wks!!

Well as of today I'm 2wks and 6dys pre op, all of a sudden it's sooo much closer, excellent, can't wait! Hope all you lovely people are well today! Xoxo

16 day's end counting!

OMG it's 16 day's to go and today I paid for it, makes it all the more real, this is happening and I'm so excited!! :-)


Thank god I don't play Farmville anymore, I would not have the time as I'm so bloody busy on here reading and chaTting, my crops would have withered and all my animals would have legged It to other farms to steal food!! LOL

Super GP!

My GP is so cool, not only is he telling how proud of my weight loss he is he also advised me to look for surgery abroad, he says that anything i need once I have had surgery then to give him a call AND he's just prescribed me Tramadol in case I need stronger than paracetamol or ibuprofen post surgery he's being as always very supportive and kind, I'm extremely lucky to have a GP like this. :-)

I have such a fab PS!

Today I met with PS for a second consult, to finely tune the details of my surgery. I was clearly having a few doubts, don't really know what it was about but he not only put my mind at rest but renewed my confidence in him and myself and every aspect of the up and coming surgery. So now I can say with utter confidence and elation that as of 2 weeks today I will have completed my surgery, BRING IT ON!!!!!

11 DAYS TO GO!!!!!

Ok, so I can now say that I am having surgery next week. I can feel the level of excitement increasing. I keep looking in the mirror and am constantly stunned by my changes from the weight loss, well what the hell am I gonna be seeing in a couple of weeks, I can't wait to see what I hope I'm gonna see!! Oooooh the anticipation!!!

Strange mood swings!!

I expect the strange mood swings are just my crazy brains way of processing what is coming up, my poor darling husband is absorbing the main impact, thank god he's extremely calm and loving and just keeps saying 'I know you've got a lot on your mind at the moment, I just worry about you!' So gentle, I'm really putting him through it!

So today I emailed my PS requesting a change to my surgery, I've asked if he can do a circumferential tummy tuck (incision goes 360 and lifts the buttocks too) hope to get a reply within the next 24hrs, he'll probably tell me he's had enough of my emails, questions and requests and sack me as a client! God I hope not. ;-\

1 week!!!y

Exactly 7 days from now I am boarding the plane to take me to Tunisia for my sugrery!! I have not been in the best head space for the last few days, difficulty sleeping and then in a grot of a mood all day, clients don't see it, always good to hide a bad mood from your clients, but that means that everybody else has had to deal with this maniac! Anyway looks like things are calming a little, let's hope it stays that way until I wake up post op and start appreciating what I've had done, so can't wait to be on the flat side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c'mon seriously?

My darling hubby came in from work today put his arms around me and told me not to freak out???? He's being laid off as of the 7/11 WTF!!!!! well he insists that I carry on with the surgery next week, I'm freaking out as that's a lot of money, but he's worked it out that we're financially sound for six months and believes that as the economy is much improved that he'll find another job quickly. God life sucks sometimes!! So while I decide what to do I'm sitting here drinking my second large vodka and tonic!! :-\

4 sleeps!

Well I seem to be in a calm/excited/nervous frame of mind today. Been extremely busy with clients all day and will be the same tomorrow and Wednesday, then Thursday flying to Tunisia for surgery on Friday. I can't believe it's nearly here!!!!! So exciting :-)))

Wow wow I will be there 2 days from now!!

Tummy keeps flipping with excitement, and got silly grin on my face when I imagine what I'm gonna/hoping to look like??? :-))

Goodbye sag!

Well it's finally time to get on the plane! I'm awake earlier than planned, what a surprise? Not! I can't believe that today is finally here, no problem sleeping last night. So off to the airport in a bit. Tunisia here I come, SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! :-)))))))))


Sitting at the gate to board and an announcement is made for a passenger named Hamza to come to the gate, my PS is called Dr maybe a quick last minute consult?

Ta dah!!!!

The Harvey's have
Well I have made the journey, now chilling out in a very nice private room with my darling man, who is already trying to do everything for me, I have reminded him that I haven't had the surgery yet and his services will be required soon enough! It's just fab knowing that he will be staying with me the whole time that I'm here, really is just what I want! I'm a very lucky girl!! :-))


Got woken up at 6am and told to shower as I am first on Dr Hamza's list today, oooh that makes me smile big time!!!! So girls this is it, got huge butterfly's in my tummy mixed with a massive amount of excitement!! Will try to post updates as soon as I'm able to xoxo

test uploading a pic

All done!!

