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I was on a mission---to find a doc I felt...

I was on a mission---to find a doc I felt comfortable with, who I felt was best interested in my opinions and even having his own standards...AND who performed the new-improved No-Drains Tummy Tuck. I found Dr. S here in OKC and was instantly impressed. I have a connection here in OKC (I'm from the East Coast) and had met with previous PSs in the area, but S definitely stood out above the rest.

It's important that your own PS dresses professionally makes eye contact, shakes your hand, and makes sure you understand everything, answering all questions. I hardly had any, because I scour the internet for all the stories and knowledge---and the best thing, Dr. S does perform the -no-drains-procedure. I paid 8500 total, that included the procedure, one year follow up- an overnight stay in a surgical facility after surgery, a Pain Pump and the anesthesiologist. Dr. S was a GEM. (I should also mention I've had other surgeries in the past due to a birth defect, and Dr. S really stands out as a professional you can trust to be at the top of the field).

I wanted to touch on some key points before considering a tummy tuck---cause girls, this is a SERIOUS surgery that has risks you need to be aware of.

No. 1. Homework.
I wanted to point out to everyone that the PATIENT is the key to the procedure. Do your homework. Be patient. Give yourself time to think about it. BE HEALTHY. Take vitamins, workout, drink lots of water. Don't be a SMOKER and not a heavy drinker. Be an Optimist...and don't be afraid to love yourself.

No. 2. Realistic Expectations:
MOST important, be a person who has realistic expectations with Pain, Results, and Emotions. There will be BACK PAIN as much as TUMMY PAIN. There is immense Swelling to understand--Get to know the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM to learn coping and calming techniques...You will feel "stuck" and drained...rest. Sleeping will be difficult as being comfortable is very compromised. I'm in great health, had a successful surgery, but that doesn't mean that my body is all healed---this takes time-BE PREPARED TO BE PATIENT. Too often, I read alot of impatient bloggers. Be Kind to Yourself Ladies :)

No. 3.Support.
You have to have at least ONE person in your life that supports your decision and doesn't pass judgement or guilt. I am VERY lucky to have a special person who understands how I feel about myself---how clothes fit can make or break a woman's self-image...They have to help with everything, getting up, down, kids, food, chores, etc...and most importantly, for social/emotional support.

No. 4. Acceptance:
You have nothing to feel guilty about it. I had 2 beautiful children, and I am so happy about it---so it's perfectly acceptable for me to want to look my best (especially after all exercise and diet resources have been exhausted! UG!) No matter what the results are, I've made my choices, I've accepted them and I will embrace all the painful bumps as they come.

No. 5 Followup
Now, although I said be kind to yourself, that doesn't mean be lazy :P Follow guidelines given by your PS and when you can, if you don't already work out- JOIN A GYM or a YMCA (I have been a YMCA member for the last 2 years and LOVE IT!) Eat right! I read this one blog where a patient scarfed down Arbys two days after---come on!?! Really? Opt for Healthy Protein--this will also enhance and assist in your muscle repair---

A DIET TO CONSIDER: (ps you will need colace 1-3 xs a day to assist in movements)

1-2 Weeks post op: balanced diet: soft protein like scrambled eggs/egg beaters and cottage cheese, crackers, sprite :), lots of water. (oranges are good--have vit. C excellent for healing it also helps with the absorbing of iron)

About 2-3 weeks after Surgery, look for chicken, fish, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, cottage cheese, more water :)

If you're looking for a treat here's a GREAT one and it gets you outta the house for a quick drive: McDonalds has a vanilla cone that is SO good--but ONLY 150 calories! (in comparison to their other ice cream deserts which carry over 600 calories...and it's a $1.50. So for once, McDonalds is a better choice for that summer desert then your local mom-pop sundae shop :)

You are What you eat. I know after having this surgery, I'm only MORE conscious about my habits and celebrating a new pre-baby-belly all over again :)


I felt very comfortable with his competency and...

I felt very comfortable with his competency and professionalism. I wanted this done, but I interviewed several PS's in person and online before finding Dr. S --and he was the right choice.

Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

See above ...I wrote alot :) Dr. S is also practicing the no-drains-tummy tuck which involves quilting the skin to the muscles to promote better healing and less swelling Dr. S a TOP-PROFESSIONAL!

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