Super Nervous!!! Having a Breast Reduction & Tummy Tuck - Tumon, Guam

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I am terrified to go through with the procedure!...

I am terrified to go through with the procedure! My husband is deploying and will only be home for the first 7 days or so. Talk about panic time! Being a dependent we don't live near family, and I have to rely on my military family to take care of me! I have my 7 year old daughter to take care of as well. I am terrified knowing that possible complications can arise, and my husband will be in Afgahnistan. I am hoping that people can point out some helpful tips for speeding up recovery. I have heard, and read things like the special bras, herbal medications, quitting smoking (which I can tell you is NOT been easy since I'm having surgery, and my rock, the one person I rely on through hard times is deploying), ice, and rest.

This is something that I need to do for my health. I'm 28 and have three degenerative disks in my lower lumbar, and I can no longer support my chest with my back. I tried lots of different thing to try and lose weight to avoid a TT, even became a vegetarian, but alas I have been couch bound for months now! Quitting smoking also didn't help as I have gained 15 pounds since I quit! BLAHHH, but they told me it was really important to not smoke.

So that is what I have gone through up to this point. I tried to get the surgery sooner so that my husband could be with me throughout my recovery, but it didn't work out that way. We also tried explaining to my husband's command that this isn't an elective surgery, since it is related to an existing health condition. But the commander deemed that I could wait another 8 months until my husband got home to do the surgery, for the record my husband's commander is an engineer, not a doctor, but it's the military, and they don't care. So I am braving the surgery on my own, with my 7 year old, with no family near by, and with only my military family to help take care of me!!! Wish me luck!
Dr. Fegurgur

I love my doctor. He has never lost a nipple, and is the only PS on Guam, so I don't exactly get a choice beings that the military insurance is paying for my surgery, since it is related to an on going medical condition.

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