Typing for my wife. She is back in the room now. Surgery went well, surgeon said he is very pleased. She will post as soon as she can.

Post op day 1

Good morning ladies, I'm awake and have been moving around a little. Slept on and off last night, but mostly on! Had a bm yay!

Now on to the important bits, I have just seen myself standing in front of the bath room mirror, whilst there is a lot of swelling, bandages and the CG OMFGG I have a small waist, really exciting, boobs are up and I think a good size, bit difficult to tell with bandages etc, promise to post pics in the next day or so, bandages will be changed tomorrow so photo op then. My PS said my breasts are perfect now and all went very well, whilst marking me up he told me he was looking forward to doing me as my breasts had such extreme sag it have him that extra challenge!

My gorgeous man has been giving me leg rubs from the time I came back from surgery, he doesn't hesitate for one minute when I ask for something, I am so very lucky and keep telling him how much I love him and how lucky I am to have him in my life.

Hope all my gals are healing beautifully! Mwah xoxo :-))

Oh I forgot my man took this one!

Trying again!

PS checked in with me.

Quick visit to see how I am, he once again told me that my breasts are up and look perfect, I will see them tomorrow when the bandages are changed. Wow, he told me that he removed 3kilo from my tummy, holy crap that's a lot, hey that sag and fats not there anymore... Yay!

New pic

Muust had the drain out and the bandages changed/downsized. I am thrilled, I'm completely flat and even though there is a lot of swelling I am loving what I see, all looks heaps better standing up, next time I go to the bathroom I'll take some pics. Also ecstatic that the scar is very neat and low and loving the new bb! Nitey nite all my lovely girls, see you in the morning :-) xoxo

Trying again

Post op day 2. :-) New boobs!

Had my bandages off today and had my first look at pinky and perky! To say I'm thrilled is an understatement... WOW. Dr Hamza is a genius, how the heck did he take two sad saggy flaps and create these beautiful perky breasts?!!? And all without implants, he used my own fat to increase the upper pole and cleavage. Genius, I'm so glad I did my research and chose him, I have huge respect for him and to see how neat the stitches are just reinforces my decision that I hope to return to him in Jan or march next year for my arm, leg and bum lift. Let's get healed from this one first! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Post Op Day 3 New PIC!

So yesterday was quite trying, the pain from surgery had been managed however the trapped gas from not moving around much and the meds meant that my stomach was in knots!!!!! Eventually I was given some sachets that did nothing and then an injection in the bum and hey presto I got to sleep. Yay!

Today I've been up had a full body wash and been able to get another look at me without the CG and bra, I am amazed by what I see, sorry but forgot to take pics, will do when I next strip!! Woohoo saucy!

Hope all my gals are healing or preparing from and for surgery. Best thing I could have done and I'm not finished yet!!

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Meant to say!

I am standing straight and the bruising is no where near as bad as I thought it would be. Truly think the minimal bruising is because I started taking arnica 4 days before surgery and am still taking it, also applying arnica cream to the Lippi areas. The tummy, lack of pain again arnica and the fact that for the last few months I have been using the Slendertone belt almost every day, so abs were stronger enabling a more productive healing!

Arnica pic for Sarbear


Little tip for Surgery abroad!

We have been particularly clever and been using Google translate to explain my symptoms to the nurses and when requesting meds to the pharmacy etc, All they need is the correct pronunciation and they will happily dish out whatever you need ;-) :-)

Day 4 post op and seeing the changes already!!

Good morning RS world :-)

Well last night was a bit crap, I thought I was either coming down with a nasty viral head cold or brewing a temp infection, basically felt really ropey! But after a chat with the med staff and dosing up with meds all was well!!

Got a fair amount of sleep 6/7 hrs and up this morning feeling much brighter :-) So had a good wash and brush up this morning and as promised took some picks with no garments on. WOW!! WOW!! I'm only 4 days post op and can see some amazing changes from day 1 already!! I love love love my new boobs, I love the whole shape, I love the cleavage and the size is perfect!! I love me new shapely, smooth torso and am genuinely excited at the thought of wearing a bikini on holiday's!

So all we need now is for my hubby to have a new job before too long, then I've still got enough money for stage 2 surgery Jan/March next year, arm/thigh lift and fat transfer to the buttocks!

My advice for the day is to take ear plugs with you to ensure you can block out the world and sleep, coz you're gonna need it!!

