France to Tunisia - 500cc hp round silicone, Silimed - 30 yr old Mumma of 1 - Augmentation mammaire prothèses rondes Tunisie

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Ok, so tomorrow i will be getting the boobs that i...

Ok, so tomorrow i will be getting the boobs that i have been waiting since what seems forever. I live in France and i have chosen to come here to Tunisia to do my augmentation with the Dr Mezhoud. Lots of french people come to Tunisia for surgery and this dr is particularly well known so i have full confidence that everything will be ok. I have seen pics of his work and i am impressed. Since it was so difficult to find more than one review about this place in English i have decided to add one too as that one review helped me a lot and i would like to help anyone else who is considering coming here to Tunisia as well.
Anyways, boob history, I am 30 years old i used to be a 34B, that is before i had my son and breastfed. Even while breastfeeding they were ever only a small C. I have never had big breasts and now i think i am more of a full A cup but haven't been measured since he was born all i know is that they are smaller than before =/
So today i arrived in Tunis from France and was met at the airport by a driver from the clinic i am now in my room awaiting for my operation tomorrow. I will spend two nights here at the clinic (including tonight) and then 3 nights at a hotel. Tomorrow morning i will have my pre op with the surgeon and then the op in the afternoon. I am excited and freaking out at the same time but so far, so good. My worry is if they end up being too small or too big but i guess that is normal. I just don't want to be disappointed. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away. I will keep you all updated as soon as i can! xox

500cc hp silicone under the muscle

So i had my preop and surgery today. I liked the look of 500cc. I thought i wanted mod profile but the dr said it would be to wide and high so we went with the hp's
Anyways i was super stressed waiting to go in for surgery. I had way too much time to think about it. I was operated about 5pm and woke up about 8pm so only about 5 hrs ago. I think the thing i was most scared and stressed about was not going the right size. Im still not sure if i have they are still bandaged up but i think it will be ok. Btw it doesn't hurt so much either. I mostly feel as though someone is sitting on my chest. I dont have any pain at my incisions (crease) but i do feel where i have the drains on each breast. The pressure pain does feel much annoying though. So annoying that i am still awake at 1.30am. I must add that the staff here are so great and caring i really feel looked after. Tomorrow the bandages will come off and i can take a peak at the newbies. Any questions please ask xox

I saw my new boobies todays!

So i got to meet my new boobies today and they are just perfect. They're a little swollen but i know when the swelling goes down that they will look exactly as i expected. I wanted something that i could cover up when needed and if i like i could push em up for a little extra va va voom. At the moment they are still sitting up high and pointy like barbie boobs but it is just part of the healing.
The last 24 hrs have been so tough physically and mentally in terms of pain. Last night i only managed 2 hours sleep and could not lay flat on my back at all. I find i am more comfortable reclined. It helps that i am still in the clinic and i have the hostpital bed to use. I was meant to be going to the hotel today but they are letting me stay an extra day which is good because i feel as though i still need their help. This morning i was feeling pretty good pain wise and was able to move around and have a little walk but then the nurse came to change my bandages and fit me with the compression bra and strap.... Holy cow! Did that hurt or what?! I felt as though i was fresh out of the operation again. I had so much pain i couldnt move and luckily a nurse come in just to randomly check on me and saw i was suffering and went and got me something stronger to calm the pain. I must add again that all the staff here are so kind and caring. I really feel looked after. I still also have my drains in too which will be coming out sometime today.
Btw here are my stats i am 5'5 140lbs (although aiming for 133) i do workout regularily, im a 30 yr old wife and mother of 1. My implants are 500cc hp silimed textured round silicone which were placed under the muscle through the crease. Today they measured me for my compresssion bra and i was measuring at 90D (34D) before i was boarding between A/B cup but never got measured again after my son was born. My breasts before were not saggy they were just small and after breastfeeding, they just become smaller. I was actually worried about the augmentation because i have never had a crease or fold so i wasnt and still am not sure how they will hold but i guess i will soon find out. I will try and get a nakie pic of the ladies tomorrow when the nurse changes the bandages, im actually too scared to open my bra. Until then take care xox

Btw i dont know how to change the top heading

But my operation was totally WORTH IT

Drains removed

So i just had my drains removed and i have to say it is bloody uncomfortable. The left one actually hurt where the right one was more of an uncomfortable feeling. It actually made the muscles in my boobies contract. Im so glad that is over. Xox

