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I'm 28 years old female living in Wyncote, PA...

I'm 28 years old female living in Wyncote, PA working at Deaf Services Center as an outpatient therapist. I grew up thin, however I had a specific of medications that makes me eat more. From a obese family, I gained about 15 years old. I reach about 330ish lbs and decided to lose weight three years ago. I have lost 125 lbs, but have 50 lbs left. however due to medical reasons, I can't take it anymore. My surgeon suggested me to do this procedure now so that would help me workout better, and reduce the medical reasons I have. I have a surgery scheduled on January 4th. I am NERVOUS like hell. I don't know if I can take it because I despite PAIN. I'm such a crybaby when it comes to pain. How am I going to pass this? I have the feeling that I will have anxiety attack right before the surgery. In addition, I am so scared to die throughout the process.

Ok.. I added some pictures of what I looked like...

Ok.. I added some pictures of what I looked like in the past and current. I'm going to add tummy part "before pictures" later after the surgery. I can't stand putting them here right now. Is it possible to keep pictures privacy?

I'm nervous like wreck. My surgery is on Tuesday. I am unsure if it will be on due to my cold. It is getting better though. no congestion problems. I've been preparing on what to buy and all that because I know my boyfriend will be very busy once I am done with surgery. sigh. I have to start taking Xanax soon so I wouldn't be too anxious and nervous all the times. I've been researching and really afraid of what is going to happen to me during the six hours of surgery. sigh. This sucks big time. I'm also afraid of the pain I'm going to endure. this is not cool. I hope the results will be worth it! well ta-da!

A day before surgery was one of the most emotional...

A day before surgery was one of the most emotional days ever. I was crying and being emotional. I'm grateful to have my boyfriend who was there for me. Xanax helps a lot so I feel a bit better after taking it. When I arrive at the hospital-- I wasn't sure if it was realistic or not because it was hard to believe that the day has come. of course i was being emotional, nervous, paranoid and everything you can think of. I was thinking about cancel the surgery but then they put me to sleep. I woke up a new lady :) but in a lot of pain. I was frustrated because of lack of communication (I'm a deaf woman who needs interpreter). they did not have anyone presented until then, so I was frustrated and in a lot of pain. But it was over with, the interpreter arrived and I start to feel better. The nurses were wonderful! they helped me so much overnight and during the day. I couldn't eat well. I barely EAT!!!! My breasts look so SMALLLLLLLL and of course swollen. I no longer have two stomach :). THe pictures are 2 days post OT. I look much smaller and I'm not used to it :)

Today is 5 days since the surgery. This Tuesday...

Today is 5 days since the surgery. This Tuesday will be one week since my surgery. I'm feeling great--- despite the fact I'm experiencing extreme gassy stomach, uncomfortable and not being able to sleep well as such as I used to. But, I've been eating and sleeping better everyday. I walk even better! I was able to get out of bed independently this morning to go to bathroom. I get dizzy when I get my binder out to clean out my wounds. But other than that, my boyfriend, sister and several friends have been helping me a lot. They made my life easier!

I've been taking 2 perceot at the beginning every four hours. But i've changed that into 1 perceot every 4 hours. Now I'm taking 1 perceot every 6 hours. I love the way my underwear looks on me. :) I gave my mother all of my bras and most underwear. I will need to shop for new bras/undies. but not for other few weeks :) I'm excited because I fit into med and large jog pants. XL was too loose for me. I do not like numb sensation on my tummy at all :(

My drains (left is mostly under 15 CC for three days now, but right has been under 30 since yesterday. I am hoping to take them both out on Thursday when I see my doctor). I am glad that this is not what i have been preparing for ever since I found this site. I believe that everyone is different. Yes it is going to be a long recovery-- but not unbearable. You will be uncomfortable most of times.

It is now almost 4th week. I'm doing really...

It is now almost 4th week. I'm doing really good. No pain at all. just discomfort, especially at half day (about noon-1pm) I started work last Tuesday for half day. I felt great in the morning, but not at 1pm. My tummy was swollen really bad. I was off wed and thurs due to bad weather. I went back to work on Friday feeling the same as Tuesday. However, I do feel great compare to first day I came out of surgery. Last Saturday, I went out with friends for my friend's engagement party. I ended up standing for about 4 1/2 hours. OH MY GOD, MY TUMMY WAS SWOLLEN so bad that I had to beg my boyfriend to take me back to home. At least I enjoyed myself, but I hope 6-12 months recovery will be a quick journey. Everyone was amazed with how I look. I love how I do not have 2nd tummy anymore, the jeans look better on me. :) got a new picture of me in jeans and nice shirt minus the swollen tummy :( lol
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