Hope all your world's are healing and going along smoothly!!

XOXO XOXO :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Time for something pretty!

My nails, as I'm a nail tech I thought I'd take a pic just for fun, yes I'm feeling a little bored! LOL ;-)

FYI I took them a lot shorter to make them more practical for the next few weeks, and that was tough for me as I don't do practical! ;-) :-) xoxo xoxo

New pics

When having the dressings changed today I got my gorgeous man to pap me! ;-)

I'm really happy with the healing. Swelling is going down every day, tummy scar nice and low, breast and nipple scar neat!

Hope you're all healing beautifully!

:-) xoxo

It's been fun but it's time for me to go home!

Well a week has passed since I had my surgery and I am now flying home back to England. I am soooooo ready to get home, see my gorgeous boy, who I've Skyped everyday, to see my lovely dog 'Buster' and my family and friends. I know they've all worried about me and yet supported me whole heartedly every step of the way, I'm extremely lucky to have such a beautifully kind and patient husband who is so loving and supportive, he's made my journey so much easier! Thank you David for being such a special human being! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'll be back on here from the UK very soon!

Take care all and continue with your excellent healing!

Suzanne :-) :-) xoxo xoxo xoxo


I'm surprised that people didn't ask me when I was due! Seriously though I swelled so much at one point I thought I was gonna pop!! After a very long day of traveling, I'M HOME YAY!!! Had a steak dinner to celebrate and am now sat/laying/lounging with my boys, bliss!

Hope you're all well and I'll catch up properly tomorrow.
Mwah xxx

Day 8 post op

So I finally feel back to normal after the exhausting day of traveling home! Don't get me wrong the journey was easier than I expected it to be, it was the shock of sitting up for so many hours and not being able to lay back with my feet raised, anyhoo I got it done!

I'm very pleased with how I'm healing, I can see that the stitches are dissolving already around the nipples. I've put these two pics up, they were taken yesterday when my man did my dressings. The leaning one shows the amazing difference to the pre op sag!!! The other is obviously me sitting, I love the shape, nice hour glass! Bit annoyed that I don't have a pre op pic in that position, but hey, I know how much skin,/sag and overhang there was!!! A little concerned by the shape of my left side, on the right in the pic, but will evaluate properly once a few more wks had passed. Sorry forgot to take a new pic of the puppies with out the dressings on, will try to remember next dressing change.

Standing straight 80? of the time and all seems well, apart from the headache from hell yesterday, still feel a little bruised on the side of my head today, bit like the after effect of a migraine.

Hope you're all doing brilliantly. Take care my gorgeous girls!

Xoxo xoxo

Hair salon bliss!!

My boys took me to my best friends salon today and I had a wash and blow dry, I have never appreciated having my hair washed as much as today. Having last washed it pre surgery 29/10. Soooooo good!!?????????????????????????????

Little update with pic.

Morning gorgeous people, here's a pic first thing this morning, crikey when this swelling is done and dusted I'm gonna be this flat later in the day and standing up yay!

Spent yesterday defying gravity, in my recliner with pillows under knee's and torso lower than legs, needed to be done as having my hair washed and blow dried then visitors on Saturday sent me to a new level of sell hell! So gonna do more of the same today, tomorrow and so on!

Noticed a little teeny tiny blister on my left nipple yesterday, so will be checking under the dressing everyday..

Stay well xoxo

12 days post op :-)

So today is 12 days post op and am feeling pretty frickin fantastic!!

When changing dressings yesterday morning we saw that my left breast was leaking a very small amount from the nipple, so cleaned up and redressed it, saw at bed time that there was more leakage, so same again, cleaned etc. This morning no leakage on the dressing so went ahead with the SHOWER!!!! After 12 days I was really looking forward to it,,, BIG TIME!! once dressing off the nipple leaked a teeny bit but the soothing water def helped it and all looks good from then on!

That was truly the best shower ever, didn't need any help other than hubby did my back, I washed my hair and blow dried it and then hubby took me to chemist to grab a new pair of tweezers. Not a big trip/morning but feeling tired and will now rest completely for the rest of the day!

I can see that the majority of my scars are beginning to flatten, so good to see new fazes of healing, can't wait for the next stage, yes,yes I'm impatient... Lol

Yesterday bought a pair of high power Spanx to use as my second stage garment. Although I still get lots of support from my current CG my swelling has reduced and my new size and shape is a cumin through, so time to try an alternate.