I was feeling a lot of regret tonight

Grrrr im not sure if it is because i am tired or in pain or whatever but i had a look at my boobies naked by myself and i just started crying and freaking out. They look so huge!! I am feeling like i went too big. Has anyone gone through the same feelings? I called my husband i cried to my friend i even cried to the nurses. I feel like i have may have made a mistake. Everyone is telling me that it is normal and there is a lot of sweeling and changes to take place but i really feel like they are just too big. I cant believe what ive done to my body. I will post some pics and tell me what you all think. Btw i was crying as i took these and sorry for any spelling mistakes im writing from my phone

Feeling a lot better today :)

Hey thanks to the lovely ladies who wished me well and also my friends and family who put up with my big boobie crisis i had last night. I feel much better today and i just pretty much have to get over it. Who would have thought getting new boobs would be so emotional. It is what i wanted for so long and now i finally have them, i have to stay grateful. Sometimes i am too impatient and that gets in the way of me at times and becomes one of my biggest enemies. This is going to be a long process and i have to accept that too. I started with nothing and now i have something and that is a shock when you look down and they dont even look good lol.
Im just waiting to see my dr for the post op and then i can go to the hotel. I will probably go out and have a visit of Tunisia while i
here plus to distract me a little as well. I took another pic today this time with clothes on and they dont look bad at all lol. Have a good day my lovelys xoxo

So i spoke to the doc....

It is amazing how reassuring your surgeon's words can be. He come and saw me today ate clinic and told me everything was fine and when he asked how i was and i started to cry he was worried i was disappointed because i wanted larger. I told him it was the opposite i wanted smaller . He said i will lose some volume as the swelling goes down and i wont go any bigger lol. He also said that they did not look at all shocking on my body as he put them in. I feel so relieved. He totally snapped me out of it, phew! Anyways i was allowed to leave the clinic for the hotel tonight and this place is gorgeous. Just a shame that being held up in the clinic for the first couple of days after the ba i didnt realise how much it hurts to walk or even be in the car. My bossums were contracting like crazy!!
Hopefully tonight i can get a proper good nights sleep. Nighty night to all the real self darlings out there xox

Back at home...

So it has been a few days since i last updated. I arrived back in France yesterday and i am so happy to be at home again. My husband had to go away for work last night for 3 weeks but i am just happy to be with my son.
So everyday i have noticed that my breasts are going down swelling wise which i am happy about. I was actually really liking them this morning. They are still hard and i always feel as though my muscles are contracting. I still have a lot of discomfort but i think it is mostly because of the strap i have to wear.
I kinda feel silly about my little breakdown the other day lol. I blame that to lack of sleep and too much medication plus being away from home but i guess it is normal too to feel shocked when seeing the boobies the first time.
I had a chance to have a look at the incision site yesterday too and it is a really neat job. Im so happy. It is a little bit long but i think it is because i had big implant. My dr said to use some dermatix on it so need to get some of that too. My dr also doesnt really think that massage is necessary. What do you girls think? I dont want to go against what he says but everyone else seems to be doing it lol.


Hey beautiful people. I thought i would add a couple of pics of my incisions. They are actually not as big as i thought lol. I have noticed that lefty has dropped a little bit more than righty. The right one has always been more swollen from the start and still is but it was also the boobie that drained less too, about 50mls less, so i put it down to that. Dropped is probably not the right word to use though btw because they feel as though they are both in their spots i think it is more how the muscle and skin is stretching around the implant. Anyways they seem as though they are healing the way they are meant to. Since yesterday i have started to feel light twitching/fluttering in each breast. I wonder if that is the start of the fluffing idk. Tomorrow i will post a nudie of the boobies for their 1 week birthday ???? ???? Bisous xox

1 week boobie bday

So it has been 1 week since i had my operation. Pain is considerably less than a week ago although i do still feel tender. I had to drive today which wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. My left boobie is progressing a lot quicker or better than the right one. Hopefully the right one catches up soon. Other than that all is good. Xox

Stretch marks and bruises!

