Tummy Tuck Was Painful but Made a Big Difference!

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I had my tummy tuck with lipo on the flanks...

I had my tummy tuck with lipo on the flanks 1/23/09. Almost 3 weeks ago. I am 5 ft 5 inches and 125lbs. I am a stay home mom with 2 children, 3 & 18 months.
I always had a belly since I was a teenager and after having kids I looked like I was 5 months pregnant even though I eat healthy and work out 6 days a week. I was very embarrassed and self conscious about it and would wear baggy clothes all the time to hide it.

The first few days after the surgery were very painful which I expected. However, I caught the cold my children had and was coughing the day after surgery. Every time I would cough it felt like I was being stabbed from the inside and then it would burn. The Doctor recommended Robitussin which worked very well.
I couldn't sleep in my bed because lying down made me cough and it was too difficult to get up to use the bathroom so I slept on a love seat in my room. My husband had to take off a week to take care of me and the children and then my mother came for a few days. After they were gone caring for the children was difficult but manageable. I am only lifting my 13 month old to take him in and out of his crib. I can sit on the floor with him to hold him though.

I tried on a bikini yesterday and saw a big difference even though I am still very swollen and bruised from the lipo. I think it is worth it. My only concerns are that my belly button seems very high up but that may because I am still healing and the big scar that goes across my lower abs. I am going to ask the doctor about using Maderma on it to make it less noticeable.
Dr Sharf at Center for Plastic Surgery in Williamsville

I went to 5 different doctors. Some did not have before and after photos so I didn't use them and some only performed the procedure on very large people. Some pics looked the same after the surgery. Even though this doctor was the most expensive of all the ones I had consultations with($1,000-$2,000 more), he had pics with people who looked to be my size and had a noticeable difference afterward.

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