Hope you're all extremely well and healing beautifully!!!

Little update.

Have had an unpredictable couple of days. Experienced some liquid from my left nipple, not the stitches but from the main surface, my left breast is the one that had more reconstruction as it hung lower, so have experienced more discomfort with it. As of today it seems to be healing again. Whilst I've not freaked out, it has unnerved me!

On a lighter note I have noticed some pleasant things...

No longer have to lift boobs or tummy to wash in the shower, it's amazing how the water runs over and down and goes over all parts without adjusting them!!!... Lol

Also when relaxing in the recliner I no longer have to lift my boob up as it's in the way of my arm!!.... Lol

Normality resumes ;-) ????

Good days and bad days!! :-) :-(

Good afternoon all my lovely RS'rs, I have been in a fairly negative place over the last couple of weeks. I was eating a lot after we flew home, got that back into check after a week, went to my slimming world club last night and weighed in 4lbs heavier than pre-op, to say I was gutted is an understatement. I know there is fluid that is part of the swelling and I really shouldn't take any notice of the scales, however I have been dictated to by those scales for like forever and always will be, so eating healthy again and hopefully with that and as the swelling subsides I'll see the numbers fall again. In total with what I've gained I want to lose a total of 16lb from now, not worried about the weight loss spoiling my surgery shape. Then I've had some issues with my breasts, some leakage and as each day has passed they have lost some of the upper pole firmness and some to the sides, they are sagging a little on the outside, under arm area and I'm unsure as what they will be like once all the healing has been done. My PS did tell me that If the fat moves or reabsorbs then he can transfer more to gain the desired shape/volume and then it should hold its shape fine. I have a dog ear on the left side of the tummy tuck, but am not too concerned as I know they are pretty common and easy to revise. So onto my tummy, whilst i am extremely happy with how flat I am and the lovely hour glass shape, i am not happy that I still have some loose skin in the upper abdomen Obviously I will discuss this with my PS next week. So I have been up and down and around and around in circles with my emotions. Overall I am happy with what I've had done and whilst I look so much better than pre-op I can't help but critic what I look like now. Yes yes I know that I am still healing and yes there is swelling etc etc but I can't help it. I thought I would only see positives post op, but who am I kidding I will always find fault in what I look like. I have put up these before and after pics, which obviously help me see the positive, but we still have some work to do!! BTW in the after pics the lines that run under the breasts are from wearing the post op bra 24/7. Can't wait to get the skin on my legs and arms tightened!!!

Hope you are all doing well... xoxoxo

Before the weight loss...Eeeek!

This is what me and my boy looked like before we lost shed loads of weight!!

Good news!

So I went to fat club aka (Slimming World) ;-) and u lost 5.5 lbs. Now that put a smile back on my face, will be trying to do the same next week! ????

I'm going for a hat trick!!!

Ok so weigh in last night was very positive, so that's number one!

Today my gorgeous man was offered a new contract with good old company, different department so different budget!! Yay that's number two!

So I'm going for the hat trick, seeing my PS this Friday and am hoping that he'll be more than happy to do the revisions that I so desperately want/need, oh who am I kidding, want want want!!!!!

So will be going to bed tonight and sleeping better with less stress.

Nitey nite all you gorgeous people!! ??


So 4.1\2 wks post op. Good, still using dressing's with a particular gauze to ensure the scars heal dry but don't stick to the padding, nearly done now so will be carrying on with aloe vera and tape only soon. Only needing to take a tablet late in the evenings, I think as I'm not resting as much that gravity takes it's toll and boobs get a little fractious, but really not much at all. Can now sleep for small stretches on my right hand side, which is excellent as my back was getting sick and tired of the same position. Seeing my PS this Friday so will update again soon. Hope you're all healing, researching and posting happy :-) :-)

Stage 2 Arm and thigh lift and fat transfer to u buttocks :-)

So today I saw my lovely PS for the 5 week post op follow op. Now remember that he hadn't seen me standing since pre op, his first reaction was, "WOW" followed swiftly by telling me he wanted to see more, so please get undressed, I happily wipped the clothes off, next traction from him was amazement at the rate of my healing he said "I've never seen this rate of healing before, you heal brilliantly!!!,," so yay I'm ready willing and able to go for round two on Jan 5th, I'll be having an upper thigh lift, he feels that this will be enough to deal with the slack area of skin with only an incision in the groin area, next is the arm lift, YAY BLOODY YAY BYE BYE WINGS!!!!! Last but not least a fat transfer to the buttocks, again this is his preference for minimal scarring and he's hopeful that it will plump the bum enough to eliminate the sag! I do hope so as my bank balance can't cope with much more!!