Ok so i wanted to make a little post about stretch marks and post surgery bruises. For me i am prone to stretch marks and i was so scared i would be getting some more from my ba. During my pregnancy i religiously put on palmers cocoa butter for stretchys 2 times and day and i did not get a single stretch mark.... EXCEPT... I didnt think of my poor boobies and 1 week after milk came in i woke up with some red lines :( So to avoid this happening again i began putting on the same cream 2 times a day since i decided i was going to get a ba about 5 months ago and i have even been doing it 3 times a day since the op and no new stretch marks! Yay! Hopefully it will be ok. As for the old ones they are white and thin and not even noticable and i hope that by using the cream they dont become worse and they dont apppear as though they have so fingers crossed.
Now as for bruise, i only mention this in case anyone else comes across this and freaks like i did. Before the op i was advised by my surgeon to take 5 pellets of Arnica Montana 9ch, four times a day for 10 days before and 10 days after to help prevent bruising. My lefty didnt have any bruises at all but my righty was a little worse for wear. It is probably because i am also right handed that it was more traumatic for that side. I started getting bruises 2-3 days after surgery. I had a bruise at the incision two next to it and a big yellow bruise in between the bottom of my cleavage. Now on the week bday of my boobies i found a new bruise on my right side, on my hip and the side of my rib cage was so tender. This morning my rib cage has a slight bruised yellow tint to it. Normally, as you do, i freaked out and i asked a friend of mine today who is a physiotherapist who works in lymphatic draining about it and she said that it is normal as the bleeding is exiting through my lymphatic system. Im not too worried about a hematoma because i had drains in straight after surgery and my bruises on my boobs arent any worse. I was just not expecting a travelling bruise a week later lol. I could email my surgeon but i want to save that for something urgent and i dont want to break his bonbons before. So for now i have just taken some photos in case i need them for later and drinking lots of water to help drain whatever it is out. Who would have thought having boobies would be so much work lol. Happy healing ladies xox

C'est l'amour! <3

It's love... I am in love with these babies of mine :) Everyday they change and they just get better and better. It only took two days before the right side dropped to meet with the left side again. After that i also decided it was time to stop wearing the horrible strap. My dr said about 2-3 weeks and i can decide when to stop but i was so scared of bottoming out because of it i decided to stop once the righty dropped too. My boobs were never really high riding but the strap was attached to the surgical bra and it is the bra supplied by the dr so i think it is just standard for him to use it. I do think it helped though in helping the girls settle sooner but it was so damn uncomfortable too lol. I was lucky to never really suffer from frankenboob either, perhaps it was the strap, who knows.
Im still pretty bruised up at the hip though but it is changing colour and fading slowly so that is a good sign and i only have one bruise left on my breast. I ordered some Mederma today for when i can put it on my incisions. My surgeon did such a great job with the incisions i really dont think i will have much of a scar after. I am so happy with the work he has done i cant stress how awesome he is. I saw him on a tv show here the other day and it made me want to go back and have something else done lol, he is that good!
Every morning i am always so excited to have a look to see what has changed. Today i noticed i had more cleavage than yesterday so i think i am softening up a little. I am still pretty firm and i still have pain in the morning when i wake up but once i get moving it is fine. My nipples though, they are super sensitive and not in a good way... these suckers hurt heaps!! I have to put some padding on them because my bra hurts them too much otherwise. Actually i should have a look to see if i can find some of those silicone nipple shields they would come in handy right now. The skin on my breasts are also starting to feel tender but all in all everything is evolving as normal. I cant believe i ever doubted these puppies, i love them and i know as they continue to change i will love them more. Feel free to ask any questions. Xoxo

One month later...

Sorry for not updating lately. Everything is going well. Morning boob stopped at 1 month exactly and i dont have any pain except i dont have any feeling still in my right nip but i think that will change over time. Ive been using silicone patches for my scars since about a week ago so hopefully that helps. Other than that i still dont know what size i am exactly i should prob get my butt over to a lingerie store lol. I have been so busy but i guess because i cant wear a bra yet i havent been bothered either. I do feel though that i could prob start next week, im so slack i have actually forgotten what my dr said about wearing a bra lol. I still love my boobies and they are getting heaps softer and feel less like rocks on my chest. Happy days!! Xox
Dr. Sami Mezhoud

Dr. Mezhoud really knows what he he is doing. He has such a good eye and knows exactly what needs to be done. He listens well to what his patient's needs and wants are and does not judge and is honest in his opinion and does his best to cater to the needs of his patient. I found him to be super calm and zen and not stressed out at all, or he just knows how to manage it well, even though he is super super busy. He is very competant and confident in what he does and is very kind, friendly and humble. I would not hesitate seeing him again.

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