TT, Implants W/ Mini-lift, Greenville, NC

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Hi everyone! I am scheduled for a TT and breast...

Hi everyone! I am scheduled for a TT and breast augmentation (implants and mini-lift). My pre-op is August 31st with surgery on September 13th.

I am so very excited about the surgery! But I am also terrified. Not about the pain, or recovery, only about complications (anesthesia, PE's, etc). I try not to think about that though!

I am a little nervous about the results because the PS does not do lipo, so there is a chance of still having a bra roll and dog ears. He said if it was an issue that I could come back for lipo, but with my aug and tt he does not want to do any more at one time. I guess time will tell.

After 2 kids destroying me, I currently weigh 187lbs (+/- 5lbs) at 5'9", so I am a bigger girl. I am realistic though- I know I am not going to walk out looking like Jessica Alba or something. But I really hope the results are worth it!!

Update: 9/18/2010 My surgery went really well....

Update: 9/18/2010 My surgery went really well. Waking up from the anesthesia was horrible. I have never felt so nauseated in my life! For the first few days, the pain was very uncomfortable even with the meds. I was taking them every 3 - 3 1/2 hours just to try to keep up with the pain. The 4th day I was able to go from 6a-11p without meds, but I was starting feel it by the evening. Today I feel GREAT. No meds, I was able to make myself a sandwich and do a couple of laps to the kitchen on my own. I will say that the binder SUCKS. It is itchy, and I am so swollen that it is cutting into me, so I put washcloths between it and my skin. But that just made it so tight I could not get a good breath. And the drain is not my friend. It tugs and pulls, and I can't wait to get it out!! I have to keep the binder on until my post-op appointment on the 20th, so I have not seen the results yet. I do know that I am super swollen, but already smaller than I was (even with the OR sponges and washcloths between the binder and my belly), so I guess that is good. I can't wait to see what I look like!!

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He took the time to discuss all my options and we decided together the best ones for me. He went over the procedures in detail. He gave the facts of what it will be like after surgery without sugarcoating things. He showed me pictures of people with MY body type so I would get a better idea if I would be satisfied with the results. He was also very kind.

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