So revisions? When I went today I was planning to ask for revisions as I thought that he would probably so it was too soon for next surgery, but no, so when I spoke about the three things that bother me, upper pole of breast, I would like it to be a little plumper, he said he can easily do that but not with next surgery as I'll need to be able to lay on my front as my bum is having fat transfer, next a dog ear on left side of tummy tuck, again not yet as I need to lay on my side and it will continue to flatten and may not need correction (early days yet) then my abdomen is a little slack in the upper part, he wants to wait and see as the skin is apparently still retracting, poss have to wait 6mths? I'm ok with the revisions waiting, he's addressed the issues and he's not concerned, so let's see what happens further down the road.

I can't believe that in 4.1/2 wks I'm flying out to Tunisia again for hopefully the final op WOW!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Ok change of plan!!

After talking alot with hubby ovr the past few days and had a few emails back and forth with my PS I have decided to finish healing or at least get a lot further down the road before I have major op number 2. Also I'd rather have revision done before the next op. I appreciate that he has performed a major body contouring surgery on me and truthfully admits himself that I was a challenge haha.. So I'm going to more patient with this journey, there is no real benefit to my healing from further procedures if I rush to the finish line. Gonna keep myself fit ad healthy and carry on with this journey that is now approaching 2 years. Hope all you lovely ladies are fit and well xoxoxo

Time for the next stage.

I'm so sorry for not posting for a couple of months, but I have still been catching up with lots of you on your own threads.

So as for me, things have been good and bad, as the swelling subsided it became obvious that I had loose skin in my upper abdomen and whilst I love my new boobs they lost a little of the fullness in the cleavage and the upper pole. So after postponing seeing my PS due to a rather discusting virus I rescheduled and met with him yesterday. He competently agreed that he needed to do a vertical incision to tighten the upper part of the abdomen and also to adding a small implant to plump out my breasts. This will be done when I return to Tunisia on the 24/3 for my arm lift. I'll be staying at the clinic again for approx one week. This was an extremely difficult decision as to when to go, the reason being that it's my sons 16th birthday on the 27/3, I spent the whole journey home which took about 2 hrs talking it over with my hubby and a dear friend of mine (Donna) it was decided that we would tell James (my son) what my options were and see how he reacted. You see the problem with other potential dates for surgery was that if I went when he is next in Tunisia after March then it would be the beginning of June, that would only be 3 wks before or family holiday to the Dominican Republic, next date after that would be August and I really don't want to be recovering from surgery during the hottest month of the year in Tunisia, next after that would be Oct and that's when I had already mentally earmarked for my buttock lift and inner thigh. So you see what a dilemma I was in. We came home and he asked me how it all went and I told him we'd talk later after dinner. So we explained it all to him. What we presented to him was that my hubby would stay here with him and celebrate his birthday with him, taking him to Wembley stadium in London for a big rugby match and the family meal that we had planned for that weekend would be moved to the weekend before. Whilst he hesitated about telling me what to do he did eventually say this "mum, I know how much you want to get this done, so I'll be fine and you should go".... Big lump in my throat and I gave him a big cuddle and told him how much I loved him. There is another thing that is making it a little easier for me to go off without hubby and that is that a very lovely friend of mine Donna is also going at the same time to have her tummy tuck with my, now her PS, so at least I will have a friendly face who knows me, also her lovely hubby will be coming to, so we'll have a butler on hand to pop out for us, bless him.

So now I need to get things organised again although I have the upper hand as I've been there and done that etc etc!

I will take some up to date pictures soon and then you can see what is going on.

Hope all you lovely people are doing well and I'll try to keep updating more.

Take care all xoxo

15 days and counting!!

So two weeks tomorrow I fly back to Tunisia for round two of my transformation surgeries. I'm having the vertical incision on my abdomen, implants added to my perky pair, they just need the pillows plumping and my next exciting bit is the arm lift, I'm so excited about the summer months and wearing strappy tops, it's new ground for me as I've kept my previously fat arms under wraps and now since the weight loss and the excess hanging I've once again been hiding them, but not for much longer! I'm starting to get a glimpse at the potential future with a smile on my face! ????????:-):-)

I promise to post up to date before pics before I go, just not yet as I'm currently growing the pits to be waxed in preparation of the arm surgery... And whilst we share our bits for a good purpose, I really think that it would put you all off your dinner, and mine too!!!!!!!!

Truly hope you are all doing well in whatever state pre and post ops you're in....... Xoxo

Ready to go for stage 2!!

Hello there all you lovely people, I'm back to eek even more support from you all!

So 72hrs from now I will be at the clinic in Tunisia selling in for surgery the next day 24/3.

What I'm having done?

A additional vertical incision on my abdomen to tighten the skin, you can see in the pics the extra, unwanted skin, I've pushed it together a that's my surgeon had me do in the consult so he could see what needed to be removed.

Implants to plump the beasts out and give the lovely defined cleavage and full upper pole.

Last but not least the arm lift, or the departure of the wings, I can't wait to have these done, I've already started buying strappy tops and dresses for our Caribbean holiday.

So this time I'm going with a very dear friend of mine who is getting a tt and my darling hubby will be staying home to spend the special day (sons birthday) with our boy. I'm not happy that I won't be with my boy on his birthday but he's OK with it, definately helps that his dad will be with him. And I'll be skyline loads and they'll be sick of me... Lol

Having problems uploading pics, so will follow separately.

Pics before additional and revision on breasts and abdomen.

While looking at me first pre op pics I can see such a major difference, I am thrilled with things so far but know that it can and will be soooo much better!!!!

48hrs from now!!

And I could be on the operating table, exciting!!! Can't wait to just be there and been done!!!

Measured my arms!

Good morning all and hope I am finding you all well.

My right arm is 32cm at the widest point and the left is 35cm, interesting, obviously as I'm right handed the right has slightly less fat.

Leaving for the airport in a couple of hours, see you soon from Tunisia!


24hr delay!

I arrived last night to be told that I won't be having surgery until tomorrow, GUTTED! I have no idea why I've been bumped but I'll see my surgeon today and he'll explain, so I will be patient and wait 1 more day.

OMG another change of plan!

So Dr Hamza came to see me with another Dr and then a third one arrived, a Mr Housef, he apparently is a very well thought of ps from America, he's here at the clinic to carry out some particular procedures. Dr Hamza asked him to give his opinion with regards to my wanting the vertical incision to tighten the upper abdomen. Mr Housef said straight away, 'don't' he would rather do a complete redo of the abdominoplasty with a different approach of tightening and lower my scar whilst tightening the mons! I was completely stunned to say the least! So after a lengthy discussion with three surgeon's I will be going to theatre first thing tomorrow to have the abdominoplasty, arm lift and breast implants. Obviously I feel more anxious about the fact that my hubby is not here, but he's just booked a flight for the day before I come back to come and bring me home. So I'll have the staff here to look after me and then hubby is coming in on his white charger! Wow I'm going to try to keep calm for the rest of the evening now.

New markings!

Ok so Dr Hamza and Mr Yousef came in and marked me up, wow it looks like my new scar is going to be a lot lower than the first time. I have more faith in this procedure being more successful than the first as I can see what and how they are going to do it.

Post op day 1

Good morning rs world, its 6.30am and I've slept for a few hrs, Thank god for eye masks and ear plugs. Thought I wouldn't get any sleep so upper abdomen was very sore, but some pain meds later and off I went. Haven't seen anything yet as loads of bandages, hopefully later when dressing get changed.

Post op day 1

Boobs are amazing, not sure about arms yet, still bandaged so can't really tell. Tummy seems to be extremely flat and tight so should be good, however my bb has opened up so that's crazy, now waiting for Dr Hamza to come and hopefully pop a few stitches in to it. Pain is manageable so just need rest now for the next couple of days, to care of the wounds then hopefully all will be well.

Hoping the world of cosmetic surgery is good for all you lovely ladies.

Been sleeping

Been sleeping for about the last 10hrs, only woke to use the loo and then straight back to the land of nod :) still feeling very sore but a little bit better and I know that I need to keep resting been there, done that etc etc So today dressings come off my arms and I'll get a peak before the cg goes on, fingers crossed that they're what I want!

Hope all of you are having a nice day :)

What a difference a day makes!

Slept well again, woke to use the loo at 4am and was truly stunned by the extra range of movement in my torso, getting better for sure but for a limited amount of time, that's fine with me as I can see progression and that's what keeps me saine! The sun is shining here which makes the mood a bit brighter.

Tried to measure my right arm and it appears to be the same as pre op, so will definitely be smaller once the swelling goes down. My torso looks to be a lovely sexy shape, can't wait for hubby to get here tomorrow night, he's gonna be blown away when he sees the new girls! Teehee ????????

Hope you're all well and staying safe xoxo

5 days post op and heading Home!

My gorgeous man arrived late last night and it was like a scene from a Hollywood movie, he's so lovely to me and told me that he was lost without me, that I will never get away from him again! I don't want to anyway!
So the bag is packed and will be flying home this afternoon, god I miss my son and all the creature comforts that we take for granted. Movement and posture is again improved today, so will continue to rest up once home and let the recovery continue. Hubby noticed immediately that my waist is smaller and hell yes he approves of the new girls. Pics will be uploaded once home. See you soon xoxo

Ok Ok here's the pics!!

So I'm 7 days post op today, yay it's my one week birthday from surgery!!

I'm beyond thrilled with the revision results, not only did he not do the vertical incision to tighten the upper abdomen but he's made my torso soooo tight that you could bounce a coin off of it!! And the girls? well you judge, I love love love them soooo much, I only ever dreamed of having bodacious boobs like these, I know people talk about waiting for them to drop in place, but i want mine to stay where they are!! I keep looking in the mirror and smiling, a very big smile! :)))) The arms are still under wraps and will be for 1 more week, however when I look at the before and afters there is a substantial difference, fingers crossed, swelling subsides and even more smiling to be done!

Truly hope that all you gorgeous people are having as happy a day as me!:-)))

Post op day 16.

So I've had a rough week but things are getting better. The breasts are still amazing and the arms are doing really well, bruising is almost gone, still wearing all cg's. So my tummy incision opened up and started leaking just over a week ago, the hole wasn't apparent for the first few days, once we saw it I went to see the nurse and she has been caring for me ever since. She's fab! I'm on antibiotics for a few more days but having emailed pics and updates to my consultant be feels that it will be healed and closed in the next 7/10 days, I do hope so! So I'll keep resting while the delayed healing continues I've found a new level of patience ;-)

Take care gorgeous people ? xoxo

New pic, don't look if your squimish, sorry.

It's approximately 2" long 1/4" deep and 3/4" wide. I'm having it dry packed and dressed daily at the moment, none of the nurses are bothered by it and keep telling me it's clean and healthy and healing beautifully, can't heal fast enough for me!

26 days post revision and arm lift! Changing for the better!!

So here's the latest news....

I'm now back into normal bras, measuring 36e in the morning 36f later in the day, I'm extremely happy with the girls they look bodacious! If I get a little uncomfortable with the swelling then I put the surgical bra back on and always sleep in it for the time being.

Arms are officially 5-7cm narrower, wish they were even smaller, but still dealing with the swelling, so lets wait and see in a few more weeks.

Tummy?, well already extremely flat first thing, then the usual swell commences and look a little like a barrel by lunchtime, time will prevail. The opening is closing rapidly, the nurses think I heal extremely fast and keep asking me if i eat lots of fruit and veg, I tell them that "yes, as that's how I lost nearly 8st with healthy eating (Slimming World)" why do people think that if you've lost more than 2/3st that there must have been an intervention like a band or stomach bypass?? Grrrrr :-/

Started driving again last Fri, YAY! got my independance back and the sun is shining everyday, roof is down Wayhay...;-))

Working a few hours each day and enjoying it, but get very tired, I know I know I'm still healing/recovering!

Will post more pics once my wound closes, hopefully very soon.
I do hope you're ll enjoying the spring time and smiling pre and post op!! xoxoxo

Time for me to finish the job with a new PS!

After the last 6 months of disappointment I have now started the search for a new surgeon.

Surgery in Tunisia a complete waste of time and money, learn from my mistakes!!!

Having had two surgeries with Dr Hamza and have now had both the arms and breasts corrected to a far superior standard I will be starting a new review soon with pics to show the difference. Take my advice and save your money up to go to the surgeon with the best reputation not to choose based on the price.

New surgeon new results and soooo happy!
London Plastic Surgeon

I have now started consultations with a different PS as Dr Hamza did not successfully complete my procedures. I'll be starting another review as soon as I've chosen a new doctor and it will be under the post massive weight loss skin surgery.

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4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
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